Best holiday gadget choice begins with Vivo V7+

Looking for all flat screen smartphone worth your shopping money? Look no further. Vivo’s All screen phone V7+ will be starting September 30
The Vivo V7+, which was unveiled just a week ago with Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla leading the roster of celebrity endorsers, is proven to be the fastest-selling smartphone to date, already receiving more than 5,000 pre-orders. Already available this September 30, the V7+, the latest pride of the 5th in the 2016-2017 Leading Global Smartphone Brands, boasts of a world-first 24MP front camera, a Face ID security access, and a 5.99” all-screen display. The pre-orders shot up mainly because of the V7+’s top-of-the-line features. The V7+, a selfie-centric phone’s front-facing 24MP camera rocks LED flash and smart photography algorithms which produce sharp and natural-looking photos. The V7+ also prides itself with its revolutionary 5.99” all-screen display with an 84.4% screen to body ratio, providing a more exciting and enhanced gaming and visual experience. Also, a special Face ID feature allows high-technology security access to one’s smartphone, unlocking the phone with mere facial recognition. The V7+ comes in Matte Black color and Crown Gold and is priced at a reasonable Php 17,990.00. The Vivo V7+ is selling nationwide.

For inquiries about Vivo, visit the Vivo website at or check out their Facebook (, Instagram (, and Twitter ( accounts.

TVNAsia leads celebrity highlighting One Night Food Trip show

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Celebrity bills next food-travel challenge show. The tvN Asia’s brand-new original production, One Night Food Trip – International Edition is coming to the Philippines! A spin-off of the popular Korean travel programme of the same name, One Night Food Trip – International Edition added local Asian celebrities into the mix to further hype up the competition. One Night Food Trip – International Edition has already set sail to Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia; with the final foodie “battlefield” set in the Philippines. The programme will premiere exclusively on tvN Asia on October 10, 2017 (Tuesday) at 23:00 (GMT+8); with the segment shot in the Philippines set to air on December 5, 2017 (Tuesday).


Korean fashion and beauty icon Sandara Park, better known by her stage name Dara, will join forces with her brother, Park Sang-hyun, a singer/songwriter better known by his stage name Thunder, to complete as many missions as they can throughout their escapades. Playing against the Korean stars are Grace Lee, a Korean television host and radio disc jockey working in the Philippines; and Filipino-Indian Filipino radio and television personality Sam YG. The celebrity teams will complete in a 48-hour travel tour around the beautiful Philippines with three main goals – EAT, PLAY and COMPETE!


Team Dara/Thunder will begin their mission-packed feast in Palawan and will make their way up north to the city of Manila; while Team Grace/Sam will conquer Cebu first, then head down south to Davao city. Both teams will be able to experience everything local—from culture, food, and attractions. Viewers will be able to witness the magnificence of the Philippines through a different angle as the show merges fabulous and fun, enabling everyone to go beyond the typical touristy activities. The teams will also get the chance to observe the unique local cultural heritage that is different from the rest of Asia, go on a shopping frenzy, enjoy a night out clubbing, as well as savour great varieties of food, from local delicacies to Michelin-starred delights, such as Nobu Restaurant located City of Dreams – Manila.


The Philippine leg of One Night Food Trip – International Edition will fly exclusively with Cebu Pacific Air, the Philippines’ leading carrier. Cebu Pacific has the widest domestic network which made traveling and shooting from one island to another easier with seamless inter-island connections, sparing the hosts and crew from flying to bigger airport hubs just to move across the Philippines. Aside from a direct flight between Manila and Incheon, Cebu Pacific also flies directly from Incheon to Kalibo and Cebu, making it easier to get to popular beach destinations like Boracay Island and Mactan Island; or to 34 other domestic destination and 26 international destinations across the rest of Asia, Australia, Middle East and the United States.


So what are you waiting for? Come follow the trails of Dara, Thunder, Grace and Sam in One Night Food Trip – International Edition!

What is One Night Food Trip?

One Night Food Trip – International Edition, will premiere exclusively on tvN Asia on October 10 (Tuesday) at 23:00 (GMT+8); while the Philippines segment will debut on December 5 (Tuesday). tvN is available in 10 Asia-Pacific countries, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar and Australia, with subtitles in English, Chinese, Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Indonesia and Thai. tvN, where fun takes off!

