Globe expands into digital studio cinema, TV contents

PH entertainment evolves with ambitious Globe Studios, Globe Live, new content partnerships and broadband plans. Inslashout details…

The country’s number one mobile brand, Globe Telecom, is changing the landscape of Philippine entertainment with the creation of Globe Studios and Globe Live which are designed to produce original shows, live events, and engaging world-class content that are fit for today’s discerning customers. 

 At the same time, Globe reveals the line-up of its new international content partners and improved broadband plans for a complete and immersive entertainment lifestyle.

Nowadays, dramas and movies are no longer confined to television and cinema as they can already be shared through social media via mobile phones. Globe Studios recognizes this and thus, brings the next generation of entertainment to mobile with original video productions from top film directors such as Erik Matti, Paul Soriano, Quark Henares, Dan Villegas, Sigrid Bernardo, Joyce Bernal, and Lav Diaz. Globe Studios is backed by local and Asian media houses such as Viva Films, Reality Entertainment, Quantum Films, Spring Films and Astro of Malaysia.


“Consumption of mobile entertainment has grown exponentially over the past years. Today, customers no longer wait for their favorite shows on their TV screens. Instead, they dictate what they want to watch when and where they want to. With Globe Studios, we will now produce our own clips, series and even movies. Backed up with the biggest director partners and entertainment companies in the industry, we are set to show what customers want today,” said Albert de Larrazabal, Globe Chief Commercial Officer.

On the other hand, due to the rising clamor towards personalization, another challenge is how to deliver the most engaging and creative events that will satisfy customers. Globe Live responds to this demand by leveraging on Globe Telecom’s wide experience in the live events industry to elevate production quality and at the same time, tap the wide distribution coverage of Globe to promote and assemble events that are of international size and quality.

 “The caliber of events will forever change with Globe Live. We can now produce shows and events that are world-class, unique to customers and more accessible. Our years of experience in the industry added with our edge as a telco company will bring perfect partnerships to bring wonderful events to our customers,” said Joe Caliro, head of Globe Live and Globe Retail and Transformation Management.

 Globe Live’s first foray in the theatrical scene is the staging of Green Day’s American Idiot, a Philippine production of the hit Broadway musical. Produced together with 9 Works Theatrical, American Idiot will be held at the new Globe Iconic Store in Bonifacio High Street Amphitheater in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig which features two massive Times Square-like LED walls in a unique outdoor setup to accommodate thousands of people. American Idiot is composed of a star-studded talent roster headlined by Basti Artadi of Wolfgang, Miggy Chavez of Chicosci, former Rivermaya vocalists Jason Fernandez and Norby David, and veteran thespian Nel Gomez. The show is set to run from June 24 until July 10, 2016.


New Content Partners

 On top of original productions, Globe continues to tie up with international entertainment companies to add to its existing content providers such as Spotify, HOOQ and NBA.

Globe is proud to announce that it is the first mobile and broadband Philippine partner of the foremost video streaming service Netflix which boasts of over 81 million members in over 190 countries who are enjoying more than 125 million hours of TV shows and movies per day, including original series, documentaries and feature films. Members can watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on nearly any internet-connected screen. Netflix will be available to Globe customers via their mobile or broadband service.

With the recent launch of Disney Mobile, Disney and Globe complete the entertainment experience with the launch of the Disney Channel Apps – Disney Channel, Disney XD, and Disney Junior. The number 1 TV network for kids and families in the Philippines is now available for as a video streaming service that offers more than 100 video-on-demand (VOD) full episodes and live streaming of Disney Channels. Designed specifically for kids to watch their favorite Disney entertainment anytime and anywhere, the Disney Channels Apps will provide hours of fun in a safe and kid-friendly digital environment that will immerse viewers in Disney’s magical world of storytelling and characters.

The world of sports is also enhanced with the Sports Illustrated App, featuring the latest in-depth exclusive news coverage, and live American sports programming of basketball, the NFL, NHL, ESports and much more. Additional content from SI sites FanSided and SI Kids targets millennials and younger mobile demographics. As one of the most established and respected sports media brands in the world, Sports Illustrated TV channels reach an estimated 29 million homes across 12 Asian markets . 

