D-LinK launches latest IT networking devices

by Edsel Lorete/ http://inslashout.wordpress.com / http://inslashout.blog.com
Tech brand D-Link is making positive impressions with its latest line of end-to-end business networking IT products. Highly regarded for its industry tested innovative networking solutions for specific business needs for switches, wireless network, security, surveillance, storage and management, D-Link levelled up once with newest SMB intended DGS-1100 series available in 8 and 24 port version. 

Highlight includes switch solution and wireless access point products like the DXS-1210-10TS, a powerful 10-Gigabit Ethernet Smart Managed switch that ensures high performance for business of all sizes and needs. It is designed for business heavy on networking to enjoy smooth virtualization and server-to-server applications. 

“When speed is crucial to huge business data transmission, a 10-Gigabit solution is the best answer to keep business smooth sailing,” said Rishi Samadhia, Business Product Marketing Director for D-Link International Pte Ltd. “D-Link 10-Gigabit Ethernet Smart switches are easy to manage and install for businesses to increase their network bandwidth without resulting to network overhaul. Product boost with intelligent features that enables automation of traffic prioritization, bandwidth management, and easy resolution of network issues,” Samadhia added. 

In time for the expected business network holiday digital rush, D-Link did time introducing unified service routers to wireless controllers. It is design specific for office branches, campuses and business looking for easy-to-use wireless network that is easy on budgetting pocket. Hyping these sought after rhouters includes two affordable D-Link surveillance cameras, the DCS-6113 Full H PoE Day/Night fixed dome network camera and DCS-4701E HD outdoor mini bullet camera. Either camera feature Full HD camera specifications. 

It is a practical choice for security needing higher video resolutions for things facial recognition, zoom monitoring footage. D-Link designed cameras for lengthy footage coverage that can network viewed from any wireless devices hooked to camera. D-Link SMB networking wireless devices aims to improve internet and networking converags for business and security testing needs, particularly in Metro Manila where there is high incidence of business related criminal activities reported daily to authorities. 
What is D-Link?

D-Link is a worldwide leader and award winning designer, developer, and manufacturer of networking, wireless, broadband, digital electronics, and voice and data communications products intended for Small Office/Home Office (SOHO), Small to Medium Business (SMB) and Workgroup to Enterprise encvironments.

Smoke out of anonymity

Film Review: The Mechanic: Resurrection

Cast: Jason Statham, Jessica Alba, Michelle Yeoh and Tommy Lee Jones

Director:  Simon West

Action follows Jason Statham is the internationall filmed action sequel to The Mechanic. It is a designated crown Statham lives up with blockbuster precision, which the English actor enjoys each time a new film surfaces billing his name. The Mechanic: Resurrection is one of such action genre tailing out for Stathem. It is action packed, and it is mean to be enjoyed for this 007 styling kickass entertainment blockbuster. In the last sequel, Statham’s shadowy killer-for-hire character sailed out of his dangeourly cruising career. He stepped out of the shadows, living a quaint life in flamboyant Rio, Brazil. It is a short break for Statham, not until a former employer manages to find The Mechanic for what appears to be a suicide mission. How that came about, for a staging action character coming afloat, is merely James Bond frenzy biling from any viewing side. What makes dramatic interest is Statham leaing this amazingly expensive action thriller shot in Brazil, Thailand, Malaysia and Australia. It enough telling you are in for a loud joy ride watching The Mechanic: Resurrection. Forcibly drawn out of hiding, and you can silly guess what made Statham take bait, The Mechanic is tasked to murder a bunch of career criminals in different global locations. The Mechanic is the best candidate for this killing affair until realizing the main bait off his shoulders may offer a way out of this cooking spectacle. Jessica Alba joins Statham for this killer rampage. It is not a bad thing, not when that spectacle would naturally kick on a fram or two with character actor Tommy Lee Jones. It is a necessary character drill that works its phasing time Statham mostly, with Alba settling for a high paying sexy chic role. Statham and Alba have chemistry subtly explored for The Mechanic’s more 007 plowing storyline. Statham carry that reduntdant spy to killer profiling with less dialogues normally silly gunning out for action time. It is what makes The Mechanic: Resurrection sensibly more watchable, enjoying more the action without the blood and gore for astounding screen effect. The Mechanic: Resurrection is a grand weekend action movie for the family. Statham is a work of art staking out his martial arts techniques rendered with solid precision. It is a familiar action genre statement that pay billing for Statham’s relatively avenging character screen roles. The Mechanics: Resurrection is best watched on the big screen, preferably the 3D IMAX Theater near your place! Must see!

