#NowNation: PayMaya’s campaign targetting millenial bread winners

by Edsel Thadeus O. Lorete / http://inslashout.wordpress.com / http://inslashout.blog.com

Season is ripe for cheap travels, and it does not really need cash to get through say a group flight or a weekend food and movie trip with your syblings. All that sounds joyful, but only if you have a credit card or a debit card at your disposal. 

With 69% percent of country without a bank account, and with more purchases getting done on-line, from food, clothing, banking and travel, PayMaya can certainly help you get around paying for something you really like with a single app stamp inside your mobile devices. 

It is what pushed PayMaya, a Visa Card that is both virtual and physical. It is a great alternative for Filipinos, particularly career millenials getting around the growing on-line purchasing market system flourishing in the Philippines, wanting to pay out or shop without needing to get into a credit debt. 

What is best about PayMaya, and Inslashout have used the card to send money to and from a GCash account safely, and most importantly in seconds to a recipient. It is a Visa Card so you can use PayMaya (virtual or physical card) to make convenience store, department store purchases. No cash needed, and card works with a the familiar swip card processing feature, and that should tell you it can be used to paying for MRT or LRT rides – no need to line up during rush hours. 

It is what “NowNation campaign is working to project to young millenials, particularly those without bank accounts for savings or business transactions, that PayMaya works because it is designed like a prepaid phone, where you can load up card to amount you need – and only using card or app for support or payment when you need it. It erases the cash payment process, keeping your purchases safe and fast under a system network under telco Smart’s watchful eyes. 

“PayMaya’s #NowNation campaign is all about experience, letting you live the moment in ways where we can unlock a life brimming with so much more than any other card experience,” said Mr. Paolo Azzola, Managing Director and co-COO, PayMaya Philippines. 

Expressing #NowNation campaign, PayMaya invited noted young and business minded on-line personalities like Camille Co, fashion and style blogger; Alyssa Valdez, a volleyball player looked up by sports fans for her competitive edge; Seph Cham, a style fashion guru for men; Chichi Tullao, a food stylist behind Happy Tummy Travels; DJ Carlo Atendido, world class DJ cjampion; Jonas Roque, known hugot traveler behind Wandering Weekend Warriors; and DoTA gamer Team Mineski to present PayMaya’s app and wireless card potentials for millenials looking to get around traditional financing or payment means using their evolving smart mobile devices.

PayMaya, with its newly elected brand ambassador’s topping on-line and social networking following, revealed, for those looking for alternative transport services, revealed enterting agreement with on-line transport cab Uber. PayMaya will link app or card to Uber to hail safe and monitored cab type rides. First time Uber app users, to celebrate business partnership with PayMaya, will get 50% fare discount on rides using promo code PAYMAYAxUBER until July 10, 2016. 

Pick up funds, for those who send or accept money transfers to or from proince (vice versa), can now send or recieve funds from any Smart Padala Center, which is safer than getting fund remittances from Sari Sari stores. Payments will soon extend to personal billings and paying for certain government services like SSS using the PayMaya app. Economic estimates and business projections for the Philippines, particularly for the younger millenial work force, is projected to grow by 7 to 8 percent within the next decade. 

Philippine economy growth statistics cited in 2012 families with millenial bread winners (age 25 to 34) earned a total of P447.9 billion in income. Consumer friendly wireless payment card and app designed systems like PayMaya will fuel economic growth in the wireless shopping age. Favored on-line transactions using PayMaya, for the periods May 1 to June 13, 2016, detailed in the following pop on-line sites: Google, PayPal, iTunes, Uber, Spotify, Valve, Steamgames, Facebook, GrabTaxi and Lazada. 

Consumer interest, particularly for on-line transactions and browsing, centered on travel and lodging – business segments normally reserved for credit card buying markets. For details about PayMaya’s #NowNation campaign, Inslashout suggest logging on http://www.paymaya.com or pay PyMaya a visit via networking sites: facebook.com/PayMayaOfficial, twitter.com/paymayaofficial, instagram.com/paymaya_official.
What is PayMaya?
PayMaya, which is currently the leading over-the-top digital payments application in the Philippine market, is part of the Voyager Group, which is the digital financial services unit of PLDT and Smart Communications. PayMaya peioneered SmartMoney, the mobile money services that was first to link with Smart SIM and mobile phone and Smart Padala, the wireless service for money transfers.        

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