Smoke out of anonymity

Film Review: The Mechanic: Resurrection

Cast: Jason Statham, Jessica Alba, Michelle Yeoh and Tommy Lee Jones

Director:  Simon West

Action follows Jason Statham is the internationall filmed action sequel to The Mechanic. It is a designated crown Statham lives up with blockbuster precision, which the English actor enjoys each time a new film surfaces billing his name. The Mechanic: Resurrection is one of such action genre tailing out for Stathem. It is action packed, and it is mean to be enjoyed for this 007 styling kickass entertainment blockbuster. In the last sequel, Statham’s shadowy killer-for-hire character sailed out of his dangeourly cruising career. He stepped out of the shadows, living a quaint life in flamboyant Rio, Brazil. It is a short break for Statham, not until a former employer manages to find The Mechanic for what appears to be a suicide mission. How that came about, for a staging action character coming afloat, is merely James Bond frenzy biling from any viewing side. What makes dramatic interest is Statham leaing this amazingly expensive action thriller shot in Brazil, Thailand, Malaysia and Australia. It enough telling you are in for a loud joy ride watching The Mechanic: Resurrection. Forcibly drawn out of hiding, and you can silly guess what made Statham take bait, The Mechanic is tasked to murder a bunch of career criminals in different global locations. The Mechanic is the best candidate for this killing affair until realizing the main bait off his shoulders may offer a way out of this cooking spectacle. Jessica Alba joins Statham for this killer rampage. It is not a bad thing, not when that spectacle would naturally kick on a fram or two with character actor Tommy Lee Jones. It is a necessary character drill that works its phasing time Statham mostly, with Alba settling for a high paying sexy chic role. Statham and Alba have chemistry subtly explored for The Mechanic’s more 007 plowing storyline. Statham carry that reduntdant spy to killer profiling with less dialogues normally silly gunning out for action time. It is what makes The Mechanic: Resurrection sensibly more watchable, enjoying more the action without the blood and gore for astounding screen effect. The Mechanic: Resurrection is a grand weekend action movie for the family. Statham is a work of art staking out his martial arts techniques rendered with solid precision. It is a familiar action genre statement that pay billing for Statham’s relatively avenging character screen roles. The Mechanics: Resurrection is best watched on the big screen, preferably the 3D IMAX Theater near your place! Must see!

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