Gift of love through education

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Education has always been one of Epson Philippines top beneficiaries. It is a gift of love, one catering to the needs of the many, the children benefitting from the Department of Education’s (DepEd) timely Addop-a-School Program. 

INSLASHOUT shares a story how Epson Philippines is helping out, helping out the needy succeed through their simple educational goals.
Epson Philippines has partnered with the Philippines’ Department of Education’s (DepEd) Adopt-a-School Program to provide Epson printers and projectors to public schools, to help address the shortage of resources as well as help in the delivery of better quality education to public schools in the country, particularly in the poverty-stricken provinces and areas.

DepEd nominated the beneficiary schools from each targeted area based on performance, with DepEd’s Bureau of Educational Assessment (BFA) providing a list of top ranking primary and secondary schools from 2015 to 2016. From this list, Epson selected schools located across the country and within Epson’s service areas, to help facilitate new user training and visits with the schools’ faculty members.

Epson will be benefitting fifteen schools with this batch of donations, bringing the number of beneficiary schools from the Gift of Brightness programme to a total of thirty since the program started in 2014. 

Fourteen schools were selected from DepEd’s list of Top Performing Schools for School year 2015-2016, with an additional school directly chosen by Epson Philippines to complete the number of recipients for the second batch.  

Each beneficiary school will be receiving an Epson Technology package that includes Epson Ink Tank System printers – the L220 Multifunction Color Printers and L-Series Inks; the Epson WorkForce M100 Single Function Monochrome Printers and Inks; an LQ310 Dot Matrix Printer and SIDM Ribbons, Labelworks LW400 Label Printers and ribbons, portable EB-S31 projectors and a document camera.

“Schools that already received a Technology package from Epson in the past years have relayed to us how much the products helped make teaching and studying exciting and enriching. These stories have inspired us to continue equipping schools that do not have the financial capacity to acquire them. We would also include a 1-year supply of inks and ribbons along with the equipment, to ensure that these products will help out in the students’ assignments and other school requirements,” explains Epson Philippines head of Marcom and PR Donna V. Ferro.
The recipients include schools from:

Ilagan, Isabela, Calapan, Mindoro, Balanga, Bataan, Lapu-Lapu,Cebu, Roxas, Capiz, Talisay, Cebu, Zamboanga City, General Santos, South Cotabato, Butuan, Agusan Del Norte, Baguio City (CAR), Valenzuela City, NCR, Paranaque City, NCR, Pasay City, NCR, Quezon City, NCR, and Las Pinas City, NCR.

“The Epson Gift of Brightness program is Epson’s way of supporting the development of youth and contributing towards the education sector. This is an ongoing advocacy effort, and we are always looking for like-minded partners, groups and organizations to help us select schools from all over the country. For this year, DepEd made it possible for us to access top-ranking schools who truly need

 the resources we can offer. It is our hope that their students will be able to continue towards a brighter future with the help of technology that can make their learning experience even more fruitful,” concludes Ms. Ferro.
About Epson

Epson is a global technology leader dedicated to connecting people, things and information with its original efficient, compact and precision technologies. With a lineup that ranges from inkjet printers and digital printing systems to 3LCD projectors, smart glasses, sensing systems and industrial robots, the company is focused on driving innovations and exceeding customer expectations in inkjet, visual communications, wearables and robotics.

Led by the Japan-based Seiko Epson Corporation, the Epson Group comprises more than 67,000 employees in 90 companies around the world, and is proud of its contributions to the communities in which it operates and its ongoing efforts to reduce environmental impacts.
What is Epson Southeast Asia?

Since 1982, Epson has developed a strong presence across major markets in Southeast Asia. Led by the regional headquarters, Epson Singapore Pte Ltd., Epson Southeast Asia spans an extensive network of 10 countries, and is responsible for delivering and supporting Epson’s cutting-edge consumer and business digital imaging products to the customers of these markets through its comprehensive infrastructure of over 360 service outlets, 10 Epson solution centres and 8 manufacturing facilities.

What is Epson Philippines?

Epson’s corporate presence in the Philippines commenced in 1998. It grew rapidly into a billion peso company in a span of a few years from its establishment due to its client-oriented approach in its business management style by its dedicated and innovative staff members and officers. Epson Philippines has an extensive network

Goldilocks unveils premium chocolate mousse cake

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Who does not love cakes from Goldilocks? It is homemade and cakes from their shop is what makes you want to go back home, enjoy life with the family. That classic experience improves with Goldilock’s new and improved premium Chocolate Mousse Cake.

INSLASHOUT would like to share the detail about homely, delicious and all pinoy tasting pastry from the one and only Goldilocks. 

The concept of making a masterpiece even better may sound absurd to admirers of works of art. But, to true artists, there is always room for improvement. Resting on ones laurels is not an option. They will always strive for innovation—to improve, to enhance.

It’s one of the reasons why Goldilocks, the country’s number one bakeshop, has been serving up Filipino favorites for the past 50 years. While they do have their classics, they never shy away from opportunities to, quite literally, bring something new to the table. 

Goldilocks recently unveiled their new and improved Premium Edition Chocolate Mousse Cake. The dessert boasts of a moist choco butter cake with a richer chocolate mousse filling in an all new and more enticing presentation. Indeed, it is a masterpiece made even better.

Grab the new and improved Chocolate Mousse Cake in all Goldilocks branches nationwide.

For more information about the improved Chocolate Mousse Cake, you may also follow Goldilocks on Twitter or Instagram at @GoldilocksPH, on the Goldilocks Facebook page, or at the official Goldilocks website at 

Paul Sperry: Blending classic, modern CVO and boat style sneakers

Paul Sperry: Blend of classic, modern CVO and boat style sneakers by Edsel Thadeus O. Lorete/ /

Sperry fans will have a field day with Paul Sperry, the next generation Sperry sneaker series mixing classic and modern factory shoe designs from the classic CVO and boat style make. It is about time Sperry shifts to modern designs that is already turning interest not only from solid Sperry followers but millenials seeking stylih, comfy and foot protecting daily wears that reflects their style and character. 

Paul Sperry, for those unaware of the man behind the Sperry design, will be the highlight of Paul Sperry series, which is expected in time to outgrow fan interest regardless or age, affiliation and generation. Sperry, with its flexy casual leather weather, finally upgrades to what brand calls fiber grade materials that is fairly lighter than the original boat design classically fancied by the late US President John F. Kennedy, actor Steve McQueen and Paul Newman.

Keeping design tabs with what Sperry fans know about the signature sailor sneaker, which is fancied worn with or without socks, the new Paul Sperry series is Sperry marks formal entry of modern sneaker design construction. It introduces new materials with micro fibers sturdy enough for lengthy footwear, be it for casual or rugged running terrain.

But the difference lean heavy on Sperry’s unparalleled knitted make, which has never gone out of style for years, since its formal introdction in 1935, because anyone who bought Sperry CVO and boat shoes will tell you these particular sneakers will last for years. Paul Sperry lives up to that solid design, and this claim is backed by fans from way back the 1960s, and its never fails to make you always look good – be it for casual, trendy fashion, sailing and now for sports with breaking Paul Sperry series. 

Sperry designed a casual to sporty sneaker that is impressively protective of your normally worn out feet. It is like putting a bed underneath your foot, keeping foot thumping pressure minimal – even when running. It is the same footing characteristic you get to experience with the leather made Sperry boat shoes, and now made better with Paul Sperry series. 

Built for the inventive spirit, the fearless adventurer driven Filipino footing gets to choose from a variety of Paul Sperry sneakers lead by Flex Deck, which features a breathable material that keeps your foot cool, which is great for long walks, for sailing events that exposes foot in cold and dry places. The rubber design exerts in sea blue or plain stripe side white, two choice colors design extended from cover to flat sole. Foot grip settles with any surface, avoiding slips resulting from poor traction. 

Sperry The Sayel Clew, from the worded theme pay forward to women designed sneakers, introduces what brand calls rubber outsole for ideal traction, with a slip on construction – even without laces. It is the perfect on-the-go sneakers, and shoe’s knitted rubber and micro fiber would sell in variation of sea blue-green and grey pastel variants. Great for wet and dry environments, keeping your foot comfy protected, The Sayel Clew’s relaxed cotton make includes rubber outsole for ideally slip free traction.

Sayel’s Clew Oxford Washed, from the drawn name, is Sperry’s new washable sneaker variants selling in beautiful pastel orange, white and grey variants. Lace top design sticks with trendy classic Sperry look, which is fairly recognizble with Savel Away Hemp Canvas, another sporty sneaker variant that should par with millenial’s taste for practical foot wear. It is a friendly foot garb khaki pants or any beach wear mixing bright to light shirt colors.

Sayel Away Hemp Canvas is best worn with bare footing, like a pair of slippers only cloaked in fine running shoe materials. Women design includes rubber outsole for ideal traction, getting you that slip on contstruction for a relaxed foot fit. Canvass is washable, easily dries outdoors. Sneaker, which sells in all around laced white, brown, pink and bavy blue, cuts through painful skin to shoe friction when exposed to seawater. It keeps foot cloak cushioned despite the lengthy soaking wet sensation for some people with sweaty footing.    

Topping my choice is Paul Sperry’s The Flex Deck. Basic reason details with sneaker’s breathable mesh, which is like wearing breathable sports sando for your foot. Tailored outdoor walks design makes Flec Deck the best sneaker for environments mixing river/sea water and dust exposure. Flex Deck maintains foot grip even when wet. Sneaker would dry up easy without stressing enclosed foot. 

While it is not easy easy trading my choice for that brown, navy blue or green classic boat shoe sperry, the new Paul Sperry’s The Sojourn makes for a grand shift to other practical informal to formal sneaker wears made exclusively with Sperry. Lighter and equally sturdy as classic Sprry boat shoes made from leather, the Surjourn features full grain leather material with 360 degree skip lacing, with Eva midsole and rubber for outsole, mixing superior comfort and grip. It is best worn with or without socks and shoe is relatively water friendly, deflecting rain water like a rain coat would on soft contact. 

The Sojourn, which is the most elegant design in the Paul Sperry’s offiered series, presents a brighter fun sneaker classic colors navy red, grass green and grey flanel choices. It is an everyday sneaker Sperry designed to fit easy to any occassion, which whether you are wearing short or maong with long or short sleeves shirt or just plain cotton T-Shirt the Sojourn will speak to your character’s style with flying interest. It is not flashy, but it sure gets the public attention for anyone going out in style. 

Inspired after brand’s founder, the new Paul Sperry series “showcases updated version of the iconic boat shoe and CVO nseakers, releasing moderns designs that generally lighter while evoking edgier versatile look”. Sperry became the “IT sneakers” of its time, worn by personalities like the late American President John F. Kennedy, actors Paul Newman and Steve McQueen. Trend paved the way for a highly popular sneaker silhouette that remains a design inspiration for Sperry and other brand’s that followed.

Keeping up with Paul Sperry’s classic CVO design, which was originally intended for sailors in the military that eventually became a popular casual to sportswear shoe sneaker wear for Americans since the 1930s, the Paul Sperry line is releasing Sperry X Jaws sneaker series. Insired by the classic film film about a human devouring shark who attacks beach dwellers, Sprry executives said the classic Sperry CVO was reportedly worn by film’s crew and casts while filming in murky wet, dry and humid locations. 

Sperry X Jaws, which comes out with printed Jaws’ poster CVO, was presented publicly through a celebrirty beach styled poor party in one of the posh Forbes Park residences along McKinley. Among celebrity and Sperry fans who came included Axel Torres, Patrick Sugui, Kyle Vergara, Inigo Pascua, Louise de los Reyes, Sam Concepcion, Loisa Andalio, Maris Racal, Kelly Day, and Richard Juan. Modelling community showed up summer style included Brent Javier, Janna Tee, Gil Cuerva, Luis Hontiveros, Jessica and Sky Yang, Mark Agas, Kara Gozali, and Lou Munoz  

Design retains the CVO sperry, which was reportedly worn by cast and crew of the horror thriller Jaws, about a gigantic shark staking a bloody revenge on people in a commercial beach, which was being filmed in locations combining wet, dry and humid locations.

II Futura: Converse’s next All Star Chuck Taylor sneaker sensation

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I would be lying not telling you about this exciting development, a new sneaker specially coming off the All Star Chuck Taylor Converse line is emerging, and it is heading its way here sooner than you think.Revelation came fourth after the public launching of the New Spring-Summer 2016 Collection which depits the original “Skyfall” Artwork On Reflective Canvas for Converse. We have all the inputs trending from Converse and INSLASHOUT would like to share that with you fellow Converse sneaker fans…

First there was weatherized printed rubber; now there are new reflective street-ready graphics. Elevating the collaboration to the next level, Converse debuts its second Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II with American artist Futura. Featuring original artwork by the legendary Brooklyn-based artist, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II Futura “Skyfall” inspired collection takes the technological construction and comfort benefits of Chuck II even further with the addition of reflective materials, creating a sneaker that gets you seen. Designed for both function and fashion, the collection combines Futura’s iconic abstract art style with a weather-ready sneaker collection that’s built for the next generation of self-expression.

A pioneer in graffiti art, Futura’s work is synonymous with ingenuity, originality and the NYC downtown art scene of the early ’80s. His work over the last 30 years has transitioned from the street, to the subway, and today into galleries all around the world. 

This new pack includes artwork that is original to Futura, entitled “Skyfall,” a unique technique that creates two optical illusions: one, that the onlooker is viewing an expanse of tree or mountain tops, and the other, that looks as if the sky is falling. The new collection features all-over reflective body with the original Futura “Skyfall” artwork and Futura branded box packaging and shoe bag. 

Available in both hi-top and ox, the Chuck II Futura “Skyfall” inspired sneaker also has varnished midsoles and two-toned reflective laces.

The Spring-Summer 2016 Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II Futura “Skyfall” inspired collection is now already available in Converse stores for Php 5,990 (hi-cut ash grey) and Php 5, 510 (low-cut white reflective). 

For greater details about Converse and its evolving sneaker series, INSLASHOUT suggest paying a visit this website: and Two sites will give you more designs and style details.

What is Futura?

A pioneer when graffiti met contemporary art, Futura (American, b. 1955), alias of Leonard McGurr was known as early as the seventies for his radical approach in the street, introducing abstraction to an entirely letter-based discipline. His work caught the attention in the 1980s, and Futura (then Futura 2000) found himself part of a wider art movement that included the likes of Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring and Julian Schnabel. Entirely self-taught in what he calls “the subway school”, Futura has been compared to Kandinsky and Klee for his mastery of color, movement and line; and friends Basquiat, Kenny Scharf and Rammellzee for his progressiveness and of-the-moment relevance. 

Radical then, his methodology can now be viewed over a span of decades as something consummately pure. When compared to the many street artists who have come along since, Futura’s work still stands apart for its subtlety, use of white space, and elemental quality. The artist knows all that is needed – as it was at the beginning – are clouds of primary color, arresting movement, and skillful tricks with a spray can. Insight and proficiency have kept him relevant for 40+ years with no signs of slowing down, and successors have yet to match Futura’s impossibly thin aerosol lines. Futura can followed on instagram at @futuradosmil, or through I/AM: Iconoclast / Art and Artist Management (

GoSURF50: Asia Pacific’s Most Affordable Mobile Data Service 

Feeling left out because you have limited data access? That experience changes when you get to enjoy 1GB of data for only P50. Globe Telecom is giving you that option. Here is how it works.

The top selling mobile data promo of Globe Prepaid, GoSURF50 was upgraded with 1GB of mobile data allocation to further support customers’ digital lifestyle. In terms of mobile data pricing, GoSURF50 is now the 2nd most competitive offer across the Asia Pacific region at only P48.82 per GB in comparison to top prepaid telco offerings in the region including Brunei, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia. 
The promo offered at retail price of only P50, valid for 3 days, also includes unlimited texts to all networks as well as free access to Facebook. GoSURF50’s 1 GB of data gives customers 700 MB for surfing while the remaining 300 MB allocation allows access to the customer’s app of choice such as Snapchat, Viber, Spotify Basic, YouTube + Daily Motion, Clash Royale, or Clash of Clans.

With 700 MB of data, one can enjoy streaming YouTube videos for 200 minutes; 600 posts and 880 likes on Facebook; 200 posts on Twitter; 100 Instagram uploads; and about 500 push emails.

According to Globe Senior Vice President for Consumer Mobile Business Issa Cabreira, “With the upgraded GoSURF50, we continue to provide our customers affordable promos that give them the most value for their money. Value added services such as free access to select apps as well as bundling core services such as unlimited SMS also allow us to provide a richer mobile experience.”

Globe Prepaid customers can subscribe to the new GoSURF50 and choose their free content via *143#. To check remaining MBs just send GoSURF STATUS to 8888. Customers will be notified immediately upon consuming 100% of the MB allocation.
To know more about the new GoSURF50 visit For Globe Prepaid’s latest offers, visit


Cyber-threats: 91.1% of remotely available, targetting big  companies with industrial control systems – Kaspersky Lab

With more industries taking the wireless industrial highway for greater business network, INSLASHOUT makes it a habit to share cyber tech trends that may affect these evolving companies. We received one from Kaspersky Lab. Inslashout details with this report..

To minimize the possibility of a cyber-attack, Industrial Control Systems (ICS) are supposed to be run in a physically isolated environment. However this is not always the case. In its report on the ICS threats landscape, Kaspersky Lab experts revealed 13,698 ICS hosts exposed to the Internet that more than likely belong to large organizations.

These organizations include energy, transportation, aerospace, oil and gas, chemicals, automotive and manufacturing, food and drink, governmental, financial and medical institutions. 91.1% of these ICS hosts have vulnerabilities that can be exploited remotely.
But the worse is yet to come – 3.3% of ICS hosts located in these organizations contain critical and remotely executable vulnerabilities.  

Exposing ICS components to the Internet provides a lot of opportunities, but also many concerns around security. On the one hand, connected systems are more flexible in terms of a fast reaction to critical situations and implementation of updates. 

But on the other, the expansion of the Internet gives cybercriminals a chance to remotely control critical ICS components, which can result in physical harm to the equipment as well as potential danger to the whole critical infrastructure.   

Sophisticated attacks on ICS systems are not new. In 2015, an organized group of hackers called BlackEnergy APT attacked a power company in Ukraine. In the same year two more incidents, supposedly connected with cyber-attacks, were reported in Europe: on a steel mill in Germany and on the Frederic Chopin Airport in Warsaw.

More attacks of this kind will emerge in the future since the attack surface is big. Those 13,698 hosts, located in 104 countries are only a small part of the total number of hosts with ICS components available through the Internet.

To help organizations working with ICS to identify their possible weak points, Kaspersky Lab experts conducted an investigation into ICS threats. Their analysis was based on OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) and information from public sources like ICS CERT, with the research period limited to 2015.
The major findings of the Industrial Control Systems Threats Landscape report are:
In total, 188,019 hosts with ICS components available via the Internet have been identified in 170 countries.

Most of the remotely available hosts with ICS components installed are located in the United States of America (30.5% – 57,417) and Europe. In Europe, Germany has a leading position (13.9% – 26,142 hosts), followed by Spain (5.9% – 11,264 hosts), and France (5.6% – 10,578 hosts) and while 92% (172,982) of remotely available ICS hosts have vulnerabilities. 87% of these hosts contain medium risk vulnerabilities and 7% of them have critical vulnerabilities.

The number of vulnerabilities in ICS components has increased tenfold during the past five years: from 19 vulnerabilities in 2010 to 189 vulnerabilities in 2015. The most vulnerable ICS components were Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), Electric Devices and SCADA systems.

91.6% (172,338 different hosts) of all the externally available ICS devices use weak Internet connection protocols, which opens the opportunity for attackers to conduct ’man in the middle’ attacks.

“Our research shows that the larger the ICS infrastructure, the bigger the chance that it will have severe security holes. This is not the fault of a single software or hardware vendor. By its very nature, the ICS environment is a mix of different interconnected components, many of which are connected to the Internet and contain security issues. There is no 100% guarantee that a particular ICS installation won’t have at least one vulnerable component at any single moment in time. However, this doesn’t mean that there is no way to protect a factory, a power plant, or even a block in a smart city from cyber-attacks. Simple awareness of vulnerabilities in the components used inside a particular industrial facility is the basic requirement for security management of the facility. That was one of the goals behind our report: to bring awareness to interested audiences,” said Andrey Suvorov, Head of Critical Infrastructure Protection, Kaspersky Lab.

In order to protect the ICS environment from possible cyber-attacks, Kaspersky Lab security experts advise the following:

a.) Conduct a security audit: inviting experts who specialize in industrial security is probably the quickest way to identify and remove the security loopholes described in the report.

b.) Request external intelligence: today IT security relies on knowledge of potential attack vectors. Obtaining such intelligence from reputable vendors helps organizations to predict future attacks on the company’s industrial infrastructure. 

c.)Provide protection inside and outside the perimeter. Mistakes happen. A proper security strategy has to devote significant resources to attack detection and response, to block an attack before it reaches critically important objects.

d.)Evaluate advanced methods of protection: A Default Deny scenario for SCADA systems, regular integrity checks for controllers, and specialized network monitoring to increase the overall security of a company and reduce the chances of a successful breach, even if some inherently vulnerable nodes cannot be patched or removed.  
Read the full report on Industrial Control Systems Threat Landscape at