PC Express reaches out with PCX series, consumer friendly computers with genuine Microsoft Windows 10 installations

by Edsel Thadeus O. Lorete/ http://inslashout.wordpress.com / http://inslashout.blog.com

Gone are the days when buying computers is limited to a few moneyed customers. PC Express is consumer centered example, offering quality computer devices with genuine Windows 10 program installations. 

“PC Express has always been pro consumers, providing not only affordable but quality (Microsoft Windows 10 supprted) products and services,” assures Jesse Tan, PC Express Head of Sales and Marketing. 

In tune with school opening season, and with more students and career professional working on-line and homework researching, and to expand business networks, PC Express’ PCX line provides budget friendly PCs and desktops, all fully functional for competitive multitasking, with Windows 10 program functionalities and support. 
Designed for Small and Medium Enterprises and educational institutions, INSLASHOUT and PC Express details with the following budget friendly Microsoft operational PCs and desktop choices:

1.) PCX Basics – affordable entry level desktops capitalizzing on Microsoft’s entry desktop operating system, powered by Intel’s Celeron and Pentium procesors.

2.) PCX Cobalt – a mini PC showcasing the future desktop PCs powered by Intel Celeron and Intel Core Family Processors, which can be configured with Windows 10 Home and Professional programs.

3.) PCX UNO – a micro business solution computer detailing with PC Express’ coin-based PC model. It is practical for people managing SME business, low cost PC maintenance.

4.) PCX CAIO – a customizable all-in-one desktop that supports a separate discrete graphic card designed or internet cafe and school laboratory.
For multimedia, those with customizable PC solutions, computers detiailed for gaming, for high sourcing programs, PC Express suggested taking advantage of store’s PCX Customs line choices:

1.) PCX Hornet – a compact gaming desktop running on Microsoft’s powerful Windows 10 Home, Intel 6th generation core fmily processors, which is perfect for multiple live app or program multitasking, sports a discrete graphics card for smooth gaming experience.

2.) PCX Omefa – a customizable Virtual Reality (VR) ready gaming PC that is also intended for multi-media content creation such as video editing, animation, and 3D design.  


For other details on PC Express and store’s computer product lines, INSLASHOUT suggest paying a visit any of PC Express mall show for PCX or visit any PCExpress stores at the SM mall chain in Metro Manila for legal and detailed PC product series choices with Microsoft Windows 10 support.

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