Lalamove: Fast Metro Courier Alternative for Filipinos!

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Having problems sending or receiving emergency packages? You are not alone, with traffic keeping that option nearly impossible to fill out. Lalamove, which accepts any kind of delivery (including emergency items..) that could be delivered within a prescribed period within Metro Manila, could possibly help you get around courier problems faced by motorists. I say motorists because LalaMove’s delivery system design uses motorcycles to get around traffic, let alone driving within small streets or alleys that is proving impossible to penetrate on Metro rush hours. “We can deliver anything from documents, invitations and food,” said Albert Go, LalaMove Country Director for the Philippines. “You’d be surprised how even the food industry take advantage of our services for timed deliveries.” Go was referring to health food programs prescribed for by peopele with health conditions needing dietary specifications – which means eating strictly food prescribed by dieticians. “We can deliver that. (Food) for you at a specific time prescribed. It is that simple.” Lalamove’s courier transport design works with an application, which you can download and instantly access from your active mobile devices, and browser, which is a website offering similar services from app. “It is a one registration for first time users. In which case, if you have packages or items needing immediate delivery within Metro Manila for example, the LalaMove app or website provides easy details to avail service in real time.” Albert was referring to app’s design algorithm that allows clients to set details from their Android or Apple devices where to pick up and send package detailed for delivery. “We charged smaller, and by the length of travel delivery, not the size or package’s bulk by the way.” Once the delivery perimeters are set the app then digitally assigns a pick up courier to get package from client’s designated pick up address. Courier service cost is determined before activating courier service, in which case the app, if you do not want paying cash, accepts paypal or traditional credit card charging that you can safely render with your mobile devices. “LalaMoves provides the convenience for customers, and we even have customer service in detail to answer customers queries about LalaMove’s services.” LalaMove keeps track of your in transit packages real time, allowing for a safe delivery on the prescribed travel time period noted on the application. “We accept all kinds of courier delivery – including medicines.” Inslashout asked Go, in cases of medical emergencies, if LalaMove would be willing to deliver a human organ detailed for transplant surgery? Go said, “We have never had something like that requested…but if we can then LalaMove will provide service,” said Go. While LalaMove seem to lean on same transport app service offered by competition Grab and Uber, Go was quick to correct this consumer notion. “We can deliver general items, even gravel and sand, but service does that transport human needing immediate rides to a specific destination.” LalaMove, which is celebrating its first year of business operations in the Philippines, originated from China. “We have vans, apart from motorcycles, in other countries LalaMove is known to deliver items. It is an option for Philippines but with city traffic we saw the best transport alternative for deliveries is through a driven motorccycle,” hints Go. LalaMoves does not a pool of transport motorcycles out for servicing but it accepts membership from Filipinos with motorcyles looking for alternative source of incomes. “We train LalaMove drivers before they get accepted into courier service. It is a growing courier that Filipinos can tap more because LalaMove operates on a 24/7 hours basis,” reiterates Go. While LalaMove is fairly new in the digital transport courier business in the Philippines the company, with its growing patronage from a millenial market seeking alternative services found on-line, is optimistic Lalamove will grow to become a practical source transport services Filipinos can avail “because they afford it.” LalaMove can be accessed simply by downloading the app or traditionally visiting services through its browser activated website. 

Facebook partners with Philippine telcos Globe’s GCash and Smart Communication’s PayMaya for expanded cashless transaction on Messenger app 

