Augmented Reality: Advancing mobile media advertising in the Philippines 

by Edsel Thadeus O. Lorete / /

Want to beef up your blog, business presentations or advertisement? That could shape up for your business or personal development excursion with Augmented Reality (AR), a technology which digitally integrates virtual reality images or videos for marketing. 

 Spark Global Tech Systems, Inc, the company who bought the exclusive rights to launch AR in the Philippines, said AR is a unique of bringing your message to your target markets. It works by simply integrating digital information into a real environment, like your website, your digital advertisement or, better yet, your commercial blog! 

Augmented basically works by superimposing virtual images or videos taken from your smartphone in real time. It pans from virtual reality, which is more of creating an aritificial environment (to bring your message out), while AR utilizes an existing environment like a poster or the add printed on a calendar and superimposes new information on top of it. AR technology charmingly with a designated AR application, which is free to download. AR needs internet to see the augmented reality treated image or video, coming out alive like a popping animated window. 

Initial test showed AR treated materials can come off either as a pop out video, a 3D stills or it can llink customer to an advertising video popping up your mobile devices. “Given the robustness of the media in the Philippines, we know that it will be an exciting proposition to big companies who want to ‘up the ante’ so to speak, when it comes to creativity in digital advertising platforms,” said Spark Global Tech Systems, Inc. Managing Director, Rowi Bautista. 

 AR works with a printable media enhancement technology, which reacts through active AR app on your devices once the camera get exposed to AR’s dotted box design printed on a given advertisement. AR can convert AVRs or made images into its mobile accepted and playable digital format. 

It can be used to magnifiy say your credentials, which is particularly competitive for people taking new employment. AR app needs, initially, internet connectivity to work on your devices. AR video or stills downloaded from that can be delegated for replay on your phones for a set time AR derives. 

Spark Global Tech Solutions, Inc is targetting the millenial mobile transacting market, working a telco partnership that woul auto place the AR app for mobile phone subscribers. AR, which is popular in Japan, is a revolutionizing form of marketing media and advertisements through a smart device, interactive print campaigns, food packaging, promotional videos, 3D animation, 3D flyers, guide books with video documentaries, and including business trade show presentations. 

For detailed information about Augmented Reality (AR) technology, INSLASHOUT suggest calling Spark Global Tech Systems, Inc. headquarters through the following contact numbers: (+632) 5328579 or e-mail or visit this website:

Avengers divided!

In Review: Captain America: Civil War (Action/ Drama)

Cast: Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Scarlett Johanssen,  Sebastian Stan, Paul Bettany,  Done Cheaddle, Jeremy Renner, Paul Rudd,  Elizabeth Olsen, William Hurt and Martin Freeman
Director:  Anthony Russo and Joe Russo

What is the worse thing that could happen to the Avengers? The new Avengers movie Captain America: Civil War suggested an internal conflict. Steve Rogers (aka Captain America) and Tony Stark (aka IRON MAN), if you based these two character’s clashing egoes in previous Avengers movies, are likely candidates for that affair. 

Civil War welcomed that uncanny possibility, and the clash is futile. It is not a rosy picture seeing Avengers divided, let alone killing each other like it was their last. It is a test case for viewers, for those who have yet to find interest on any of Avenger’s elite members. While civil war leaned on Capt America for following, his leading presence barely add up to Iron Man’s staking charisma.

 The film will show, and it shined out each time Starks pull the trigger on Roger’s lording personality. While that is not enough to boil egoes, even that meant syncing in Spiderman and Ant-Man for a few punch laughs, while in fighting mode. It is a difficult plotting to take for Avengers fans who have trailed on Iron Man and Captain America’s uncanny adventures for years. The Avengers is not about to end! It is about to get a fitting re-charge, and this should get the ball rolling out to younger fans curious about the real essence of The Avenger’s comic platform. 

Captain America: Civil War began with little trail of what you would normally expect of a blockbuster Avengers chapter. It is dialogue framing, but it is witty enough to get your curious thoughts out running for what is expected of the movie’s chipping final ending. Captain America is the main crop of the film, but seeing Stark get his antics out in the open should tell you film is really tailored for Iron Man to shake up another piloting chapter. 

 It is better explored in comic book form, and since much of film’s detail gets laid out in marking dialogues. Civil War leads where the last Captain America movie ended, exploring silly James “Bucky” Barnes and Steve Roger’s relentless childhood relationship.

 It is a mouthful watching, but that explain the conflict’s origin. Captain America: Civil War is a serious film about relationships, where classic heroes are re-defined by their sould seaching interest and aspirations. It is not an easy storyline for mainstream cinema, but then again who would not take time watching a freshly written Avengers movie with Iron Man and Captain America in killing mode. I would, and so should you! Must see!