Soon, Malaysian media powerhouse Astro will also give Filipino gaming fans access to eGG Network or Every Good Game, Southeast Asia’s first dedicated 24/7 e-Sports network. E-Sports fans will be able to watch tournaments like League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and many more via Globe. Globe and Astro are working on more exciting surprises to give gaming fans a wonderful experience. 

Dialing up the fun for Globe customers is Cartoon Network, this year’s current number 5 channel across all genres in the Philippines. Apps created by the Turner-owned brand will soon be available including an upgraded and authenticated version of Cartoon Network Watch and Play and Cartoon Network Anything. They both host a stack of engaging content from well-loved cartoons such as Adventure Time, The Amazing World of Gumball, Ben 10, The Powerpuff Girls, and We Bare Bears. For the first time in PH, a live stream of the channel will be exclusively available to a non-TV audience. The apps also offer a selection of awesome video clips and interactive games and activities to keep the whole family entertained.  

Moreover, the popular singing app Sing! by Smule, brings the love of Pinoys for Karaoke with more than 500,000 songs to choose from. It also allows users to record a video duet with their favorite artists like Jessie J and Jason Derulo and share it with a global audience.

“Our new roster of content partners will bring out the best of Philippine digital lifestyle. We are providing world-class entertainment apps right at their fingertips to enjoy anytime and anywhere. This will change once again how Filipinos will be entertained using their mobile and at-home broadband devices,” said Dan Horan, Globe Senior Advisor for Consumer Business.


New customizable plans from Globe Broadband

Globe Broadband now brings customizable plans where families can create their own packages to bring Wonderful into their homes: a) POWER-UP with internet speeds and data allowance options; b) ENJOY their internet through exclusive devices and access to the world’s greatest movies, TV shows, concerts, games & songs; c) and EXTEND the fun with boosters that further improve the overall experience in the home.    

“Further to our commitment to provide ultra-fast internet in 2M households over 20,000 barangays in 2020, we are transforming the way Broadband is enjoyed in the Filipino home. More than just delivering connectivity, we are giving customers more compelling reasons to enjoy their internet at home,” said Martha Sazon, Globe Senior Vice President for Broadband Business.

 “Today, we are launching pre-bundled packages which we believe will be popular to many customers, and they can mix and match from there. This makes the selection process not only easy, but enjoyable for the Filipino family. With our new plans, our customers will be in full control, much better than any offering in the market today.”

Globe Broadband has also collaborated with leading technology and device partners to complete the package: Samsung and TCL for smart HD TVs; Bose (speakers) and Harman Kardon (headphones); Google Chromecast (streaming device) and Sony Playstation (gaming console); and Airties (WiFi mesh), Belkin and Giraffe (security cameras). All these, for an affordable additional fee on top of the monthly bill, over 24 months.

Sazon adds, “In Globe, we don’t just sell plans, but deliver a complete experience. We want to help families discover more wonders in their homes by being able to watch exclusive movies, TV shows and enjoy concert-like experiences; listen to millions of songs and play games for endless hours, as they want. That’s why we only partner with the world’s best in content – Disney, Spotify, NBA and now, Netflix. I am excited that Globe Broadband is now poised to transform the market landscape with this great value proposition. Change is definitely on its way.”


 #NowNation: PayMaya’s campaign targetting millenial bread winners

by Edsel Thadeus O. Lorete / /

Season is ripe for cheap travels, and it does not really need cash to get through say a group flight or a weekend food and movie trip with your syblings. All that sounds joyful, but only if you have a credit card or a debit card at your disposal. 

With 69% percent of country without a bank account, and with more purchases getting done on-line, from food, clothing, banking and travel, PayMaya can certainly help you get around paying for something you really like with a single app stamp inside your mobile devices. 

It is what pushed PayMaya, a Visa Card that is both virtual and physical. It is a great alternative for Filipinos, particularly career millenials getting around the growing on-line purchasing market system flourishing in the Philippines, wanting to pay out or shop without needing to get into a credit debt. 

