Real terms for the married couple

Review: A Second Chance (Romance/ Drama)Cast: John Lloyd Cruz, Bea Alonzo, Billy Crawford, Al Tantay and Bea So

Director: Cathy Molina- Garcia

Cathy Molina-Garcia may have outdone herself shooting another reaping John-Lloyd Cruz-Bea Alonzo romance drama, not when the main subject deals with couples enduring the bitter pitfalls of married life. It is not exactly pop, the movie sharply veering away from the charming “ligawan” plotting, which is what you get daily, everything routinely playing on free TV. 

It is the shouting premise for ABS-CBN’s box office film A Second Dance, which feature Cruz and Alonso playing now the married couple Popoy and Basia. Garcia, with her notably teasing character teleserye foreplays, jump started A Second Chance where the last sequel (One More Chance) happily ended with a rosy church wedding. It sent wild fan cheers, including wild tears. A Second Chance entails another sweet sending drama that would make young couples think hardest about entering married life. 

A Second Chance does not critique married life, but it does bring on some sensitive points where most relationship tend to look sideways. It is a difficult transition point, even for Popoy and Bea, whose dreams of a good life spirals into an unexpected dilemma when differences started setting in, enough to kill a staple relationship. Garcia played out that brewing relationship problem with respect to Popoy and Basia’s sworn terms when they blindly entered their staking marriage vows. It is a painful reality most Filipino couples neglect, but the key to surviving that struggle, to save Popoy and Basia’s future, is really to face up to that reality on equal and open terms. 

There is no short cut to this spectacle! It is a giving sacrifice most couples, given A Second Chance’s pinning drama, fail to endure because it entails sacrifice, getting out of your sweet comfort zone. Marriage takes you of that young, silly and idealisitic life proposition. Did Popo and Basia survive this grinding marriage dilemma? 

Garcia did time exploring that possibility, questioning whether there is valid reason to split or bring together a riping marriage heading towards failure. It is a fair marriage transition A Second Chance delivers with striking discourse, enough to let you bolt out of your cinema seat, think frankly how you want your relationship to fill out gaps that may result to silly parting ways. 

Richard Linklater did a similar real time relationship movie with Before Sunrise. It followed two actors (in real time) meet, seperate and then the take married life leap with children. We did not see that coming with Popoy and Basia, but the relationship problem Garcia hinted for this chapter is sparking enough for any couple to evaluate whether they are willing to sacrifice their better side for a sought out relationship that engagingly began with a pop chance meeting. 

A Second Chance is a serious drama about urban relationships, about staking couple differences that can solidify or break that church marriage vow apart. It is sharp reminder that relationships, before marriage sets in, is a serious step, a bigger responsibility that entails more than the usual tail ending life sacrifices.

Schneider lead “Life is On” campaign

by Edsel Lorete/ /
Modern iterconnected homes needs effificient energy managemen systems. It is what drives Schneider Electric Philippines campaign “Life is On”. Inslashout details with his feature.

“The way we live our lives has constantly changed throughout history. As human beings, we have always found a way to make our lives a little easier and more convenient through ingenuity and innovation. We’ve indeed come a long way from the time that electricity was first discovered, to new and practical methods to transmit it, and finally to the multitude of equipment and devices that harness its power.

Once again, we’ve hit a criticalpoint in technology, both for the consumers and the industry players, wherein the business and societal landscape are being transformed by urbanization, digitiztion, and industrialization.

Scheneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management solution and automation, is at the apex of this turning point, through technologies that will transform how people and organizations consume energy, better automate industrial processes, and increase the quality of business decisions, while improving their lives.

At the recent Institute of Integrted Electrical Engineers of the Philippines (IIEE) 4oth Annual Convention, Schneider Electric Philippines exhibiting booth, which was flocked by career engineers wanting to engage with the brand on their products and services, launched Schneider Electric Philippines new campaign “Life is On”, a campaign which embodies the brand’s vision of interconnected and accessible energy management systems for homes and industries.
“The need to be ‘always on’ has never been greater,” explained Claude Mzallon, Schneider Electric Philippines President. “So Schneider has developed, and is continually developing technologies to ensure that life is on everywhere, for everyone and at the very moment,” Mazaon continued.
Shcneider Electric Philippines showcased new and sustainable innovations for homes, buildings and cities, industries, and cloud based technologies. Schneider’s latest products are all designed to make automated, interconnected, secure, and sustainable solutions and systems both for residential and industry use.
Schneider has been at the forefront of developing new technologies to meet such a demnd. The French technology provides everything rom simple peripherals, such as light switches and plugs, to large-scale power management systems and datacenters. Each system that Schneider provides is built to be sae, realiable, efficient and sustainable for businesses and for your own homes.
Our highlights of the convention were technical presenttions on energy management and secure power for datacenters. Darwin Saldua, Energy Mangement Consultat for Scheneier Electric Philippines, held a lecture on Energy Management Solutions on Philippines Open Access Regulation. He duscussed the importance of a good strategy in dealing with the fluctuations in the energy market. Discussions looked into imperatives in secure power for data centers, describing the fundamentals principles o a solid and reliable datacenter architechture.

Schneider has been operating in the Philippines for the past two decades, and has been providing reliable and sustainable energy management solutions for the business and government sectors. A number of these cutting edge solutions have found their way into homes, with the realization that Schneider has a lot to offer to those who want to live a connectied residential home setting.

“the world is noe as connected as ever,” noted Mazallon. “Levels of control that we only usd to dream about are now possible. It requires accessible and uninterrupted energy, and it is Schneider Electric’s mission to ensure that life is on for both homes and businesses,” he concluded. 

For more information about Schneider Electric and Lie is On campaign, INSLASHOUT suggest visiting this website: htttp://www,schneider-electric .com/b2b/campaign/life-is-on/life-ison.jsp

Pinoy Cyber Sale hits weekend sale fever!

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There is a grand on-line sale thie weekend. Pinoy Cyber Sale, which started last November 27 and will end on November 30, is offering a grand Black Friday type super cyber sale. It is a grand opportunity to do on-line shopping, basically without having to step out of your home’s comfort. 

Here is the full story…

With the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), e-commerce players and digital industry leader’s support, the biggest on line sale Pinoy Cyber SALE, dubbed as the biggest Filipino online shopfest patterned after the famous Black Friday November US Sale, hit its second leg, but sale will run until Monday.

With almost 50 million Filipinos online, the projected sales from the e-commerce industry, as reflected by the Pinoy Cyber SALE, for the year, is projected to hit over a billion dollars, making it a sizeable contributor to the country’s economic growth. 

InancBalci, CEO of Lazada Philippines, who express interest to tap this market for Lazada, further emphasized the “incessant need to address challenges involving logistics, payments, and market conditions”, in which case The Pinoy Cyber Sale is poised to become an annual online shopping event in the Philippines.

With over 20 e-commerce players showcasing attractive deals and discounts slated for this event, DTI Undersecretary Dr. Prudencio Reyes states, “I am confident that this initiative of drawing together all major facets of the e-commerce industry would be a good venue for the consumer to enhance their awareness and boost their confidence in online shopping as it presents legitimate e-commerce players in a consortium website where members are bound to provide a ‘one-stop solution’ offering more creative marketing methods; ethical advertising; sets out consumers’ needs; and promotes consumer protection above all.”
The Pinoy Cyber Sale, which was formally launched in partnership with the Department of Trade & Industry (DTI), Dragonpay, Hellopay, and the Digital Commerce Association of the Philippines (DCOM), and is co-presented by Globe Telecom, will feature the following partner merchants: Lazada, Zalora, Foodpanda, Ensogo, Shopee, Goods, Xend Business Solutions, Shopinas, Weemall,, Reloved, Island Rose, Azalea Residences, Best Western Antel, Ellana Minerals, Mimaropa Ventures, One Network E-Commerce, Shopback, and Takatack.

For details on how to join this grand on-line sale, Inslashout suggest logging to this portal:

Mojo: Bringing surround theater sound to your mobile music!

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Who does not have a mobile music file? It is a handy segway to distress the mind, when facing traffic. But how good is your mobile sound’s program? It varies which headset or which smartphone and/or MP4 player you have running all your fave hit list. 

If you are in between that dilemma, with a smartphone born with inferior digital sound features, then the best way to get around it is through Mojo, a handy pocket amplifier designed to convert your phone or music player’s flat sound into something that could openly compare to the sound quality when watching a movie in an IMAX theater.

Digital music is relatively flat, but a concert hall music, a live gig, would add more details, for that fuller immersion like you were in a live concert stging inside the Araneta Coliseum. It gives your music, regardless if it is a downloaded MP4 content, that extra thumping volume. It does not break sound applied, but converts it to levels that would make that four deck home theater surround theater frown. 

Mojo, which is typically the size of your mobile phone, is designed with multi ports to hook in your mobile phones (Android, Apple and Lumia) like you would amplify a tape deck for a surround sound demonstration, to sound up the indoor party of your community. It receives sound content, your device’s music listed files, and then play it like it a freshly bought CD with volume, but without the nasty sound glitch that associate with raw sound.

Sound quality, if you have around downloading music from iTunes, is comparable to how Apple’s music would cleanly play downloaded music content, turning music like you would listen to a live stream in pure theater execution. It seperates sound in details, in which case the Mojo would let you enjoy details while distinguishing musical instrument dominates the recording sphere, making sound appreciation experience more meaningful.

Mojo is battery powered, allowing you to pocket device, in which case the need rises to deliver sound details, particulary for recorded interviews. It can details layers of sound recording, making it easy to decipher worded items while writing. It cuts through the usual cut and paste experience, in which case you can run voice files with superior clarity, like you were taking dual conversation.

It is handy for multitasking reporters, those using their mobile device’s recording features, wanting to get more details out of their live subject interviews. Sound is enhanced purely that you can even hear the next three persons conversing distantly, reducing sound playbacks, which can be time consuming for anyone working the daily 5pm deadline. 

Mojo’s batteries, compared to standard Li On batteries, can be charged to maximize power consumption normally enjoyed with a bigger 10mAh battery. Mojo could get you the same power charging experience, keeping your devices conveniently amplied long driving in Metro Manila.         

Healthy holiday cuisines for your Noche Buena

Holiday food for your noche buena
by Edsel Lorete/ /

Holiday food, your Noche Buena, gets better with tested family gathering recipes from Chef Heny Sison, Chef Sau del Rosario, Chef Nancy Edralin Dizon, Chef Eugene Rymundo and Sonia Castillo. These branching Filipino Chefs, in celebration of Food Magazine’s 20th anniversary and the number one culinary magazine in the Philippines, did time sharing simple, tasty and healthy recipes to liven up that noche buena feast on Christmas day. 

Chef Raymundo kicked off the cooking demonstration, which was participated by homegrown cooks who wanted to expand their holiday recipes from the usually traditional table viands, suggested cooking meatloaf instead of the usual morcon. Instead of steaming, meatloafs opened up cooking possibilities with a pre-heated roaster. It is a meat recipe that should click well for a candle lit dinner table, made special eaten with chilled white wine. 

Chef Dizon, with her buffet meal choices, did a tasty noodle fusion of the classic seafood paella, instead of rice, which can be belly heavy, allowing you to enjoy more food items serving for the holidays. Tasting more like a sotanghon, Chef Dizon’s paella, which uses saffron for that distinct pinoy pancit color and flavor, should be a worthwhile recipe that could cook fast and easy for house guests. While pancit noodles can be cooked hot and fast in less than fifteen minutes, paella seafood ingredients can be cooked ahead, later steamed with sauteed noodle.

Chef Sau, who shared a pasta recipe that reminded him of his residency in Italy, shared a convenient way of cooking red pasta with Spanish Chorizo. He was keen on using fresh garden ingredients like Basil, which he said is an undeniable partner for fresh tomato, without overcooking dish. He hinted pasta should be cook side by side with cooking sauce, in which case when pasta is half cooked should be the time to mix that with sauce before actual plating. Chef Sau, for those who prefer garlic and onions, cautioned against overcooking garlic, which could overwhelm pasta’s flavor instead of the cooked tomato sauce.  

Desserts, which is a typical family favorite on the noche buena table, highlighted with Chef Sison’s classic Butter cupcakes with Swedish butter cream frosting. Chef Sison handed out while baking with butter, sugar and eggs baking tips to keep pastries soft, fluffy and salmonella free. She explained the difference between butter and margarine, which Chef Sison hints vary in terms of taste. She did time teaching ways to mix colored frostings with butter as main component, a tricky process that could harden cakes with wrong execution. 

Sonia Astudillo, a vegan who openly advocates cooking free recipes, shared her no baking Christmas Fruit Cake recipe, which does the same ingredient mixed with carrots, but without the usual brandy top lacing, which is what ages the fruitcake. Chef Astudillo’s diabetes friendly fruitcake is equally tasty, even if it is not baked. I requires freezing the cake, retaining more flavors, in which cake could last unspoiled for three weeks refrigerated. 

Food Tastings, which highlights Food Magzine’s 20th year, has made a positive public impact among simple household individuals, cooking enthusiasts and culinary career practitioners wanting to expand their knowledge on art and science of home to professional culianry cooking in the Philippines. 

Meeting the material Queen live!

BE ONE WITH THE QUEEN:How far would you go to meet the Queen of Pop, the material girl…MADONNA? Globe  made it possible to see Madonna’s “Rebel Heart Tour” Concert in Lost Angeles. 

Inslashout shares the details, how that came about…..
Madonna fans Kathrine Martinez and Mylene Manuel had the biggest music experience of their lives when Globe Telecom brought them closer to their idol at her Rebel Heart Tour concert in Los Angeles, California, USA last October.

Martinez, a Tattoo Home customer, and Manuel, a Globe Prepaid customer, were the lucky winners drawn from millions of entries for the Globe Rebel Heart Tour Raffle Promo. Upon subscription to Globe or Tattoo services, customers earned entries to win an all-expense paid trip to catch Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour concert in Los Angeles, whose lucky winners were Martinez and Manuel, or tickets to Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour concert in Manila on February 24, 2016.
Martinez and Manuel won the LA flyaway package, which included roundtrip airfare, 3-night hotel accommodation and $300 pocket money each. But the highlight of their trip was the exclusive Rebel Heart Tour concert experience made possible by Globe in collaboration with MMI Live & Live Nation, promoters of Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour. The winners were given an exclusive backstage tour where they witnessed how the grand production was done from behind-the-scenes. They were also treated to pre-concert cocktails at the Rebel Heart VIP lounge. And best of all, they had front row seats inches away from The Queen as she performed on stage her Rebel Heart hits and her iconic songs for almost 3 hours non-stop.
Manuel recounts her Rebel Heart Tour LA experience, “It was one for the books. Together with the other winner, Kathrine, we were treated like VIPs. We were able to enter the Rebel Heart Lounge, which was only meant for select VIPs. We were also given a backstage tour. We had some of the best seats in the concert. We were so close to the stage that we could actually hold Madonna if ever she held her hand out. Also, we were able to see Michael Weatherly, Ashton Kutcher, and Katy Perry who joined Madonna on stage in the latter part of the show.
“Watching her live, up close (really close) and personal was a huge moment for me. I have always wanted to see her perform live because she truly does entertain. The lights, the stage, the productions, the dances, and the songs—everything was perfect, designed to entertain and amaze. I think if you see my horrible selfies you will see that my excitement is just palpable, my smile sort of jumps out of the fuzzy image,” shares Martinez on her bucket list moment.

Just like a true Madonna fan, even if Martinez already saw the LA tour, she would still go to the Madonna concert in Manila in February. “I have tickets to her Manila concert and after watching her in LA, I am just so excited to watch again. So I guess that just shows that watching her is really worth it. Not just because I am a fan but also because she delivers a concert performance like no other. In fact, I have been telling my friends that to see Madonna live is worth every peso. I believe it would be difficult to top her show. If you still have the chance to get tickets, do so. You won’t regret it.”

Manuel shares the same sentiments, “Buying a ticket for the forthcoming Madonna show is definitely worth it. There is simply no artist like Madonna and watching her concert will leave you in awe and wanting for more. The concert is one of the best. To all Madonna fans, don’t fail to catch this once in a lifetime chance to see her concert in Manila.” 
Aside from the two Madonna Rebel Heart Tour LA concert winners, other Globe customers are also set to see Madonna up close and personal for free when the Rebel Heart Tour comes to Manila on February 2016. Lucky Globe customers Imelda Infante (PATRON); Ivy Rose Caleon, Brendaly Gatip, Arcel Cabaong, Rowena Punzalan, Marcela Ramos (LOWER BOX); Robert Cordero, Tomas Asis Jr., Dionisio Beriso Jr., Charito Tacud, Cherry Ann Pangilinan (UPPER BOX); Elmer Romero, Analyn Lopez, Rhey Tolentino, Abegail Glaraga, and Serna Roque (GEN AD) get 2 tickets each to the Manila concert.
Madonna fans in the Philippines also have the chance to catch her live at the Rebel Heart Tour Manila presented by Globe at the Mall of Asia Arena on February 24 & 25, 2016 with tickets available at SM Tickets. A special offer is also available for Lower Box ticket buyers who can avail of the tickets at 0% interest for a 6-month installment plan. For inquiries, please call SM tickets at 470-2222 or log on to

 Watch out for more ticket deals from Globe by visiting and following Globe on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Practo to improve healthcare quality in the Philippines

Practo Launches Practo Ray With Specialty-Specific ModulesPracto Ray is now customised for physicians, pediatricians and dentists

 Practo, Asia’s leading healthcare platform, today announced the launch of Practo Ray with specialty-specific modules. These modules will significantly improve the quality of care doctors can provide to hundreds of millions of consumers in the Philippines, as they have been custom designed in close collaboration with thousands of doctors globally. 

The three new specialties will be available worldwide in all countries where Practo is present. Practo Ray will have modules for physicians, pediatricians and dentists and will, over the next several months, expand these to cover more specialties including ophthalmology, gynecology and more.

 These will be available across more geographical segments as Practo expands its footprint to countries across South East Asia, Latin America, Middle East and Eastern Europe.


Practo Ray for Physicians

According to the World Health Organization, the Philippines suffers a “triple burden” of diseases: (1) It has high incidences of all key communicable diseases, and 13/17 of the WHO recognized neglected tropical diseases remain endemic here; (2) The number of cases of non-communicable diseases is increasing, and there is a high prevalence of all risk factors; as well as (3) It is the third highest disaster-prone country in the world.

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) officially puts the total number of licensed doctors at 72,000. Roughly translated there are only 3 doctors for every 10,000 Filipinos, according to Department of Health Undersecretary Teodoro Herbosa.[2] Although, another one argues that there are enough doctors, but they are in rural areas, in the cities where pay is “better.”

With Practo Ray for Physicians, Practo is helping to alleviate this by increasing efficiencies, automating large amount of tasks and providing clinical benefit, so that the doctor can focus on treating patients instead of on the day-to-day tasks of running a clinic.

While Practo Ray Practice Management takes care of appointments, billing, inventory, and automates and digitizes all back-end processes at the clinic, Practo Ray for Physicians extends this to their in-house diagnostic labs and allows doctors to digitally prescribe lab tests, generate digital lab reports and check the real-time status of every patient’s test. It also includes nearly 100,000 commonly prescribed medicines and brands, allowing doctors to find and prescribe the right medicine in seconds, considerably improving their ability to treat more patients in a day.

Practo Ray for Physicians further helps doctors take chronic care to the next level. Doctors can now prescribe lifestyle advice in just one click, using preset templates for all common chronic diseases. This advice then becomes part of the patient’s digital prescription and can be easily e-mailed, printed out or shared directly into the patient’s secure Practo health account. Regular reminder notifications ensure patients don’t miss their medicine dosage and also follow up on the treatment advice on time, vastly improving disease management and recovery.

 “Any time, any where access to my files has made my life so easy. I am in control of my appointments, can do a thorough follow up. I also like the accounting reports, billing and prescription.”- Dr. Jose Lumawig, St. Luke’s Medical Center


Practo Ray for Pediatricians
Immunizations play a vital role in protecting children against serious infections and disease outbreaks, and have now brought under control most of the diseases which were once considered debilitating and fatal. Practo Ray recognizes the importance and value of immunizing children on time. Timely vaccinations are critical for protecting children from serious diseases. However, there are parents who do not maintain a vaccine calendar, resulting in parents forgetting to get their children vaccinated on time.

With Practo Ray Pediatric EMR, parents will now receive automated vaccination reminders — Doctors will enter the child’s date of birth and the vaccination schedule for 10 years is automatically generated. These reminders become a vaccination record once the child is given the vaccine, and are shared on the child’s Practo account which parents can access to ensure they do not miss on a child’s vaccination date.

Practo Ray Pediatric EMR also uses five automated WHO standard Growth Charts. It helps parents document a child’s growth pattern, analyze children based on growth for age (height, weight, head circumference), BMI for age and weight for height parameters, and view growth charts as well. These records are stored on the child’s Practo account and can be accessed, updated and shared with other doctors as and when required.

“Practo has been an easy and convenient tool to manage appointments and the analaytic section is superb!! The feedback received from patients drives us an extra mile and gives us power. It is a great software!!” – Dr. Isabel Nazal, Nazal MD, St. Luke’s Medical Center


Practo Ray for Dentists

Practo Ray for Dentists empowers dental practices with advanced digitization solutions and specialization-specific medical records. This includes Practo Ray Dental EMR, which allows dentists to stay in control of high-value procedures such as crowns, bridges and dentures, monitor and update the status of lab orders conveniently on a single dashboard, control revenue flow, stay abreast with all the pending lab orders and upcoming procedures, easily schedule appointments with patients depending on the status of their orders and as a result of all of this, the patients’ waiting time is reduced and unwanted visits are eliminated.

Additionally, dentists can now use Dental Charting – a visual documentation tool to map the current dental health of a patient. It helps dental practitioners to easily create a visual documentation of observations, continue using familiar notations with customizable legends and freehand tools, educate patients with visual images, document the current state, monitor the progress and ensure the best care for their patients.

Practo will enable consumers to view the entire procedure, get their digital dental records, dental procedure updates, test reports and prescription details on the Practo app automatically instead of having to collect it from the clinic or get it via e-mail.

 At launch, Practo has 150 Pediatricians who have generated over 180,000 Growth charts and approximately 97,000 Immunization reminders till date. There are over 70 dentists using the Dental EMR product to manage 2400 lab orders and over 1200 dental charts as well.

“We’re on a mission to help mankind live healthier, longer lives. With this launch of Practo Ray for Specialties, we are able to provide better tools to doctors and significantly improve patient care for some of the biggest healthcare issues plaguing the world, including controlling lifestyle diseases and ensuring immunizations for infants and children. Over the next few quarters we will continue to bring focused solutions to more specialties and improve efficiencies for doctors and help them treat more patients more effectively,” shared Shashank ND, Founder & CEO, Practo.


Samsung brings more improvements into the Gear S2’s multitasking features!

Gear James Bond would not say no to!

by Edsel Lorete/ /

Samsung unleashed what could be the brand’s best multitasking lifestyle watch the GearS S2. Samsung, with Gear S2’s following in the trail, publicly launched S2 within the huge rotoanda globe video wall highlighting the SM Mall of Asia, before celebrities with members of media were lead to a tech exhibit at the nearby Cyberzone. 

Samsung Gear S2, which is available in classic or the funky modern variant, matches with Samsung’s primary smartphone Galaxy series, particularly the new Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Putting Gear S2 and Note 5 together make for a revolutionary wireless gadget can remotely open a Volkswagen. It adds flare to Gear S2’s other features, which includes a feature capable of tracking cardio or heart pumping rate. It is perfect for people mixing their energy workout while physically mobile, doing their work. Information collted from this digital activity can be saved, medically analyzed to monitor health conditions. 

Gear S2’s wearable wrist design is fashion trendy, which means you can pair either classic or modern Gear S2 to match either your business or fashion garb. It looks good on the wrist, where you can do some work with just a few glance, screen touch commands. Shifting from digital watch mode, the Gear 2 can be programmed to keep track of your incoming messages. It can push notice collectively all your e-mail inbox or Viber, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram updates, without needing to pull out your phone to read sailing messages.

It is like a Filofax with pulse, a digital secretary that can be programmed to openly sync, keep track of your most precious contacts with a single wrist strapped digital device. Gear S2, notably designed for the urban gadget multitasker, is really a compact wearable digital screen watch. It works with your finger tip’s touch, which means that you can swipe screen to change view, which can be the digital clock, message interphase or cardio screen when track exercising. 

Gear 2, which Samsung is fronting to modify the wireless 4G LTE leaning features of its serializing core Galaxy devices, after the open air Globe wall video launched with acrobats, showcased an experiential exhibit where visitors can test Gear S2’s features with their existing Galaxy devices. 

Samsung Gear S2, with the Korean brand’s move to bring out more wireless devices that would compliment the widening features of its 3G nd 4G smart devices, is expected to change the way people use their mobile devices with wearable devices designed to compliment a lifestyle dedicated to multitasking.
Here is the full specs of the Samsung Gear S2:

Technology: GSM / HSPA

Body Dimension: 51.8 x 44 x 13.4 mm (2.04 x 1.73 x 0.53 in)

Weight: 51 g (1.80 oz)

Body Build: Stainless Steel

SIM: Electronic SIM card (e-SIM)

(Samsung Pay/ IP68 certified – dust proof and water resistant over 1.5 meter and 30 minutes)

Screen Display: Super AMOLED, Capacitive Touchscreen, 16M colors

Size: 1.2 inches (~40.2% screen-to-body ratio)

Screen Resolution: 360 x 360 pixels (~302 ppi pixel density)

Multitouch: Yes

Screen Protection: Corning Gorilla Glass 3

Factory Chipset: Qualcomm MSM8x26

CPU: Dual-core 1 GHz

ME Card slot No

Internal Space: 4 GB, 512 MB RAM

Bluetooth: version 4.1

NFC: Yes

Sensors Feature: Accelerometer, gyro, heart rate, barometer

Messaging Type: SMS (threaded view), MMS, Email, IM

Battery: Li-Ion 300 mAh battery (non-removable)

Stand-by: Up to 48 h (3G) / Talk time: Up to 48 h (mixed usage)

Globe-Huawei expands mobile network with new 5-year deal 

E. Lorete//
Strengthening Globe Telecom’s position as the Philippine’s “purveyor of Filipino digital liestyle”, the Ayala owned telco has signed a five year contract with Huawei Technologies. Partnership is expected to expand Globe Telecom’s mobile network in the Philippines, facilitating the creation of a mobile innovation center, resulting in the creation of innovative products and solutions ensuring telco’s competitive edge.
 The full details from this Globe Telecom feature……

Globe Telecom and Huawei Technologies signed a 5-year partnership deal to further enhance and expand the leading telecommunication provider’s mobile network to elevate the state of Philippine internet and strengthen its position as purveyor of Filipino digital lifestyle.

Specifically, the partnership involves planning and design of a mobile broadband network utilizing latest state of the art technology trends aimed at creating a wonderful digital world for its customers. The project also involves the creation of a “mobile innovation center” to yield innovative products and solutions that would ensure Globe maintains its competitive edge and leadership in the intensely competitive local telecommunications industry. The partnership is provided for in a memorandum of understanding signed by Globe President & CEO Ernest Cu and Huawei Rotating CEO and Vice Chairman Eric Xu November 23.

“Globe is committed in investing in and developing its mobile broadband network, understanding the needs of a growing chunk of our customers for high-speed data connectivity on their mobile devices as they continue to build their lives around a digital lifestyle,” Globe President & CEO Ernest Cu said. Cu said the partnership will deliver a more robust mobile network as well as innovative market-driven solutions to help hopefully ensure the company’s success in growing the mobile market.

According to Cu, the partnership with Huawei will extend towards capacity expansion of both Globe Telecom’s 3G and 4G network, comprising an upgrade of the mobile operator’s LTE network through deployment of LTE CA (carrier aggregation) technology for a more pervasive reach of the cutting edge mobile data technology. The partnership will also cover development of greenfield sites, deployment of small cell technology, extensive indoor coverage expansion program, core network upgrade and expansion of the company’s fiber footprint.

To sufficiently provide for burgeoning data traffic amid growing smartphone use in the country, Cu emphasized there’s an immediate need for the reallocation and harmonization of the 700 megahertz of frequency originally allocated for broadcast. “Globe has also taken the position that the 700 Mhz band is a major class of spectrum that has to be made available to major players and should not be held by just one player in the market,” said Cu. He maintained that harmonization of the 700 Mhz will help improve internet speed in the country, noting that only the Philippines hasn’t reallocated the 700 Mhz band for broadband. “It is essential that the 700 Mhz frequency band is put to use to further enhance data connectivity in the country,” he stressed. Philippine conglomerate San Miguel Corp. holds all of the 700 Mhz in addition to their holdings of the 800,1800, 2300 ad 2500 frequency bands.

As early as 2005, Globe already wrote to the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) requesting for an allocation and assignment of frequencies within the 700 Mhz and 800 Mhz for its broadband wireless network. The NTC, however, did not act favorably on its request.

As part of its continuing efforts to improve data experience of its customers, Globe became the first operator in the world early this year to deploy Huawei’s SingleSON (self-organizing network) solution, empowering the telco to effectively manage a more complex network and deliver on its promise of superior customer experience. The SingleSON solution has helped Globe optimize its wireless network performance, operation and maintenance (O&M) as it enables the telco to manage the explosive growth and development of mobile data services traffic, which is foreseen to continue into the next decade.

Huawei was also Globe Telecom’s technology partner when it implemented a $700 million network modernization program that began in 2011 that provided among others the adoption of latest telecommunication technologies for seamless customer experience and increased data capacities. The modernization initiative, completed last year, delivered the most advanced network infrastructure in the country, putting in a brand new access, transport, and core network nationwide. As part of the initiative, the company also completed a nationwide rollout of 4G network, using the HSPA+ technology. 


Fitting ending for a spirited screen hero!

Review: Hunger Games: MockingJay Part 2Cast: Jennifer Lawrence, Philip-Seymour Hoffman, Donald Sutherland, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth and Sam Claflin   / Director: Francis Lawrence

written by Edsel O. Lorete

Best selling novels have shorter lives for feature films. It is a screening limitation normally set by plotting, by production constraints. Hunger Games did away with that storyline short cut, shooting instead four blockbuster chapter, all based on the best selling pop Hunger Games title. Fans wanted more out of the book’s shaping dark characters from film’s original hit sequel, which was quite a read for those identifying with book’s soul searching characters. 

Book had only three penned chapters to read on, laying out a character drawn film instead, youthfully tailored for actress Jennifer Lawrence, who was born for part playing Katniss Everdeen. Lawrence youthful screen appeak drew interest, including the shattering final arrow throw for Mocking Jay Part 2.  

Daniel Craig had this screen character treatment when he accepted 007. getting featured in a remake of Casino Royale, seconded by another moody chapter in Quantum Solace, SkyFall and the currently screening 24th James Bond movie Spectre. 

Hunger Games, like 007, needed a good character player to portray Katniss. It was a billing search that sweetly landed on Lawrence’s lap, with fan interest suggestively shaping to tail from on-line. Lawrence, with her fiesty screen character takes, was easy selling to Hunger Games, including the book’s young following. 

It helped more that fans were openly identifying to Katniss’s sensing defiant teenager role. Lawrence carried that streaming teen attitude towards Mocking Jay, an ending chapter element key referencing Katniss’s rogue relation to a stating rebellion. 

Storyline, for the concluding Hunger Games chapter MockingJay Part2, is no different to Twilight, with teenagers taking adult screen roles, only less bloody for Katniss. It is a resurrecting theme, a statement boldly reflecting on modern youth sentiments. Hunger Games explored that role for cinematic dramatization, which did well for book character, even in shaping Lawrence’s brooding killer image. 

It is equally interesting how film played up with real dialogues the late Philip-Seymour Hoffman, whose momentary presence was digitally rendered, same character screen treatment Fast and Furious extended when Paul Walker unexpectedly died in a car crash during production. 

It is an improving animating character patching that would do well resurrecting classic characters in modern roles, pitching comic personalities like Rambo, James Bond or Remo Williams. 

Fans expecting a grand finale battle For MockingJay should expect less of the book’s suggested physical foreplay, getting more dialogues between Katniss and President Snow. Hunger Game’s conflict Katniss firmly addressed in previous sequels, with Lawrence tilting the balance’s weight towards the rebellion. 

Mocking Jay Part 2, which should have ended with a single concluding Hunger Games finale, is more dramatic. It keeps pace with character, which is fairly teleserye moody in essence. It is what Hunger Games fans clamor, smoothly pacing film’s edgy digital screen storyline trending with films leaning heavily on sequels. It is a fair for those who have read, what more loved the book in more Katniss brought justice to her depleting race.

Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 2, for those watching the movie after work hours, takes moody time to rationalize. It is a relaxing means for viewers to get to know Mockingjay’s elements before seizing the day for a final plot closure. It pays to watch film from the start, and you can do that with ease by securing reserved seats on-line through Ayala Mall Cinema’s on-line booking website: