Music on the run (Part Two)

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The famed 5k run and music festival The Music Run is back for a bigger ampup, with more runners joining while enjoying running while music tripping on everyone’s favorite hit music playing on 120 concert-quality speakers.

Partnering with music streaming app Spotify, with the music and running festival hitting the Mckinley West in Taguig City on December 4, 2016, organizeer Philam Vitality brings the original running party for the second time.

“We want to send a strong message that being healthy can also be fun and engaging,” said Ms. Kate Kajucon, Deputy Head for Philam Vitality.

Philam Vitality said The Music run’s design, the first of its kind in the Philippines, is a fullscale wellness program where mebers get rewarded for making healthy choices. The objective, in as far as Philam Vitality is concerned, is to transform the lives of Filipinos by helping them live longer, healthier, and have better lives.

The Music Run started in Asia and expanded throughput the region before crossing over to Europe and US over the last two years. The combined music and running public activity, popularly participated by families and athletes, became a hit for its winning formula that combines music with fitness craze into ultimate running and music festival. 

The five kilometer set run will have in design five music themed zones playing pop, rock, old school, hip hop and dance. Utilyzing the famed music streaming app Spotify Music on, participants can vote up to five songs per playlist building up the official soundtrack for each derived zone. 

With hot Australian radio house DJ Sam Winters spinning music for event, joining muwic runne ra can choose to join the standrd pack for P850 and the rock star pack for P1,400. Fun music run registration is currently being accepted. CHildren aged below five yers old cn join fun run.

Late registration will have a different fee you can look up from the official Philam Vitality The Music Run site on-line. Registered participants can get their event packs at Glorrietta 5 in Makati starting November 26 to 28. The first The Music Run events was held in Kuala Lumpur, Mlayasia in 2014.

Affleck’s more serious acting stake

Film Review: The Accountant (action/drama)
Cast: Ben Affleck, John Bernthal, JK Simmons, John Lithgow, Anna Kendrick, Jeffrey Tambor

Director: Gavin O’ Connor

What do you get when you have Hollywood A-Listers like Ben Affleck in your film’s billing? If Woody Allen would have it shooting a pounding action film, he would call out to thicken the plot. The Accountant, which features Ben Affleck playing this autistic accountant with counter operation military skills, managed to corner a sophisticated action thriller storyline thick enough to fancy your weekend movie flare for a well thought out action drma. Affleck details with The Accountant’s plotting complexity, painting a smarter take of the normal cuthroat covert military feature storyline we have relentlessly seen crowning many of Sylvester Stallone, Jean Claude Van Damme, Chuck Norris or recently Jason Statham’s blockbuster trailing movies. The Accountant is a Ben Affleck character movie. It serves to push out Affleck’s sensibility to more dramatic roles aiming for Oscar nomination attention. It is a formulaic storyline actors like Tom Cruise daringly take to push up their billing envelope for years. Affleck has already received praises from the Academy jurors for his filmmking talent. His acting methodoly has yet to make a leap playing the new Batman, a behviorally controlled killer for The Accountant. The film sweetly streams with the typically dragging role introduction. Toned character phasing is momentary when The Accountant gets subjected to government scrutiny. It brings Affleck’s cooling character to hard play with another burning character sheltering on a familair path as The Accountant’s equally shady past. Affleck is a natural playing the controlling autistic military trained role burning sweet honey for some holed up mystery typical of Curtis Hanson’s film L.A. Confidential. Affleck is eagerly playing into The Accountant’s role most of the time. It is a reeling makeover plotting for action-drama that sets tone for Affleck’s more serious drive into more complex theatric roles that has yet to pan with the creative American actor’s foray into critical filmmking. The Accountant is a thrilling action drama that looks into the supposedly untested skills applied of autistic individuals The Accountant warmly suggest can possibly do more than what the average critical thinkers poised for heavy multitasking. It is an intriguing character concept Ben Affleck delivered with theatric role intensity, keeping you qt the edge of your seats.

Fit for Marvel comic role

Review: Marvel’s Dr. Strange (action/ fantasy)

Cast: Benedict Cumberbatch, Rachel Mcadams, Tilda Swinton, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Mads Mikkelsen

Director: Scott Derrickson
Benedict Cumberbatch is no stranger to difficult roles, including comic characters. Cumberbatch is a solid theatric role player that has given birth to another iconic Marvel comic character Dr. Strange. It is the first digital film feature version of Dr. Strange, and it is sensibly fimed in ways comic fans would have in mind. Having said that, and i really do mind repeating what I have favorably endured, should tell you are in for a smashing joyride with Dr.Strange. Storyline, with Cumberbatch’s all British Tv series humor, picks up where most action comic figure stories wound up staging from a catastrophic experience. In Dr. Strange’s case, and yes this Marvel character is a real doctor, Cumberbach’s was able to bring on the eccentric shadowy Buddhist sorcerer drape in a red cape which has a mind of its own. Viewers will have no difficulty liking Dr. Strange. He is bluntly eccentric from all sides, but darkly spotty. It is that mystery element that emanates strongly on Cumberbach’s detailing character drive. It is a complex formulation for Dr. Strange Marvel made real with greater character drive. I had doubts picturing Benedict into a Marvel character, let alone Dr. Strange. Perception is short lived the second Cumberbach took on the legendary time bending and mythically flying sorcerer Dr. Strange. Film notoriously picks up from where Dr. Strange fans would have it trailing a fallen surgeon out to become a hero. Tilda Swinton, playing Dr. Strange’s mystical Buddhist mentor, was a natural taking the bald headed female monk who finds solace in Dr. Strange’s baking leadership qualities. Each scene with Swinton and Cumberbatch, if you have followed either chrqcter stge actor’s past works, is a worthwhile watch gaining momentum with each passing global threat. Cumberbach, despite the actor’s bubbling antics, wisely syncs into Dr. Strange’s worlds in ways he was able to get through that villainous Star Trek character. Dr. Strange is an action character driven comic thriller that transcends from the actual visually TV animated expectations fans may have of the famed Marvel comic hero. Dr. Strange details where the white streak haired super hero may have originated, where his angst came into play with Dr. Strange’s cynical personality. It is a game changing process for Cumberbatch leading up from villain to full hero stardom. It is what makes Dr. Strange forwardly appealing transforming from human to mystic comic sorcerer out to heal a wounded and searching soul while saving the world from a dark force that would find Strange working eventully with The Avengers. Dr. Strange, like most Marvel comic characters heading film feature mode, is one the most exciting comic chrcter filmed 

Ultimate protective casing for your iPhone

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Looking for a certified casing for your next iPhone 7? You are not alone. Inslashout’s search stops with Catalyst, a casing cover that mnufcturers specified security cover s for Apple’s iPhone 6, 6 Plus and new iPhone 7. “Catalysts is a premium lifestyle accessories brand tht cretes innovtive consumer products to enable people to explore and share their world,” said inventor Josh Wright. 

Designed for rough and challenging outdoor adventures the award design team lead by Josh Wright, who is business partner for Catalyst, went out to deisgn and develop exclusively an iPhone case tht would protect the smrtphone for many outdoor nd underwater adventures. Brand’s 20111 kickstarter launch introduced the highest performance line of everyday phone caes, including accessories and sleeves feturing their own proprietory technology. For its Manila launch, Catalysts introduced a fully functional waterproof case for the Apple watch rated to 5 atm.

 “Each unit is fctory tested waterproof to a pressure equivlent to. Depth of 165 feet”, making it the perfect diving cover for your smartwatch.

 Watercasing is available in stealth blck, green pop and recue ranger variants. ipad case designed by Catalyst, also 100 percent waterproof tested, are surrounded with special grippy rubber for protection against accidental bumps or even drops. It comes with integrted touch screen film that makes it easy screen navigting screen and touch ID. Protection design includes Catalyst’s true sound acoustic to mximize sound, easy port access and minimliast looks. Protective cases includes sizes for iPad Pro and iPad Mini 4. 

Casing for the iPhone 6 and 6s, which is still a favorite iphone consumer pick despite the iPhone 7’s availability, derives with same Catalysts water and bump prtection design. It protects phone from any corner, including the normally glass smashing flat drop impact. Peotective covers are widely availble in black and space grey, white and mint gray, rescue ranger and green pop variants. 

Catalyst’s cover design does overshadow the iphone thin, flat and lighter design. Apple fans have made a following of Catalysts over the years because of its advancing phone casing fetureas like thw non-slip rubber, signature rotting crown dial, ease of instllation/ rwmoval and lanyard make it the perfect cae for everyday use nd for wild water and ground sports. 

More shopping perks with SM-Vivo holiday pact

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Expect great holiday perks the next time you go out shopping. Growing mobile gdget brand Vivo and SM Supermalls hve temed up to kick off the holidy season on every SM Mall in the Philippines. VIvo, knowing the Filipino’s pencchant of celebrating erly Christmas, with SM as official partner, will give more shoppers more reqson to give shoppers to enjoy more ech time they visit SM. Designed the enhanced the holiday mll experience, particularly for family shoppers, Vivo gets to be pRt of SM’s festive Christmas themed displAys. 

Partnership, for those shopping for high value gadgets affordble to consumer budget, will include fun booth promos tht includes a slefie contest with who else but Santa Clause himself in selected SM malls. Participants can join contest simply by posting photos taken with Santa on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter using the official contest hashtag #VivoSanta Selfie. “It is our (Vivo) way of helping mallgoers get a more enjoyable during e holiday seson, providing shoppers with avenues to get everything they need for their gift shopping list,” said Vivo Brand Director Ms. Ana Lim. 

Vivo is giving out for selfie contest prize 20 Vivo smartphones for Christmas. Feative holiday shopping event will give out exclusive shopping deals and feebies with every purchase of Vivo’s sought after devices lead by the Vivo V3 Max, Vivo V3, Vivo Y52 and the recently launched selfie smartphone Vivo Y55. “SM’s partnereship with Vivo in the Cybermotnth celebration has shown strong success and interest among mall goers. 

We are optimistic this holiday partnership will provide more meaningful celebration this year,” said SM Corporation Executive Jonjon San Agustein.

Change of heart for justice reeling Jack Reacher

In Review: Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (Action/Thriller)

Cast: Tom Cruise, Cobie Smulders, Danika Yarosh, and Aldis Hodge

Director: Edward Zwick

Fans of Jack Reacher, the mysterious military investigator with notorious penchant of seeking justice ,Tom Cruise plays, may find a peculiar change of heart in the original screen charcter Cruise delivered defending sniper James Barnes in the original film. It is not a bad thing seeing Cruise taking a milder character stance. Shift fits Cruise rather neatly, keeping Jack Reacher’s charming old school cop-to-robber plotting from Isibly trolling out of screenplay box. Jack Reacher: Never Go Back seem more a character clinging crime thriller typical of those Dirty Harry cussing movies serials with Clint Eastwood. Reacher’s forcing justice character is forced back into the military. Breaking military protocols, Reacher breaks out an inmate to resolve a baking military cop conspiracy storyline. Cruise, like many of his films, keeps his billing warm enough, and with scaling integrity. He gets the ball rolling for film’s mostly staging action pcked scenes that included a classic Starsky & Hutch car road chase. It is one of the loudest and stealing scenes done without the digital mending modern films spice up for a fatter cinematic visual flare. Tom had his share of that green background shot simulating spectacle in Minority Report. It is a welcome production take that pushes audience to pay more attention to Jack Reacher’s fencing action dialogues. It started with the first Jack Reacher movie, which seem more theatrical foreplaying than cinematic. Original thinking drill was freshly toned down for Jack Reacher: Never Go Back’s more action brawling sequencing. It offers visual variety, keeping the amused screen audience spirit solidly alive and kicking. Cruise leads this revealing Jack Reacher sequel with intensity, but unfairly missing out on the intelligent dialogues that benchmark the red following for the first film. Jack Reacher: Never Go Back is a soul searching Tom Cruise thriller. It pays respect to classic action movies with thought out plotting that made stellar billing names of Eastwood, Charles Bronson, John Wayne, Chuck Norris, Roger Moore, Sylvester Stallone and Sean Connery. Must see on the big screen!

More budget friendly premium Cherry Mobile handsets: First Stop the Cherry Mobile S5

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filipino mobile tech brand Cherry Mobile is giving consumers more reasons to get their desired high end quad core mobile smartphones for Christmas. The leading consumer mobile phone brand in the Philippines released a new series of mobile smart devices with higher design specs for the price everybody can afford.

Cherry Mobile S5 includes a respectable fingerprint sensor you can use to protect your storage against third party wireless intrusions. 
starting with the Cherry Mobile S5, INSLASHOUT will individually feature these soon to be sought after devices, giving a clear round up of improving mobile features that you can expect from these beautiful and budget friendly gift gadgets.
Today, we start the tech ball rolling with the new Cherry Mobile S5.
Check out the technical specs exclusively provided by Cherry Mobile:
Display: 5 inch (High Definition (HD) IPS Screen

Chipset: Mediatek 6753

CPU: 1.3 GHZ Octa-Core


Camera:16MP BSI PDAF (Rear) and 8MP BSI (Front)

Connectivity: LTE 700MHz Ready

Storage: 16GB ROM/ Micro SD (can take up to 64GB

Security Feature: FIngerprint Sensor

UBB Type C