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Would not it be great if you can pay bills, buy load on the social network? It is quick, fast and easy since everybody literally uses social networking for entertainment, work and for business. Well, that choice is now possible after the country’s two competing Telecommunications brands Globe Telecom and Smart Communication have announced simultaneously today to allow consumers do just that…pay your bills, buy prepaid phone loads from the FB Messenger. Here is how that social networking payment or purchasing system works. Globe and Smart subscribers, however competing they are for this particular digital transaction through your mobile devices, can avail of service by simply searching for GCash on your Messenger application. PayMaya, which Smart Communication’s cashless payment options with a designated phone app and physial swipe card with credit card bank features, said registered PayMaya card holders can simply link up their account from the PayMaya page. It is a one time process that activates the card service that you can us now from your active Facebook Messenger application. Globe’s GCash card holders requires a similar process to activate service on Facebook Messenger. PayMay said a designated button appears on the Messenger that you can click, and it will revert you to a designated Messenger page for either telco card. The link up basically allows you to enjoy the card services like sending or receiving money, better yet prepaid loads for your mobile devices. It is a convenient, not mentioning safer, means to transact money without actually going to bank for money transfers. What is best about it, if you are either a PayMaya or a GCash card holder, you can similarly check your account ballances from the Messenger page. PayMaya clarified you need not be friends on Messenger to link up any transactions made possible through these cards, but it quickly lets you send or even receive money even while in the middle of a swelling traffic in EDSA. While link up encourages transactions within your chosen telco card, it might be worth noting that sending money to say a non-PayMaya user requires opening a designated account to recieve sent money. While Globe and Smart have previously allowed financial transactions between PayMaya and GCash, the current payment system extended to your Facebook Messenger is clearly a practical way for Filipinos who practically live their time on Facebook to actually transact easy using their existing PayMay or GCash accounts. Prepaid smartphoners users who are constantly on Facebook Messenger can openly avail these extending PayMaya and GCash cashless transactions while busy communicating with loved ones, gaming or while social networking with other Filipinos actively doing marketing or selling using the Facebook Messenger application. For details, INSLASHOUT getting in touch with your telco for an actual demonstration how the still evolving cashless digital payment system can work to your advantage or you can check out the two card’s live app right now on your Facebook Messenger.



Skechers inks triathlon Lauren Lim for next sports ambassador stint

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Filipina triathlon champion Lauren Lim knows no boundaries when it comes to sports. She will endure anything to achieve greater things, overcome the limits to accomplish the impossible. It is the same driving reason why Skechers selected Lauren Lim to become brand’s next Go Like Bever Before Skecher’s sports celebrity ambassador. And Skechers is behind Lim’s latest crusade to run in the Bank of America Chicago Marathon this coming October 8, 2017. Guidng her running footwork, and this extends to her gruelling training daily that starts at 4am, before she goes to work as marketing specialist for a family business, and more running after before sleeping. “I was not really skill trained for sports, for running, so when I joined I needed all the support for my workout,” said Lauren Lim in a roundtable interview. Her running sidekick, Skecher’s GOrun Ride 6, a running shoes Skechers intentionally esigned for lengthy workouts, for career sports athlethes like Lauren. “I have my share of workout injuries, but all that changed when I started using the Ride 6. It was made for absolute comfort, supporting your every move without compromising running functionality during a race,” recalled Lauren. Body building celebrity runner, which earned the runner a name in the triathlon circuit in Metro Manila, last joined the gruelling Regent 5i50 Triathlon, where she placed third her age group (20-24), finishing the 1.5km swim. 40km bike. 10km run. “I did not know anything about biking. But when I got into that sports I was able to endure the challenge.” She then joined the TRI United 20017 Exceed Long Distance compeition in Subic, where she finished 2nd place with Sante Barley TriTeam, competing a 2km swim, 60km bike, 15km run. Her recent triathlonh stint, where she placed second in her category at the Cobra Ironman70.3 with an impressive overall finish time 06:05-23 covering a total distance of 113km with a 1.9km swin, 90km bike ride, and a 21.1km run. “Chicago Marathon will be my biggest race, by far. It is a huge challenge that I have been preparing for the couple of months competing in other races that would race my chances of performing better with my running shoes Skechers,” points Lauren. She is done more than any ahtlete, or any other woman her challennging age, can for a training triathlon athlete. “What I realized more is being able to do more when you push your limits to your best capacity. It has made me stronger. If not more independent. I want to see more women get into these sporting challenges like I have in the long run by inspiring other women to get into sports, active and healthy lifestyle,” points Lauren. Skechers’ Performance sneaker series is available at leading Shechers stores such Glorriatta 2, Tri Noma. SM North EDSA, Ayala Malls, Robinsons Malls throughout the Philippines. For details Skecher’s performance latest footwear collectin, INSLASHOUT suggest visiting Skechers’s website / / SkechersPerformancePH and @SkechersPerformancePH on Instagram.

All time Korean barbecue affair for pinoy diners!

