Skinhead role does it for Daniel Radcliffe

Review: Imperium (Crime Thriller)

Cast: Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Toni Colette (Sixth Sense)

Director: Daniel Ragussis

Daniel Radcliffe has come a long way from his Harry Potter days! The English actor has been working role time to get off his Potter signature character role. Imperium, a crime thriller about an undercover FBI agent who successfully infiltrated this secretly detailing white supremacy organization in the US, is the latest of Radcliffe’s many alternative screen roles. It is not a bad thing taking, but Radcliffe’s eternally short and boyish personality does little to get him off that silly Hogwart character. Imperium’s thematic crime storyline, with the boyish Potter reaping scene time in between action takes, was helpful catapulting Radcliffe to crafting undercover agent role. Radcliffe is a character actor by trade, taking roles that may be hard taking for anyone who has invested time watching the entire Harry Potter movies. Imperium is a major Hollywood film banking on Radcliffe’s screen billing. 

Daniel’s shaved his hair to actually look up to role’s thuggish white supremacist personality. It is a straight forward character transition that included trimming off Radcliffe’s charming British speaking accent. Imperium’s undercover agent premise is based on a true story. It is a difficult project taking for any aspiring thespian looking out for ways to reinvent a screen name left hanging with a pop boy witch. 

While Radcliffe did fit FBI undercover role the English actor lack the energy to really bring on a grand experience worthy of a moving action picture weekend thrill. Imperium is a strong Oscar material fitting not of a charming boy witch, but of a strong persona capable of swining a two sided role aiming for greater screen critic attention to shine. Daniel Radcliffe is a fine actor but the British thespian needs to work more on getting out of his boyish cell to make pure sense of more stricter adult roles tailored for a box office Hollywood spin worldwide.

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