USANA makes it to list of top revenue generating global companies *

Direct Selling News finally revealed its seventh annual DSN Global 100 list, an exclusive ranking of the top revenue-generating direct selling companies in the world — USANA Health Sciences and based on 2015 revenues alone.
Direct Selling News is a US-based publication that covers the direct selling industry, including industry news, financial trends, business strategies, among others.
“USANA’s recognition by Direct Selling News as one of the largest direct selling company in the world is a reflection of the dedication of our Associates and employees,” said Dave Wentz, co-CEO of USANA. “Our recognition by DSN is also reflective of USANA’s vision of improving the health and nutrition of individuals and families around the world.”
Created to acknowledge the successes of individual direct selling companies and provide a clear picture of the magnitude of the industry, DSN created the Global 100 list as a commitment to showcasing a transparent industry by providing credibility and research support for those seeking information on direct selling companies. This year’s list of companies ranged from 17 countries.
“2015 has been a tremendous year for USANA. We closed it as our 13th consecutive year of record sales,” says USANA Regional General Manager for Philippines and Indonesia Aurora “Duday” Gaston. “And we are optimistic that we will surpass our past achievements even more this year – especially here in the Philippines where we actively advocate good health among Filipinos.”
Direct Selling News also recognized the top 50 direct selling companies in North America, drawing attention to the most notable businesses in one of the world’s largest direct selling markets.
Both lists will be published in the June issue of Direct Selling News magazine.
Wht is USANA?
Founded in 1992, USANA Health Sciences (NYSE:USNA) is a U.S.-based nutritional company that manufactures high-quality supplements, personal care and health products in its FDA-registered facility in Salt Lake City. Learn more about USANA by visiting our website or the official USANA blog

Beautiful selfie smart handset for the summer fashionista 

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In Feature: OPPOF1 Plus (16MP Selfie Smartphone)

Who does not love taking selfies? This summer that selfie choice begins with the OPPO F1 Plus, a selfie designed smartphone sporting 16-megapixels for the front cmera. That means clearer, crisp and publication ready photos for all your selfie images. Retailing for only P21,990, the OPPO F1 Plus picks up the tab where most selfie camera fails. It upgrades with OPPO’s Hi-Light Camera, which excels in low light, back-lit or night time photography. 

Selfie cameras, even those with flash or third party imaging support, tend to darken easy with night shoots. DSLR treated cameras, for mobile devices, would normally lit up images with desired ISO setting. Hi-Light stands out more, offering twice the dynamic range of cameras, offering four times less imaging noise. Initial indoor trials amazingly lit photos, and it is generally publication ready.

OPPO said lit imaging engages with F1’s unique camera sensor technology and wide f/2.0 aperture lens, getting you the best camera imaging resolution for stills and videos. It is a superior smartphone camera upgrade for people using their cameras for post production, for digital video publication in high definition. 

Selfie improves further with OPPO Selfie panorama and Beautify 4.0, topping production features OPPO subjected to six months of testing, including 150 revisions. It stands out with F1’s screen facing flash, which gets OPPO’s custom built pixel arrangement, adding to picture brightness and picture clarity. It is what results to instant image beautification secinds after snapping image. 

OPPO’s celebrity brand ambassador Sarah Geronimo, who tried the amazing OPPO F1 selfie camera features herself, was vocal of the F1s ability to beautify instantly. “You’ll never take bad selfies again. Beautify 4.0 does that with ease for you, like a styling team would for show,” recalled Sarah. It helps knowing, which is fairly helpful for anyone shooting selfies in public, the F1 can already shoot extra-wide 120 degree images – perfect for group shots that lets you combine three shot images knitted in one shot. 

Phone’s 5.5 inch display is AMOLED with 4th generation Gorilla glass, for that ultimate bump or accidental dent from fall protection. “It is a slim, light and beautiful phone, and it gets you the right attention,” said Geronimo. The Fi-Plus’s bezel is only 1.66mm, making it look like 5.2-inch phone. It gets that pristine clean metal surface design. Phone’s delicate frame underwent 60 polishing processes, forming a perfect grip that extends to phone’s metal surface. Charging improves with new VOOC fast charger. 

Battery, which last up to 14 hours of constant use, can charge 75% of mobile battery’s capacity in only 30-minutes, without heating up while active charging. Overall system speed is 25 percent faster, translating to 35 percent speed for loading. It is a perfect performance makeover, particularly for people who socially interact their communication for business and social endeavors. 