What is best about PayMaya, and Inslashout have used the card to send money to and from a GCash account safely, and most importantly in seconds to a recipient. It is a Visa Card so you can use PayMaya (virtual or physical card) to make convenience store, department store purchases. No cash needed, and card works with a the familiar swip card processing feature, and that should tell you it can be used to paying for MRT or LRT rides – no need to line up during rush hours. 

It is what “NowNation campaign is working to project to young millenials, particularly those without bank accounts for savings or business transactions, that PayMaya works because it is designed like a prepaid phone, where you can load up card to amount you need – and only using card or app for support or payment when you need it. It erases the cash payment process, keeping your purchases safe and fast under a system network under telco Smart’s watchful eyes. 

“PayMaya’s #NowNation campaign is all about experience, letting you live the moment in ways where we can unlock a life brimming with so much more than any other card experience,” said Mr. Paolo Azzola, Managing Director and co-COO, PayMaya Philippines. 

Expressing #NowNation campaign, PayMaya invited noted young and business minded on-line personalities like Camille Co, fashion and style blogger; Alyssa Valdez, a volleyball player looked up by sports fans for her competitive edge; Seph Cham, a style fashion guru for men; Chichi Tullao, a food stylist behind Happy Tummy Travels; DJ Carlo Atendido, world class DJ cjampion; Jonas Roque, known hugot traveler behind Wandering Weekend Warriors; and DoTA gamer Team Mineski to present PayMaya’s app and wireless card potentials for millenials looking to get around traditional financing or payment means using their evolving smart mobile devices.

PayMaya, with its newly elected brand ambassador’s topping on-line and social networking following, revealed, for those looking for alternative transport services, revealed enterting agreement with on-line transport cab Uber. PayMaya will link app or card to Uber to hail safe and monitored cab type rides. First time Uber app users, to celebrate business partnership with PayMaya, will get 50% fare discount on rides using promo code PAYMAYAxUBER until July 10, 2016. 

Pick up funds, for those who send or accept money transfers to or from proince (vice versa), can now send or recieve funds from any Smart Padala Center, which is safer than getting fund remittances from Sari Sari stores. Payments will soon extend to personal billings and paying for certain government services like SSS using the PayMaya app. Economic estimates and business projections for the Philippines, particularly for the younger millenial work force, is projected to grow by 7 to 8 percent within the next decade. 

Philippine economy growth statistics cited in 2012 families with millenial bread winners (age 25 to 34) earned a total of P447.9 billion in income. Consumer friendly wireless payment card and app designed systems like PayMaya will fuel economic growth in the wireless shopping age. Favored on-line transactions using PayMaya, for the periods May 1 to June 13, 2016, detailed in the following pop on-line sites: Google, PayPal, iTunes, Uber, Spotify, Valve, Steamgames, Facebook, GrabTaxi and Lazada. 

Consumer interest, particularly for on-line transactions and browsing, centered on travel and lodging – business segments normally reserved for credit card buying markets. For details about PayMaya’s #NowNation campaign, Inslashout suggest logging on or pay PyMaya a visit via networking sites:,,
What is PayMaya?
PayMaya, which is currently the leading over-the-top digital payments application in the Philippine market, is part of the Voyager Group, which is the digital financial services unit of PLDT and Smart Communications. PayMaya peioneered SmartMoney, the mobile money services that was first to link with Smart SIM and mobile phone and Smart Padala, the wireless service for money transfers.        

PC Express reaches out with PCX series, consumer friendly computers with genuine Microsoft Windows 10 installations

by Edsel Thadeus O. Lorete/ /

Gone are the days when buying computers is limited to a few moneyed customers. PC Express is consumer centered example, offering quality computer devices with genuine Windows 10 program installations. 

“PC Express has always been pro consumers, providing not only affordable but quality (Microsoft Windows 10 supprted) products and services,” assures Jesse Tan, PC Express Head of Sales and Marketing. 

In tune with school opening season, and with more students and career professional working on-line and homework researching, and to expand business networks, PC Express’ PCX line provides budget friendly PCs and desktops, all fully functional for competitive multitasking, with Windows 10 program functionalities and support. 
Designed for Small and Medium Enterprises and educational institutions, INSLASHOUT and PC Express details with the following budget friendly Microsoft operational PCs and desktop choices:

1.) PCX Basics – affordable entry level desktops capitalizzing on Microsoft’s entry desktop operating system, powered by Intel’s Celeron and Pentium procesors.

2.) PCX Cobalt – a mini PC showcasing the future desktop PCs powered by Intel Celeron and Intel Core Family Processors, which can be configured with Windows 10 Home and Professional programs.

3.) PCX UNO – a micro business solution computer detailing with PC Express’ coin-based PC model. It is practical for people managing SME business, low cost PC maintenance.

4.) PCX CAIO – a customizable all-in-one desktop that supports a separate discrete graphic card designed or internet cafe and school laboratory.
For multimedia, those with customizable PC solutions, computers detiailed for gaming, for high sourcing programs, PC Express suggested taking advantage of store’s PCX Customs line choices:

1.) PCX Hornet – a compact gaming desktop running on Microsoft’s powerful Windows 10 Home, Intel 6th generation core fmily processors, which is perfect for multiple live app or program multitasking, sports a discrete graphics card for smooth gaming experience.

2.) PCX Omefa – a customizable Virtual Reality (VR) ready gaming PC that is also intended for multi-media content creation such as video editing, animation, and 3D design.  


For other details on PC Express and store’s computer product lines, INSLASHOUT suggest paying a visit any of PC Express mall show for PCX or visit any PCExpress stores at the SM mall chain in Metro Manila for legal and detailed PC product series choices with Microsoft Windows 10 support.

Starmobile’s Superpack 600

Filipinos looking to enjoy the best mobile Internet services now have more smartphones to choose from as trusted Philippine brand Starmobile extends its SUPER PACK bundle to its premium line.

Beginning today, the Digital TV-enabled Starmobile KNIGHT Vision, the elegant KNIGHT Elite, and the Dual Camera KNIGHT Spectra will come bundled with a special SUPER PACK 600 Smart Prepaid SIM which includes up to 600MB of free data a month.

SUPER PACK 600 is the latest version of the best-selling SUPER PACK series and includes 100MB of free data every month for a year. Users can then get an additional 500MB/month for an accumulated prepaid load of P100.

Combined with the flagship-level specs of the KNIGHT Vision, KNIGHT Elite, and KNIGHT Spectra customers can maximize their mobile lifestyles they way they see fit.
SUPER PACK is a special bundle series of Starmobile devices designed to deliver the complete mobile experience right out of the box. It includes free SIMs with exclusive call, text, and/or data services the likes of which are not available in the market.

First introduced in September 2016 with the Starmobile PLAY Neo, the line has since expanded to include phablets and tablets such as the UP Ultra and the ENGAGE 7i.
For more information on the Starmobile KNIGHT series and other Starmobile devices, visit or follow Starmobile on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. [END]

Telco Globe cautions Filipino public on-line against new Facebook scam

If you love Facebook, and you practically live on this pop social networking site, then you better listen hard to this anti fraud warning from Globe Telecom that is attacking social networking users. Inslashout details…

Globe Telecom strongly cautions its mobile postpaid customers against fraudsters offering via Facebook removal of current Globe account and replacing such current accounts with new ones that may even include new phones. 

Based on the unauthorized offers we have monitored, customers supposedly no longer need to pay for their outstanding balances for a fee. Obviously, such offers are fraudulent and illegal, and the perpetrators of these will be subjected to criminal prosecution. 

Customers who avail themselves of these fraudulent offers may also be exposed to criminal prosecution and still be held liable for their outstanding and new accounts with the company. We call on our customers not to respond to such messages sent to them via Facebook and should instead report these to us. Globe is already working closely with police authorities for the arrest of these fraudsters and to stop these fraudulent activities. — Atty. V. Froilan Castelo, Globe General Counsel. 

Holding up on ID4’s scary alien invasion spectacle

Review: Independence Day Resurgence (Sci-Fi/ Thriller)

Cast: Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman, Liam Hemsworth, Vivica Fox, Brent Spiner, Mika Monroe

Director: Roland Emrerich 

Will Smith could have done a lot for Independence Day Resurgence, the big budgeted Hollywood sequel to the original and blockbuster alien invasion sc-fi movie. But, to my rounded expectation’s low teasing, this sequel did held up its chin up – and without losing much balance of the original invasion alien nation theme. Smith could have lorded with his loud “until the fat lady” antics, which was fun watching, but so could Jeff Goldblum in his subtl, tickling ways. 

The Fly actor, who is a veteran stage actor, brought the comic curtains up to fan’s delight. Smith’s billing parts, which was too big a lone character, was seggregated to a bunch of young bloods, justly spicing millenial interest. Roland Emmerich, who debut his first Hollywood hit with Smith lording the cinema, was careful reconstructing another alien invasion sequel, and this set twenty years after the firist attack. 

Earth, to Emmerich’s grinning plotting tweaks, fused whatever alien technology it learned to efficiently combat another attack. It brought together the human race for survival, and so did this sequel but subtly enough for film’s memorable anti-alien characters to emerge heroic with and from experience. It limited the alien-human rife to a character cruising few, and from there Emmerich plotted the closest realistic alien to human collision that was reasonably palatable to viewer’s discretion. 

It was a difficult transition, playing discreetly on ID4’s established storyline with new ideas. Star Wars, the new chapter “The Force Awakens”, emerged on a familiar path but little ideas fused for variety. ID2 fished out its strengthening alien storyline exactly from where it left the sequel ending with a moral calling for change, unity. Emmerich edited film with timing emphasis, from the comic punches, romantic remissions, to film’s sweepingly loud but reasonably controlled dog fight scenes. 

It was a bridging viewing experience, from Smith’s loud persona to Goldblum and the rest of cast’s subtly peeling comic personality. It is a welcome production value treatment, and it works dearly to charm audiences with sequel’s endearing earthly issues everyone could passionately relate with substance. 

Emmerich’s soul searching direction, which fairly comic in treatment, should attract comic fans, including the picky millennials curious about looking into what movie blockbusters like Independence Day did to bring people back to theaters. Independence Day: Resurgence charms the old school and young millenial gaming moviegoers, those who have much to contribute to the future of universal sci-fi cinema.


Where did the cake go?

What is with the empty cake billboard? That has been the running question behind the Goldilock’ billboard hole that has is been in the public eye for more than three week now. Inslashout has noticed the empty billboard, but I wonder if the wait has something to do with Goldilocks celebrating its 50th anniversary this year! 

Well, your guess is a good as mine. Perhaps this storytelling teaser from Goldilocks would explain the big buzz over this mytery billboard cake wall all over Metro Manila…
Let us find out!

For weeks now, social media has been abuzz, discussing a truly perplexing occurrence: all throughout the city, the giant 50th Anniversary cakes plastered on Goldilocks billboards have simultaneously disappeared. At first, netizens concluded that it must have been an isolated case limited to a particular billboard, but the chatter soon revealed that it was a nationwide phenomenon.

Compounding the mystery is that the company itself does not seem to know where their cake went. Numerous inquiries to the official Goldilocks Facebook page (GoldilocksPH) and even direct interaction with company officials have shed little light on the enigma. Indeed, there is a growing sense of concern and mild panic, as countless Filipino lives have been touched by the country’s best-loved bakeshop.

The good news is that there have been a number of cake sightings. In order to encourage people to help join the search, Goldilocks has even offered a cash prize to winning entrants. 

To join the hunt, simply spot the missing cake (stay tuned for clues) and take a selfie together with it. You mayt then upload it to a dedicated microsite with your name, age, address and contact details on or before June 27.

Each participant is allowed to submit up to three photos with a maximum size of 2MB.

The draw will be on June 29 where Goldilocks will choose five (5) winners of Php 10,000.00 cash and ten (10) winners of Php 5,000.00 worth of Goldilocks gift certificate.
Will you be the one to solve the great cake caper? To learn more about the mechanics of the Goldilocks Missing Cake Promo check out and follow them on Facebook or Instagram via GoldilocksPH []