Biggest Digital Walker Sale: Up Next! 

Big Tech Sale: Digital Walker *
Digital Walker welcomes all gadget and tech enthusiasts at the SM Megamall Trade from sept 30 to oct 2 for their very first Chrisymas Comes Early Sale. With discounts up to 90 percent, it is definitely an early Holiday treat for the tech crazy fans out there

Tech brands participating for this one of a kind tech sale includes Fitbit, Belkin, Coloud, Marshall, Crumpler and many more. The three day event entails a special raffle draw for lucky buyers with a minimum P3000 purchase. Prizes at stake includes an iPad Mini 4, iPhone 6s, or a Marshall Woburn amplifier. 

There will also be giveaways for sale participants.

Digital Walker carries the widest selection. of consumer tech products ranging from smartphones, tablets, cameras, cases, speakers, headphones, earphones and many more. 

For detailed more information about sale, just follow the digital walkern on Facebooko, Instagram or twitter @digitalwalkerph
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Acer Aspire S7: World’s Thinnest Notebook 

In Preview: Acer Aspire S7 * 

Acer once again leads the notebook industry with its new Aspire S series notebook. Proven with its elite innovation, the new Acer Aspire “S” Series is a model tech gadget that exudes elegance and technological revolution.The new Acer S Series boasts its three main models: the S3, S5 and the thinnest laptop in the world, the Acer Aspire S7. With a 9.98mm ultra-thin form factor and 1.125 kg with a 4-cell battery pack that can have a battery life of 9 hours and a 256GB SSD, the new Acer Aspire S7 is one laptop that’s built for the hardworking class.

With an all-metal chassis, the thinnest laptop in the world is supported with a dual-channel 8GB of on board LPDDR3 SDRAM that has the ability to transfer data twice as much faster than the previous models and consumes very low power and produces less heat.  

The 7th generation Intel® Core™ i5-7Y54 processor is the main chipset of the Acer Aspire S7 with an Intel® HD Graphics 615 on a 13.3″ display with IPS technology, Full HD 1920 x 1080, high-brightness Acer CineCrystal™ LED-backlit TFT LCD that can give flawless graphics and provide better resolution for screen viewing.

An HD webcam with 1280 x 720 resolution, 720p HD audio/video recording and High dynamic range imaging (HDR) is built in to make video conferencing for professionals easier, faster and more reliable for business. Most importantly, ultra-fast wireless technology is featured. An 802.11ac wireless LAN with a 2×2 MU-MIMO technology can provide seamless connection on the web and with a Bluetooth® 4.0, wireless connectivity to accessories will be hassle-free. The USB Type-C port, supports DisplayPort™ over USB-C™ and DC-in is a revolution for a unified electric connectivity and USB technology.

The Acer Aspire S7 is backed up with the latest Microsoft operating system, the Windows 10 Home in a 64-bit based processor to enjoy the advantages of 64-bit processing and the ultimate performance of 4 GB or higher memory.

The other Acer S Series: S3 and S5 are Acer’s top of the line quality laptops that offer a wider range of specifications designed for the heavier applications. Both series have an Intel® Core™ processor and an Intel® HD Graphics 520, supporting OpenGL® 4.4, OpenCLTM 2.0, Microsoft® DirectX® 12. Both have also the capacity to support up to 512GB of data for its solid-state drive (SSD). In addition from the top-of-the-line ultra-fast connectivity of the Acer Aspire S Series, S3 and S5 also features a gigabit ethernet, Wake-on-LAN ready and a higher battery life of a maximum of 12 hours. 

The Acer Aspire S series is also aligned with the #Aspire campaign where it aims to aid the hardworking Filipinos who aspire and improve their lives personally and professionally. Under this campaign, two of the most influential people in career development and business have been chosen to be #Aspire brand ambassadors, Francis Kong and Megan Young.

An inspirational figure, Francis Kong is no stranger to failures turned success. Being one of the recipients for the 2014 The Outstanding Filipino (TOFIL) Awards, Francis Kong, an entrepreneur by profession, is a business consultant and a personal coach for level up leadership most especially in the business area. 

As an #Aspire brand ambassador, he will share his ideas and pointers on how to improve your career and how to be on top of your game. Megan Young on the other hand will be the “heart” of the #Aspire campaign. The 2013 Miss World beauty has more to show than her personal looks. She will share her thoughts on “who motivates you” and will provide insights on how to be selfless while being dauntless in your career.

To know more about the S series notebooks of Acer Philippines, go to http://www.acer.com.ph, follow Acer via Twitter (twitter.com/acerphils) or http://www.Facebook.com/AcerPH. 
What is Acer?

Established in 1976, Acer is a hardware + software + services company dedicated to the research, design, marketing, sale, and support of innovative products that enhance people’s lives. Acer’s product offerings include PCs, displays, projectors, servers, tablets, smartphones and wearables. 

It is also developing cloud solutions to bring together the Internet of Things. Acer is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2016 and is one of the world’s top 5 PC companies. It employs 7,000 people worldwide and has a presence in over 160 countries. Please visit http://www.acer.com for more information.

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Haier prioneer first range of digibox free TV

by Edsel O. Lorete/ http://inslashout.wordpress.com / http://inslashout.blog.com

The next generation of digital flat TVs will be wireless, and Haier said their latest TV technology can broadcast without a digibox. Let us find out more with this article straight from Haier’s turf…

In three to five years, Philippine television is expected to shift from analog broadcast to digital, said the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) last May. The shift promises consistently clear audio-visual quality no matter the distance from the station, on top of having more channels to watch from local networks.
The transition does come with a catch: homes will need to upgrade their analog TV setups. This is currently being satisfied by “digi-boxes,” or external digital tuners, offered by cable providers to subscribers.

For households that are only after local programs, having to pay for an external digital tuner along with cable subscription might be too much for a limited budget. Fortunately, TVs are now being designed to address that possible problem.

“Advances in TV broadcasting shouldn’t become an inconvenience to the average Filipino family,” Haier’s Director of Product Planning for TV and PC Joseph Bandol said. “That is true especially when it comes to the cost. Television is meant to be enjoyed, not cause worry.”

Haier responds to the upcoming transition with the introduction of digital TVs. Designed with a built-in ISDB-T-compliant digital tuner, these new sets not only make the shift less of a hassle, they also come with features for fully immersive entertainment the whole family can enjoy.

Crisp, crystal-clear reception

Unlike their analog counterparts, digital TVs receive signals without degradation or interruption. This means that viewers get to fully enjoy channels that offer shows in high definition with Dolby Digital audio.


To add to image quality, Haier digital TVs are designed with in-plane switching (IPS) panels for the LCD screen along with the latest in picture enhancing technologies. The sleek, two-tone design and metallic strip detail further create a polished, classy look without the high price.


Haier also adds a “Timeshift” feature for those who want to record shows either in real-time or by schedule. This lets families avoid rushing home to catch their favorite programs, with the benefit of getting to watch together for that much-needed quality time.
 “Ultimately, Filipinos look forward to quality family time at the end of the day, which is usually spent in front of the TV after dinner,” Bandol added. “This makes the viewing experience important. With a TV that delivers great image and sound quality, families can fully appreciate the rare moments they spend together.”


Haier currently offers two digital TV lines: the B8500 series and the K5000 Smart digital series. Available in 32-, 40-, 50-, and 55-inch screen sizes, the K5000 has a YouTube TV feature for browsing online videos, as well as a Smart Share function that enables users to connect their smartphones to the TV and play media.
 All Haier digital TVs come with a two-year warranty on parts and labor.
About Haier Philippines

As a global leader in home appliance products and services, Haier puts importance on innovating and creating first-class products that go beyond customer expectations. Haier is about inspiring Filipino families to live life on a higher standard through its energy-efficient, user-friendly, and environmentally conscious home appliances. For more information, visit the website <http://www.haier.com/ph/&gt; or connect on Facebook <http://www.facebook.com/Haier.Philippines&gt;.

Power Mac Center Sync Sessions 2016: Workshops, indie artists set to play 

Power Mac Center sets the stage for the return of its extraordinary musical fete Sync Sessions, with the introduction of Masterclass sessions by OPM legends and technical trainings on music production apps. Completing the experience are in-store live performances from homegrown independent acts. *

Sync Sessions is an audio experience that showcases the power of apps, accessories, and Apple devices in music-making. This year, it will additionally feature intense workshops from music legends including no less than “Mr. Pure Energy” Gary Valenciano on September 27. This will be followed by Urbandub’s Gabby Alipe on October 1 and Raimund Marasigan on October 16. All Masterclass sessions will be held at Power Mac Center Greenbelt 3 from 1-4 PM.

“This year’s Power Mac Center Sync Sessions aims to encourage more artists to experiment on music production–be it for songs, sound effects, movies, or home videos. We hope that by providing the technical knowhow through our brand ambassadors and invited experts, we’ll be able to spark greater interest in the use of Apple technology in creating music,” said Power Mac Center Marketing Director Joey Alvarez.
The Masterclass sessions will be supported by Logic Pro X training for beginners, to be conducted by Ms. Teresa Barrozo, Music professor at De La Salle – College of St. Benilde. There are three schedules available: September 25 and October 9 at Power Mac Center SM Aura, and October 23 at Power Mac Center The Annex at SM North EDSA (1-4 PM). These are free of charge and interested participants are asked to register at <tinyurl.com/SyncSessions2016>.

Following the past two successful editions of Sync Sessions, this year will continue to celebrate Filipino talent by showcasing the musical prowess of homegrown independent artists. The in-store mini-concerts will be set in motion by ambient synth-pop singer-songwriter BP Valenzuela, who has been producing music with machines and her laptop since she was 12. Catch her at Power Mac Center TriNoma on September 24.
The six-piece indie folk/rock band The Ransom Collective will make feet stomp to their folk pop beats at Power Mac Center SM Megamall on October 8. Meanwhile, producer and beatmaker CRWN performs with Jess Connelly on October 22 at Power Mac Center Power Plant Mall. All in-store performances are open to the public and start at 4 PM.
Don’t miss the chance to learn from the pros and watch the artists showcase their one-of-a-kind live performances only at Power Mac Center’s Sync Sessions. More information may be obtained from Power Mac Center’s 26 branches, at the website <www.powermaccenter.com>, or on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Snapchat (@powermaccenter).

About Power Mac Center

Power Mac Center is a recognized Apple Premium Reseller, Authorized Education Reseller, Apple Authorized Training Center, and Apple Authorized Service Provider in the Philippines. Power Mac Center has become a reliable retail shop and service provider of Apple products to the Filipino consumer. Powwer Mac Center has grown to 26 branches, with stores located in Greenbelt 3, Glorietta 5, The Annex at SM City North EDSA, SM City Fairview, TriNoma, Robinsons Magnolia, SM Megamall, The Podium, SM Mall of Asia, SM Aura Premier, Festival Supermall, Cash and Carry Mall, Abreeza Mall, SM Lanang Premier, SM City Marikina, Power Plant Mall, SM City BF Parañaque, Harbor Point, SM City Southmall, SM City Pampanga, SM City Bacoor, SM City Lipa, SM City Santa Rosa, SM City Batangas, SM City Dasmariñas and Circuit Makati.
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Pillars 5: Business for Life

by Edsel Lorete / http://inslashout.wordpress.com / http://inslashout.blog.com

Aging is a normal process every human being must face with each passing year. It is that part of living where degenerative health related diseases like Diabetes, Pulmonary disease and cardio vascular illness becomes a reality with age. Pillar 5, a legitimate networking business organization that sells top quality hebal based products produced locally and Taiwan, wants to change that health perspective for Filipinos as they gracefully age. 

“You can live a healthy life while aging. It is one of the things Pillar 5 strives to impart to Filipinos when they get to try out health products,” said TV actor and Pillar 5 executive Jaime Fabregas. 

Pillar 5 started with enzymes, natural food supplements naturally extracted from 40 fruits and herbs through the process of fermentation. Enzymes are made up of live organisms that could be naturally added to regular food. Live enzymes, which is naturally activated with water, provides the human body the vitamins and md minerals sourced naturally. 

“It has no chemical additives. It gives you all the needed energy boosting element your body needs to get through life naturally,” said Fabregas, who has been taking Life Enzyme for ten years. “Enzymes bring life to your worn out system, your body naturally. You feel the energy affecting your body’s system.” 

Fabregas said enzymes keeps your body fit where it is needed. “It pushes your body to produces natural anti-bodies that combats all kinds of diseases affecting people as they age.” Life Enzyme is an enzyme by function. 

“It enhances body matabolism” that makes you see, hear, brath, feel, walk and talk better. Digestion benefits from live enzymes, breaking down protein, carbohydrates, and fats the body absorbs for different body functions. “Enymes comes from raw food. You have heard of cancer patients taking enzymes directly from raw liver. It is the same process only live enzymes are naturally sourced from a number of healthy fruits and herbs,” explained Fabregas. 

Eating cooked food, which is literally enzyme free, pushes body organs to produce more digestive enzymes. It causes body to produce less of so called metabolic enzymes that weakens the immune system. Live enzymes, which strengthens cells to detoxify, rebuild, restore and repair body, can prevent degenerative diseases. 

“Enzymes promotes proper and complete digestion, regulate bowel movement, increase energy, supports immune system and while slowing down the aging process. You can live more to enjoy life like you were young again,” said Fabregas. 

Pillar 5, ever since organization began introducing live enzymes, have started introducing other health leaning products. Nutrishuz provides grass wheat soluble drinks. “It is healthy fiber that aides in digestion. It is made of natural ingredients that tastes better too.” Nutrishuz, apart from its dominant wheat grass, is mixed with moringa, barley grass, calamansi, brocolo sprouts, chlorella, spirulina and green tea. It cleanses your digestive system of impurities from food consumed throughout the years. Pillar 5 is marketing pure Moroccan Argan oil. 

Extracted from the kernels of the Argan tree, Argan oil can work as a skin and hair moisturizer. It is a known topical ointment that can cure dry skin, remove acne and while some use it as a lip moisturizer. Theraphy essential oils is the latest addition to Pillar 5 health products. Tender Loving Care (TLC) is an essential oil, which is effective in relieving migraines, motion sickness and for massage theraphy, made of a variety of herbal extracts. 

Product line includes the rare pilinut tree extract elemi oil mixed with frankincense, calamansi, mandarin, eucalyptus, spearmint and grapeseed oils. Therapeutic effect is solicited when oil is applied and rubbed between your palm’s skin. Oil extracts includes certain chemical compounds called terpenese or hydrocarbons, herbal based elements whose biological activities can affect mood and emotion. Essential oils contain antiseptic properties that protects skin against infectious bacterias.  

For detailed information about Pillar 5 and brand’s expanding healthy product line, Inslashout suggest visiting the Pillar 5 main office at #407 West Tektite Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Building, Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines. You can also call Pillar 5 at the following numbers: 635-65-66/ 09175798523 and 09984705764. For those on-line, check out Pillar 5 website: http://www.pillar5.com&nbsp;