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What brings the Filipino together? Many will tell you it is food! And many would agree grilling barbecue is a favorite weekend family dining option for Filipinos. Korean barbecue, which is all meat, fancy Filipino taste or craving for tasty grilled cuisines. And if your family craves what my family craves for a sinful dinner outdoors, then Gen Korean Barbacue should make it a worthwhile choice for a weekend feast by the sea bay. The famed Korean grilled meat restaurant, which is equally patronized overseas by Filipinos who loves to dine out like everybody else, details with a meat bbq menu intended for a lengthy buffet experience. In other words, if you love the idea of grilling, you can actually grill and share food on a long kitchen table with grill stove. Gen Korean Barbecue’s menu details with more than a hundred grilled meat choices you can readily budget package, depending on your family’s appetite. Once that is settled, and you can order drinks ahead, grilling commences. Porkloin, chicken and bacon barbecues top INSLASHOUT’s menu choices, and it is a must try for anyone dining with children with picky food habits. It is sweet, sour and mildly salted to tease your grilled meat fancy for hours. Drink choices choices would vary between those who prefer alcohol or soda for meat. Our table settled for that tasty blue iced, which was fantastic with grilled bacon strips savored with Asian salad (or soft rice if you fancy one for a heavy meal), but what top our beverage list was the cold yoghurt cocktail which eased the fatty after taste when eating marinated cooked meat. Choosing meat to grill was fun jump starting our taste buds while grilling marinated large and small intestines barbecued in high heat. Bacon strip barbecue you can marinate with soy sauce sweetened was a kicker for anyone who missed out on lunch. Pork chops, which is a Filipino favorite, proved useful in teasing children’s indifferent appetite. A grilling demo highlighting Korean grilling style showed barbecue, compared to how we normally charcoal grill meat smoked wildly outdoors, cooked just right – without the coal burned after effect on meat. Koreans, while following Gen Korean Barbecue’s alleged secret recipe, is particularly designed mixing olive oil, seasoned salt and soy liquid. Marination includes onion steam, pepper and garlic. Grilling part is tricky since it does not apply cooking oil on purpose. Meat from pork is extracted from heat, and that is what keep other meat from sticking on grilled skillet. While it seem easy cooking meat for barbecue on a non-stick grill Gen Korean Barbecue suggested avoiding mixing meat flavoring while cooking. A staff will constantly change grilling plate before it starts burning, keeping grilling heat on safer level. Seafood is minimally seasoned sweet, salty with a dash of soy sauce. It is a bit of everything you have on the kitchen’s seasoning list, and grilling requires constant stirring to keep meat from burning. It is what keeps cooking meat, including chicken and beef, tender and juicy. Worth noting, for those unfamiliar with meat grilling techniques, is that pork cooks longer than beef. Grilling meat can include vegetables like bell pepper, corn and green string beans. Another Korean favorite is skewering chicken, pork and beef on a steel stick. It is a tasty affair that goes well with light beer or wine on the side. What is great about Gen Korean Barbecue’s restaurant design is grill place’s unlimited meat offering, which blend well with pinoys who fancy eating more with family. It is a sharing experience that would last hours on the dining table, and the grill plate keeps on changing while you eat all the barbecue your stomach can take in one sitting. Mind you the meat Gen Korean Barbecue serves are top of the line – which means you can have Wagyu, Australian, or American meat choices for your next (big dinner) family weekend affair. In the US, where the restaurant is a favorite spot, Filipinos would frequent restaurant for its fancy meat grilling experience. Dining in this restaurant, which includes a bar for those who like to unwind with friends before the heavy dining drill, can sit about 200 guests. Staff service, and you can everyone is highly trained Hotel style, is gently accomodating. Good manners reflect staff attitude towards arriving guests. Worth noting is the restaurant’s grilling smoke free ambience. It is made possible with evenly designed smoke ventillation features. It is free of that intimidating feeling when dining on a heavily staffed restaurant, which accepts phone reservations so you can time visits for family to enjoy the cool bay view instead of rushing to the restaurant from the parking lot. The restaurant’s scenic bay area location is a brisk walk away from SM Mall of Asia’s main shopping artery. It is great for shoppers dining with children, elderly without making fuss where to park your vehicle for easy restaurant access.