For added security, for people already shifting to mobile phones for things like banking, the F1 is the first smart handset to make use of front-facing fingerprint recognition, in which case F1’s advanced ceramic material design is capable of recognizing owner’s fingerprint, unlocking device in just 0.2 seconds. Adding to fashion trendy body design, the F1 ships with new ColorOS 3.0, an interface design, along with increased efficiency and mobile speed, that is generally user friendly for multitasking smartphone device users.

For details about the F1 Plus or other OPPO products, Inslashout suggest logging on to this website: 

From 4K to 8K resolution

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In feature: SHARP AQUOS Z (8KTV)

How clear can you get with your TV? The answer normally depend on your flat TV’s ability to digitally replicate what the naked eyes can do. Sharp did just that delivering commercially an 8K resolution flat TV for its next series the AQUOS Z Series. 

If you think 4K, which is already four times the High Definition (HD) flat screen digital value, is so much clear playing those downloaded video content handed down from your mobile device then you have to prepare yourself for something that you can compare with what you get watching movie from the IMAX Theater. It is four times clearer than a 4K resolution TV – technically 7680×4320 pixels or 66 million subpixels. 

Video clarity makes a finer impression when you shoot landscapes, say a rice field, which normally blurrs for background depth. An 8K resolution lets you see strands of rice more, and that applies better for image zooms. Colors, particularly for shades of light and streaks of color are more natural in the eye’s essence. 

It is what more detailed screen pixels does for digital imaging, and it is great for visual presentations, no need for third party softwares to video magnify images. Magnification, particularly for low definition videos or images, get auto digitized to the closes 8K resolution achievable. 

Technology works like a video screen resolution converter, resulting to depth in imagery than makes 2D seem like 3D. Sharp did time working on adding the Y-subpixel to the normal red, blue and green screen color mix. What it does is expand, while saving more energy, the normal color screen gamut achieving 50% more color reproduction range. It is supported by Sharp’s new backlight system for vibrant screen coloring, and with less screen reflection. 

Contrast gets the ultra dynamic pro upgrade, which uses TV’s backlight system and dimming technology to broaden contrast, basically turning dark and bright areas of picture more naturally projected. The X Series is Sharp’s first dip into Android technology, turning TV into a tiled app to access contents like YouTube, Skype, Facebook or even research browsing and on-line shopping. 

Android TVs (with Quad Core specs) are designed for heavy multitasking, so it works best with digital fiber or broadband internet for streaming movies or video conferencing. Streaming is an added feature for AQUOS, with Google Cast set to stream whatever content from either your iPhone or Android devices, sync play contents wirelessly on this TV. Gaming is immersive, particularly for closer visuals, and it comes with a gamepad for added thrill. 

All these features get full control with a Blutooth remote, which comes with a designed screen interface you can evenly control with a finger touch pad for wider multitasking. TV is supported with aluminum frame, including a stylish loop stand, which keeps TV from falling down from any sides. Sound is digitally surround, IMAX style, with subwoofers for crisp stereo depth. 

Considering these refined digital TV features would actually turn your condominium into a fully functional media centered station for live multitasking. It is more than your typical entertainment TV, and Sharp made it far better with 8K resolution. 

Watch the new X-Men movie ahead with Caltex 

Marvel fans will have a field day, specially if you habitually fill up your car’s gas tanks through Caltex. The petrol company is doing a cool promotion, and it make you one of the few Filipinos to see ahead of the May screening the new X-Mem: Apocalypse Marvel movie. Inslashout gives you a hint how you can join this awesome offering from Caltex.

Caltex with Techron is giving consumers a chance to win passes for one of thehe Caltex Fill Up on Xcitement promo gives motorists who fuel up at participating Caltex stations a chance to instantly win two (2) movie tickets in the form of coupon codes. For a single-receipt purchase worth Php500, a thermal receipt is generated which indicates whether the customer wins movie tickets via electronic raffle.

Robinsons Rewards Card holders also get chances to win one (1) additional coupon code upon presentation of the card when fueling up at Caltex. 

“The Fill Up on Xcitement promo is our simple way of saying thank you to our customers, and treat themselves and their loved ones to a relaxing movie time,” said Peter Morris, country chairman of Chevron Philippines Inc. (CPI), marketer of the Caltex brand of fuels and lubricants.

Aside from exciting promotions, Caltex with Techron provides motorists with five exciting key benefits for their car which are clean engine, maximized power, better fuel economy, smoother drive, lower emissions, and reliable performance.

Winners may redeem their X-Men movie tickets from May 18, 2016 to June 7, 2016 at any of the participating cinemas or until such a time that the movie is still showing at these cinemas. Customers may win more than once. 

For a list of participating Caltex stations and participating cinemas, and complete mechanics of the promo, please visit    

What is Chevron Philippines Inc.

Chevron Philippines Inc. has been operating in the country for more than 90 years. Caltex™, its retail brand, offers high quality products and services. There are close to 700 service stations strategically scattered throughout the Philippine archipelago and employees working in several areas of business such as Marketing, Lubricants and Terminal operations. The Chevron products that are available in the Philippines include Caltex with Techron® fuel and Caltex Diesel with Techron®D, Havoline® and Delo® oils. More information on Chevron Philippines Inc. is available at

Globe iconic entertainment store to premiere this June

Globe is making waves, right in time with the school opening, launching telco’s superior entertainment center, which premieres with the hit musicale Green Day’s American Idiot. Inslashout details with this feature from Globe Telecom…
True to its commitment of providing a wonderful experience for its customers, Globe Telecom is redefining the Philippine retail platform anew with the opening of its flagship ICONIC store, a world-class destination that is home to the latest in retail, entertainment, music, and everything about the Filipino digital lifestyle. The ICONIC store promises to deliver a more exceptional retail space experience that is more innovative, dynamic, and interactive from its predecessor, the highly-successful GEN3 concept store. 

Designed by Tim Kobe of Eight Inc., the same designer of the Globe GEN3 stores as well as the acclaimed Apple store in New York, the ICONIC store will soon rise as one of the most renowned landmarks in the country located at the Bonifacio Global City Central Square in Taguig. One of its most ambitious elements of the ICONIC store is the glass bridge that will link two Globe stores from opposite sides of the BGC Central Square.

“The opening of our GEN3 stores in 2014 set the tone on how customer experience in telco has evolved from purely transactional to more dynamic and engaging. GEN3 has given our customers a new way of discovering their digital lifestyle with our topnotch service and innovative products and services. As we near the launch of the ICONIC store, we are thrilled to deliver a new world-class entertainment experience right at the heart of Bonifacio Global City that does not only bring up the ante in retail and entertainment, but also elevates the customer experience to a whole new level,” says Globe Retail Transformation and Stores Management Head Joe Caliro.

Launching in two phases, the first phase of the opening on June 2016 will unveil the entertainment piece that will house shows, concerts, and a variety of on-ground events and activities. It will feature massive LED screens and top-quality lights and sounds equipment for an outdoor entertainment experience at par with global standards. It will also boast a fully-functional Chroma key studio set-up that can be used by media partners, making the ICONIC store the first ever all-in-one retail and entertainment space in the world. 

When Globe ICONIC opens, Filipinos will have a new and one-of-a-kind venue where they can take part in world-class productions such as plays, concerts, and musicals, among others. 

Green Day’s American Idiot in PH
To officially launch and showcase the entertainment piece of the ICONIC store, Globe, together with 9Works Theatrical, will premiere the award winning Broadway musical Green Day’s American Idiot on June 22, 2016.
Green Day’s American Idiot is a sung-through stage adaptation of punk rock band Green Day’s 2004 rock opera album American Idiot. It features the story of three disaffected young men, representing the exhilarating journey of a new generation of young Americans in a post-9/11 world. The musical is also deemed relevant to today’s youth as they develop the habit of responsible use of social media. 

The American Idiot musical received over 9 nominations from various award giving bodies including the Tony Awards, and won more than 5 prestigious awards including the “Best Musical Show Album” in the 53rd Grammy Awards. 

To stay updated on how to get passes to the premiere, visit or and follow @enjoyGlobe on Twitter and Instagram.
About 9 Works Theatrical

9 WORKS THEATRICAL is one of the premier theater companies in the Philippines. It is dedicated to delivering only the best plays and musicals, either originally written or from both Broadway and the West End. It has produced award-winning productions fetching the GAWAD BUHAY (the country’s local version of the Tony Awards) top award twice in its three years of association with PHILSTAGE, the umbrella organization of performing arts companies in the Philippines. Follow 9 Works Theatrical on Facebook at, on Instagram and Twitter at @9WTonline.



About Globe Telecom

Globe Telecom is a leading full service telecommunications company in the Philippines, serving the needs of consumers and businesses across an entire suite of products and services including mobile, fixed, broadband, data connections, internet and managed services. Its principals are Ayala Corporation and Singtel who are acknowledged industry leaders in the country and in the region. For more information, visit Follow Globe Telecom on Facebook at and Tattoo at as well as on Twitter @enjoyglobe and @choosetattoo and Instagram at @enjoyglobe and @choosetattoo.