RedFox re-brands with new logo, affordble high-end products for wireless millennials

by Edsel Thadeus O. Lorete / /

RedFox International Ltd formally rebranded with a new business logo, expanding its growing international reach to a younger market seeking their success through the digital world wide web. It is the adapted playing tech theme “Luxury Within Reach”, explaining brand”s noted expasion to bigger and better faster wireless quality computing gadgets targeted for mass and high end market deployment. 

 Retaining the red fox, the new logo has been simplified, making it more youthful for tech market. Boasting a “solid performance and experience” originally for mainstream tech markets seeking alternative to pricier computer and softwarer tech brands, RedFox started as a PC production brand that eventually branched out to a company providing end-to-end solutions and product manufacturer. 

Philippine tech market refer to RedFox expanding product line’s competitively mass designed pricing, allowing business and including gaming brands to expand under a limited budget reach. With a branding new logo in place, RedFox will venture into other exciting products detailing from smartphones, laptops and gaming PCs. Innovations will include developing new products targeted for education and government. RedFox has already in sub-companies that would sustain its bold product and software development venture. 

These companies, which includes networking offices in Schenzen in China, Hong Kong and Cavite, will focus RedFox’s objective into research and development. Asiantech, another company under RedFox’s business umbrella, shall focus on distribution, logistic and warehousing. RedFox has opened two concept stores targetting retailers at the SM North and SM Marikina shopping malls. With new products coming off under RedFox’s international branding, the company is building a global RMA and service center to compliment the needs of consumers looking for legitimate consumer to retail tech services under brand’s management and control. 

RedFox hinted international business to product expansion to cutting edge technologies shall include a UXperience for Southeast Asia. Store, with RedFox’s stand to offer consumers original products manufactured under tech brand, will offer E-Blue supported interactive eSports and learning centers. 

Designed for experiental development, RedFox’s UXperience hub is expected to expand brand’s international network reaching out to millenials taking their social time, business ventures wirelessly. RedFox said its re-branding is intended to bring change in its efforts developing innovations for smart devices, gaming PCs and laptops for the Philippine and RedFox’s branching international tech market.     

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