Adrenalizing Her Majesty’s Elite Brotherhood of British Spies 

Review: Kingsman: The Golden Circle (Action/Thriller)Cast: Taron Egerton, Colin Firth, Julianne Moore, Mark Strong, Halle Berry, Channing Tatum, Jeff Bridges and Elton John

Nothing match the adrenalized action intensity of Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Taron Egerton (Eggy) made real the spy franchise 007 holds dearly can hold up to a high octance action blood bath, which is more gamelike once you get to see this sequel. It is not a bad thing! Not at all, but be prepared taking a continuous continously mobilizing reel designed for the millenial’s testing perspective. What made sense, and I would whoever made this sequel motivatingly sensing watching, is the addition of award winning character actors lile Julianne Moore, who plays a mean villain that would make Mini Me shrink. That said, and you can understand how driving digital Hollwood action movie settles, it is fair to say Kingsman: The Golden Circle takes you on a wild ride not even James Bond could possibly endure with a shaken martini shot. The elite British spy organization Kingsmam takes its cue from where the last Kingsman ended, with co-lead Colin Firth’s suave spy character left for dead. But it does not end there, with a series of missle strikes nearly wiping out the entire Kingsman initiative. Eggy is left to mediate what is left of Kingsman, leading a secret drinking pack to an unlikely sister ally in the Statesman, which is the Western equivalent of the elite British spy squad. Eggy, after a few scuffle with a Westernized agent played by Channing Tatum, solicits the help of the Statesman for a daring mission that would hopefully restore what is left of the Kingsman pack. Moore sinks well playing a drug lord outcast somewhere in the wilderness of Cambodia, threatening to ruin worldly civilizations with a wonder drug that blows up people in smithereens. Firth, without spoiling billing, is restored from oblivion. But there is more to this rather mix-matching spectacle for Eggy to shape up, become the one British agent saving the world from a mad villain with a penchant for turning burned drug dealers into meaty grilled burgers. Jeff Bridges join pack playing Statesman overall runner, giving Kingsman that rustic cowboy flare with a cracking whip attitude. How that fares with Eggy makes a fun filled action sequel. Singer Elton John is enjoyable foot playing angst with Firth, Moore’s comic antics. The Golden Circle is a mystery shaping plotting you can probably decipher with this playing review, but it is a small thing realizing to film’s grand and non-stop action phasing. Kingsman: The Golden Circle is every young millenial’s aspiration for a pure action thriller designed to entertain for a glitzy hot weekend cinema run.   

Vivo details first flagship Android smartphone with seamless screen, 24mp selfie beauty camera setting

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We have always wondered when Vivo will come out with a bigger flat screen mobile smartphone? Well, after weeks of speculation, Vivo unleased the Vivo V7 + – brand’s first Android smartphone offering for the CHristmas boasting of a 5.99 all screen display + 24MP selfie camera. Yes, if you happen to follow the previous Vivo devices V5, V5s and V5 Plus, the fifth largest selling smartphone brand in the Philippines retains its focus on the Filipino’s penchant for taking selfie photos with clearest DSLR captured images you can do instantly from a mobile Android smartphone. While screen is not exactly a Full HD, when we first gave the selfie imaging run with that soft light that absolutely makes your selfie images blemish free, what we saw instead was even more refined glossy imaging for magazine cover. Vivo made reiterations, again using Sony lenses, which is not bad for a tech lense fitting, now inlcues LED flash and smart photography algorithms. It means, when we finally tested the selfie and back camera last night, and base on exhibited blown up studio photos showcased in launch with no less than pop entertainment couple Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernando, images came on beautifully particularly in low studio lighting. It works so much with drama, digital you would not think twice having a selfie for every uploaded status photo. What is even better, and this should blow you away, Vivo extended same soft light beautifying feature to its HD video cameras. It is a special add on feature for those who want to make stunning impression while conducting video chat conferencing. “Feature gives you nothing but clear-cut, crisp and more natural looking display with an 84.4% screen-to-body radio,” said Vivo’s Senior Executive for Marketing and Sales Ms. Hazel Bascon. Wide screen size, which actually gives you that all time full time screen perspective, allows you to do more with precision. It cuts through the usual screen sizing issues, in which case you can even split screen (and work on two active apps or programs) and watch a streaming basketball you can wireless send to a stand by HD flast screen TV. Vivo has a operating screen program exclusive to its devices called Funtouch OS 3.2 which is based on latest Android 7.1 Nougat. It is a standout user friendly feature compared to its sister smartphone rival OPPO F3 and previous the F1 series more low key screen managing design. Beauty 7.0 is the latest program tweak for those crazy looking fantastic from all screen sides, literally brightens up while evenin out complexions that makes you look stunning even in dimly lit places. It is a great enhancer with that bokeh or blurr DSLR camera effect you normally see on pages of high fashion glossy magazines. What made sense, if you get to try V7+, is the red, blue and green colors steaming on every imaging taken. FEature, which is likely to attract millenials juggling digital space time on their mobile devices, trended with Vivo’s newly signed local celebrity endorsers Inigo Pascual, Darren Espanto, KZ Tandingan and cast of ABS-CBN’s Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) last teen edition segment. Multitasking, again for those juggling work and social time, V7+ details with latest Android 7.1 Nougat, which is upgradable, and dual-SIM (Nano SIM) for those using their Android devices for calls and data hotspotting. A bigger screen entails, by experience with other devices offering similarly bigger handset screens detailed for entertainment and multitasking, inlcludes eye protection mode to distress your eyes. Security protection ups with a fully functional imaging scanning feature, a Face ID that immediately turns on V7+, which is selling in two variants Champagne Gold and Matte Black, on a single glance. It is a welcome security feature you can pair even encrypt specifically any program of value. “It is everything you ever wanted for a smarter mobile phone every Filipino can afford,” said Ms. Bascon. Full phone functionality should be seamless since V7+ shapes up with a grander Octa Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 SoC + 4GB RAM / 64GB of ROM expandable to 256GB. Inslashout prefer Qualcomm for a processor because it erases much of the graphic color screen issues particularly for gaming, including the occasional stalls. Vivo V7 +, which is set to run a nationwide promotional tour and with telco partnership set with Globe Telecom and Smart Communications, is a flagship smartphone retailing for only SRP P17,990 in the Philippines.   

Here is the key specs of the Vivo V7+ (P17,990)

Engine: Quacomm Snapdragon 450 SoC

OS: Funtouch (based on latest Android 7.1 Nougat)

SIM Type: dual-SIM (Nano Type)

Phone Color: Champagne Gold, Matte Black

Camera: 24MP (Selfie) with LED flash + Smart photography features + Beauty 7.0

Screen Display: 5.99 all screen display (84.4% screen to body ratio) / Split Screen

Video: Shoots Full HD videos / Selfie video includes soft light for clear complexion

Phone space: 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM (expandable to 256GB)

OPPO launches 4th Cebu concept store

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There is no stopping OPPO! The fast rising smartphone brand recently opened its 4th brand concept store in Cebu. Inslashout details how that came about with this report from the OPPO communication office.



OPPO Philippines continues to expand its strong presence in the country with more concept stores nationwide. With Cebu being a valuable market for the brand, it opened its latest concept store in Ayala Center Cebu along with OPPO influencer Rocco Nacino. 

Customers now have more options to choose from OPPO’s wide range of selfie-centric smartphones such as the OPPO F3 series (F3 and F3 Plus) and the OPPO A series (A57, A71 and A37) that are sure to match anyone’s lifestyle and preference. Leading the impressive lineup is the OPPO F3, a definite trendsetter with its dual-selfie camera that allows wider selfie shots. It is also perfect for taking a groufie as it can accommodate more people in one frame.
OPPO Influencer Rocco Nacino

“You won’t ever have to worry about taking a group shot with the OPPO F3,” said Rocco Nacino. “I bring it with me when I travel with my family and friends, knowing that I can perfectly capture every special moment with them.”

The OPPO F3 is encased in sleek metal and features a 5.5” full HD display protected by Coming Gorilla Glass 5. It also has 4GB of RAM and the 64GB of storage is suitable for keeping numerous photos, videos and applications. A wide range of phone accessories is available for purchase in all OPPO concept stores nationwide.    

“Cebu is a valuable market for OPPO and we will continue to provide the best customer experience to Cebuanos through our growing number of concept stores. Our selfie-centric smartphones are definitely relevant in the 9th city for most selfies in the world,” said Eason de Guzman, Public Relations Manager of OPPO Philippines.  

OPPO continues to expand nationwide with more concept stores opening in the remaining quarter of 2017. Customers may visit the Ayala Center Cebu concept store at the 3rd level near the activity area.  

For more details about OPPO, please visit or log on to


About OPPO


For the last 10 years, OPPO has been focusing on manufacturing camera phones, while innovating mobile photography technology breakthroughs. OPPO started the era of selfie beautification and was the first brand to launch smartphones with 5MP and 16MP front cameras. OPPO was also the first brand to introduce the motorized rotating camera, the Ultra HD feature and the 5x Dual Camera Zoom technology. OPPO’s Selfie Expert F series launched in 2016 drove a selfie trend in the smartphone industry.


In 2016, OPPO was ranked as the number 4 smartphone brand globally, according to IDC. And today, OPPO provides excellent smartphone photography experience to over 100 million young people around the world. For more information, please visit

ACER-AMD pack sealed, launching pre-assembled Ryzen 7 powered gaming CPU

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Gamers, rejoice! Acer is finally releasing a pre-assembled home computer powered by AMD’s next generation processor Ryzen 7, which is a hit with anyone looking for seamless gaming, particularly for those competitively playing on line. The special Ryzen 7 CPU, the GX-281, which will be on sale under the Acer brand, kicks off the unprecendented partnership between the leading tech manufacturer Acer and semiconductor giant AMD. Partnership, which was a buzz a week before Acer’s invitation the grand partnership, aims to bring in more affodable yet high quality computers for Filipinos constantly engaged on-line either for entertainment or for office computation chores. 

“AMD is a leader in disruptive technology, and this is why it was only logical to partner with them for the GX-281,” said Sue Ong Lim, Sales and Marketing Director for Acer Philippines. “Quality and affordability should never be a compromise, and we’re happy to have found a partner who shares the same principle.”

Armored sleek in design, something that should attracts millenials looking for not only a fast and reliable PC home unit that also looks good in the eyes with its smoldering red LED lights, is intended to provide superspeed data transfer, massive storage and expansion, and then offer stunning theaterlike 4K resolution with Qi wireless charging, a technology adapted similarly for the new Apple iPhone X.

Processing amages with the Ryzen 7! Let inslashout tell you why! First, and you would drool having such shining specs on your PC, the Acer GX-281 boast with 8 CPU cores, 16 threads, a 3.6GHz base clock speed that is extendable to 3.8GHz. Feature includes extendable drequwncy range, allowing for seamless premium performance and, more importantly, processor cooling. It is what gives you speed, power and protection while habitually multitasking your way into the fast internet lane.

“The Ryzen 7 has grown a tenacious reputation among gamers and content creators worldwide for its. Exceptional processing prower and surprising affordability,” said AMD Director for Conssumer Sales for APJ, Peter Chambers. 
More to Ryzen 7’s impeccable specs, did you know this particular gaming processor boast a 52% improvement in instructions per clock versus AMD’s previous offerings, allowing it basically process more clock-to-clock. Performance advances further the hill, allowing multitasker or gamers to provide more time on work, gaming skills because the processor on active mode makes your computer precisely seamless from all sides.

Security, and this is for added bonus, hypes with Sense Ml, a technology which allows the processor to accurately and expertly monitor itself within a milliamp, millivolt, milliwatt, and even a single degree Celsius. It is commonly used by precision boost to pinpoint its ideal clock frequency, so explains tech reviewer’s rave on Rayven 7.
“We have customized Ryzen 7’s key capabilities to address successfully each challenge our customers face,” said Chambers.

Set to rival the more expensive CPU brands, Ryzen 7 takes a good market following because of its proven high core count chip power, and more importantly Acer and AMD made it more affordable for Filipinos who game or multitask to buy the product, which offer seamless productivity.

Hand-in-hand with AMD, we (Acer) are ushering this new era of undisputed powerful products that are delightfully pocket friendly. We have always championed proactivity in providing only the best to our consumers, helping power their dreams and work, today we are moving closer to reaching that goal,” she added.

For more detailed specs about the Ryzen 7 or Acer GX 281, Inslashout suggest logging on Acer Philippines Facebookpage at, follow them on Twitter @acerphils or visit Acer website: