ACER-SM Malls partners for grand #MalayangPasko holiday shopping promo

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Tech brand Acer formalizes partnership with SM Malls for a grand holiday promotions seeding on the Filipino’s penchant for diverse shopping during the Christmas season. Dubbed #MalayangPasko, Acer’s major holiday giveaway, with no less than the famed mall chain ShoeMart as partner, gets you P5,000 worth of SM shopping vouchers for every purchase of qualifying Windows based Acer Aspire laptops, desktops, and AllInOnes. It is a wonderful shopping oppoturnity, particularly for those seeking to expand their shopping budget’s potentials for the yuletide season, that allows Filipino consumers to get more out of their meager shop buys. More specifically, you get the 5,000 voucher when you purchase Acer’s Intel i7-powered laptops and desktops; P3,000 voucher for Intel Core i5-powered laptops and deskstops; and P1,000 voucher should you choose to buy Intel Core i3 powered laptops and desktops and projectors. “This year, as a thank you for keeping ACer as the leading PC brand in the country, we want ouf gift to really bring joy, and the best way we can do that is to give consumers the freedom to choose their gift,” shares Sue Ong-Lim, Acer Philippines’ Sales and Managing Director. Acer has been forwardly aggressive in its consumers campaign, partnering with other brands like G-Shock, New Balance, and now SM Malls, to bring greater consumer experience no other brands in competition has ever done for a festive holiday promotion in the Philippines. Additionally, SM said exclusive rewards applies for SM Advantage holders (SM Advantage Card, BDO Rewards Card) 10x more SMAC points when redeeming exclusive promotional voucher in the SM Store. “The SM Store is deeply honored to have been chosen by Acer as a partner for its Holiday promotions,” said Chelo C. Monasterio, President of the SM Store. The launching og the #MalayangPasko Acer-SM holiday promo was highlighted with a stage theater show with celebrity endorsers JM De Guzman and Jennylyn Mercado at the Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall. The #MalayangPasko recognizes the consumer’s diverse priorotoes and interests especially during the holiday season. “We work hard to be on top, but Acer likewise acknowledge Filipino consumers who has helped us make it through this point of business,” said Acer Philippines Head Mr. Manuel Wong.    

Future of digital billboards begins with Globaltronics

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Digital advertising will expand further in 2018! Leading LED billboards advertising and commercial placement brand Globaltronics Inc, with its internationally expanding business advertising and marketing avisory partner Jump Digital Asia, is projected to develop additional 10,000 digital billboards throughout the Philippines. Digital billboards, if you frequent EDSA and shopping malls, are the huge and compact advert friendly video commercial screens promoting a wide variety of commercial brands, products through digital TVC type advertising. “Since 2015, Digital Globaltronics has championed the active involvement of large schools and universities across the country in the field of digital arts. Globaltronics provides a platform for digital artists to be recognized for their talent and passion,” said Globaltronics board adviser and Jump Digital Asia Founder Jed N. Marcaida. Digital broadcasting, which heralds publicly with visually teasing TVCs themed with Filipino culture and experiences, has expanded the usual TV placement advertisements aired primetime on scheduled programming. “The battle for placement is really in the content or the ideass that make up digital advertisements that appeal to the needs, interest and taste of Filipinos.” Marcaida was referring to how visual advertisement have started networking into the mobile platform, your interactively connecting digital mobile devices. “What is important is how advertising is able to effectively playout the messages the commercial industry wants conveyed to the target or bigger audience of interest.” Keeping that trend to billboard market standards and marketing expectations, Globatronics Inc forged partnership with Jump Digital Asia. “The company (Jump Digital Asia, which started four years ago, has grown to six countries operating internationally. Globaltronics is the first company to invest in the company,” clarified Marcaida. Competition with digital mobile content, which includes expanding digital commercial video advertising, pushed forward concentrating on key commercial areas with the best marketing penetration logistic available. “We are a digital advertising company that does a lot of those social media campaigns that includes developing mobile apps, social media management including e-commerce for a wide variety of brands.” Jump needed external visitors to provide for its expanding marketing reach. “Globaltronics, which we have been working with on several projects, had same visionary goals as Jump.” Marcaida is helping Globatronics structure business to include international business expansion. “It included things like professionalizing the sales team in terms of building feasible market strategies that appeals to modern business needs.” Globaltronics does a lot of video wall installations. They can concentrate more on that core business while Jump takes the sales and marketing aspect growth of company,” said Marcaida. Globatronics’ expansion included company’s annoucement of its new Chief Operating Officer (COO) Mr. Jasper O. Evangelista, who brings in 20 years of experience in brand management, digital marketing, and sales and operations. Aside from being designated as Globaltronics official sales and marketing a for national and international expansion, Jump Digital Asia will be responsible mounting the prestigious National Digital Arts Awards (NDAA) for 2018. “It is a huge project not only for Jump, but for our partnership with Globatronics,” said Marcaida. Globaltronics business partners, which the company awarded for their loyalty and contribution to business at the rcent media and partners cocktail night held in Makati City, includes DoubleDragon Properties Inc, The Philippines Stock Exchange Inc., Honda Philippines, Inc, Philippine Retirement Authority, Starcom Mediavest Group, ENAV Logistics Management Services Inc, Megaworld Corporation, SM Mart, Inc., and Breaktrhough and Milestones Productions International (BMPI), Adidas Philippines, PLDT Inc., Havas Media Ortega, Postescopw Philippines, De La Salle College of Saint Benilde, Inc, and A. Magsaysay, Inc. 

Shopee shakes merry gift giving culture with topping on line holiday sales deals

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Who does not love shopping? It is a must activity, and that applies further with on-line shopping through Shopee. Taking the all time favorite Filipiniana theme for Christmas, the fast rising on-line retail shopping website Shopee launched a super Christmas sale from November 11 to December 25, 2018. “Christmas is a special occasion in the Philippines, but its also one of the businest and most hectic times of the year, especially in Metro Manila. At Shopee, we offer both savings and convenience for Filipinos when it comes to completing their festive shopping on-line, so that they can spend more time with their families and friends,” said Terence Pang, Chief Operating Officer for Shopee. Shopee, on the day the on-line Christmas sales was formally launched, took the media for a party spin how the festive pinoy shopping promotion proceeds with the Christmas season, with games and a singing chorale that makes you feel homely from all sides. It is the same comfort you get when buying from Shopee, and you need is your active mobile device to get on with that shopping spree without obstacles – absolutely no ligning up, no traffic and items bought can delivered straight to your desired delivery address. Shopee Super Christmas Sale, a festive event joined by brand’s newest celebrity endorser Andi Eigenman, tops with Filipino buyers for its huge discounts across popular gift categories including health and beauty, home and living, and including mobile and gadgets. What is great about the sale, and Filipinos who have joined Shopee’s previous sale holiday events, is the non-stop promotions that comes off in between sale period, including the famed P12 deals, discounts reaching up to 90%. Best brands partnering with Shopee inclues Cosmetique Asia, Unilver, Timeless Manila, Cocal Cola, Polaroid, Imarflex, Indoplas and Infinix. With sale in full swing, Inslashout suggest, to start your shopping spree this early, to visit this website: For shopper’s information, Shopee is a downloadable application you can get Google Play and App Store. Shopee is the leading e-commerce platform in Southeat Asia and Taiwan. Tailored for Asian consumers, it provides customers with easy, secure and fast on-line experience trough strong payment and logistical support. Shopee has a wide selection of product categories that extends from consumers electronics to home and living, health and beauty, baby and toys, fashion and fitness equipment.

Goldilocks leads national cake day festivities, offering new products with a free cake slice

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Who does not love cakes and pastries? Filipinos have a sweet tooth, which is why homegrown cakes and pastries brand Goldilocks has remained a favorite for Filipinos worldwide. It is one of the reasons why Goldilcks lead this year’s funfilled festivities celebrating National Cake Day. Keeping up with festive theme of celebrating thanksgiving, Goldilocks’ National Cake Day affair kicked off in Batangas, where the famed cake and patries brand has been enjoying a tremendous cake following over the years. Celebrated on November 26, Goldilocks hit off the campaign at the Baseco compound in Tondo, Manila and Bahay Pinangga, a center for abused children in Cebu. And then Goldilocks embarked on a thrilling simultaneous free cake slice day for all its participating stores in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. In Batangas, where Goldilocks lead celebration with members of the on-line and traditional publishing media, participants were engaged to eat traditional pinoy cake favorites like chocolate cake, cheese cake, rainbow cake, mango cake and mocha chiffon cakes. The Batangas launch, which has followed by traditional cake slice giving for public patrons, highlighted with a teasing dance showdown complete with Goldilock’s charming character mascotts. The all pinoy cakes and pastries bakeshop, which is a favorite choice for balikbayan buying pasalubongs for their relatives stationed overseas, aimed to make celebration bigger and bolder. By giving another “Cake-All-You-Can-Eat” buffet in key stores in Batangas, Pangasinan, Cebu, Iloilo, Cagayan De Oro, and Davao. Other stores, because of the events coinciding with the international Cake Day celebration, offered free cake slices. Goldilocks took event to introduce new cake viand Dulce de Leche, which is a high-end cake that highlights most Filipino gatherings like birthdays, baptismals and weddings. Despite the often price tag selling Dulce de Leche cakes, Goldilocks said it made way so that Filipinos can generally enjoy the cake without paying so much. To learn more about Goldilocks events and how it brought the joy of National Cake Day in the Philippines, Inslashout suggest following Goldilocks on Twitter or Instagram at @GoldilocksPH or you can log on the official page at 

LBC-Ramco sign pact for business system automation expansion 

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Fast, accurate and detailed service! Expect that kind of service experience when LBC automate its logistic operations in the Philippines. The forwarding Philippine company, to join the digital bandwagon for courier and marketing, has reportedly partnered Ramco Systems “to unify and automate its logistics and supply chain operations”. LBC, within ten months of completion and application of the new digital business detialing system, this will impact the company’s 1,300 global branches and 121 warehourses. “It is part of our digital transformation system. We have been operating our legacy system which has been there for years. If we do not change with system, LBC will be left behind with logistics being a veryhot segment in business,” said Mike Camahort, Chief Executive Officer, LBC Express. Having partnered with Ramco for the second time, the new deal will include changes in LBC’s, which shall entail streamlined cloud offerings, vompany’s payroll functions, mobile friendly platform and modules for freight forwarding, courier planning, rating and billing. It shall, in effect, trigger changes in the ways LBC facilitates its enet-to-end warehouse, fleet and supply chain management. “It is expected to bring down LBC’s expenditures, investing on a modern system that would see LBC networking through social media platforms like Facebook messaging.” LBC digitalization of company’s services provides complete visibility of operations, allowing company to arrest revenue leakages, hereby improving productivity. “System integration, changes can be expected within a period of ten months with Ramco’s help.” LBC, with public demand for feasible, effective and security responsive forwarding service into play, said the Filipino public taking company’s expanding services for a variety of personal to busines needs can expect faster services and tracking included real time. “With logistics industry undergoing rapod digitisation and disruption, we are very excited about implenting Ramco Logistics ERP to improve international visibillity and tracking. We look forward to leveraging technilogical innovation to power our global growth.” A fair example of this digitalisation, since everyone is on the digital social networking for talks and business, is being able to service track requested job orders through your facebook messenger. It is a welcome investment strategy for LBC, with government already softening country policies to bring on alternative telco players, and eventually bring down the internet cost, as well fast track internet connectivity among consumers. “Asia has seen a steep increase in logistics investments, with e-commerce booming along with greater mobile and internet penetration. To survive and compete in this ‘uber’ economy, traditional logistics companues need to reinvent themselves…embracing digital technologies,” said Virender Aggarwal, Chief Executive Officer, Ramco Systems. Ramco Logistics Software is an integrated cloud-based platform for logistics and courier service providers seeking a high performance logistics software. “It works with an integrated single platform providing ent-to-end solution linking a business’ entire business and functionalities,” said Aggarwal. Ramco is known for its ability re-design enterprise systems designed to reduce (20%) of time spent for process and while still achieving maximum business potential growth. It works with an enterprise software comparable to comprehensive ERP that is multi-tenanted and compatible with iOS, Adroid and Windows mobile platforms that includes things like BOY it or Bots platform that engages more on customer and employees relations, Hub it, a platform offering company’s actionable insights for design hubs that is proven helpful for procurement transaction in a single screen, and whil Thumb it offers app senses context and defalts with functional transaction listings that can operated with thumb’s naturral, sweeping arc. Ramco ERP on Cloud, which is expected fast track LBC’s business design, is designed to improve efficiency in areas like manufacturing, financnial management, supply chain management, human capital management, customer relations management, entrprise asset management, project management, process controls, analysitcs, advanced planning and optimization and including for connectors. 

LBC is the Philippines’ market leader in retail and corporate courier and cargo, money remittance, and logistic services. It has 6,400 branches , hubs and warehouses, partners, and agents in over 30 countries. For specific details, INSLASHOUT suggest looging into LBC’s website: or call the following telephone numbers: +6328585999 (Metro Manila), 1 800 10 8585 999 (provincial) and +632 9086 522 (for Solutions) or simply follow LBC on Facebook and Twitter. 

Vivo V7: Your holiday smartphone gift choice!

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In review:Vivo V7 Smartphone
Wide screen smartphones are in! It is teasing because a big screen gives more that cinematic effect for any entertainment content. That is fact of life Vivo wanted to impart to Fillipinos when it launched the V7, which is brand’s latest smartphone offering – and it is slightly smaller that elder Vivo V7 smartphones. The V7 pretty much sums up what features you have always wanted taking from the V7, but for a smaller pricing and a lower 32GB ROM. It is not a bad thing, and on our first trial the V7 was a standout. First on my hit list is the V7 rear and front camera. What should be understood first and foremost, particularly for those buying smartphone for Christmas, is the V7 is intended for people who happen to love taking selfies. If you remember the V5, which Vivo pioneered with that stunning 20-megapixel camera, the V7 exceeds that with a 24-megpixel camera spec. What does get you? Vivo wants you to look good, but not looking like a photo imaging altered personality. V7 wants you to look good base on your age, what you really look like. It is one of the reason when selfie gets activated it determines user’s sexuality – whether you are male or female. It is an older but useful imging technology first out by Miui. A 24-Megapixel gives you that DSLR imaging complexion quality. But Vivo did more, combining it further with brand’s Face Beauty algorithm. The result of that fusion, and you can tell from comparison with other smartphones offering similar technologies, that even with face enhancements the V7 keeps it glued to your real age. It does not lie, but it certainly makes you, for lack of a better word, sharp and beautiful. Imaging gets poised to adjust with available lighting, keeping it crystal clear and bright to imaging detail. How is that possible? Well, we learned that V7’s camera gets more than two hundred pixel points, giving you more that distinct selfie that need not life about your age. Portrait mode, which is great for social media portraits – the so called ID shot – gets the bokeh effect. It is not far from the V5S effect but similarly crisp for that lasting glossy calendar effect. Rear camera takes the 16-megapixel spec, which is still great for landscapes and for streaming videos on Facebook. It is ultra sharp, which means it captures more details even when shooting from a distance live. It helps that V7’s camera comes with fast focusing lenses, which is helpful when poised to do emergency live streaming set ups using a public Wi-Fi. It takes Full HD videos, only screen, like the V7+ does not have the Full HD screen specifications. Wide screen camera remains sharp playing videos, live gaming and video casting with counterparts overseas. If you want high standard imaging, and this is way better than what printing publication demands, the V7 ships with a 65MP Ultra HD Camera. What it does, primarily, is allow your smartphone to shoot multiple frames in quick successions with phenomenal detail definition and details. It is great when shooting in unlikely places, particularly during ambush interviews with celebrities. Screen size matters with V7, which sits with a grand 5.2 inch cinematic screen size that can be adjusted to actual screen value of movie you are playing with this handset. It is what cineaste’s would say gives you that immersive screen effect, even when you are watching a movie on a mobile device. Screen setting includes split screen features, which I find useful multitasking two active widgets performing real time. Security engages with same fast fingerprint and facial recognition features. But what is good about Vivo it warns that facial imprint can be obstructed with defining security technology. Nevertheless, and if you are always press for time, it is a welcomes feature to fast activate your smartphone outdoors with Vivo’s face access scanner. Processing factor is stellar with any Vivo smartphone I have tried, starting with my still active V3 Max. The V7 details with a 4GB RAM +32GB ROM (slightly smaller than V7+ 64GB allotment). Processing is definitely seamless given V7’s 64-bit OctaCore Qualcomm processor, which comes with a 1.8GHz frequency offers 20% more power than previous generation processors. Internal 32GB space is expandable to 256GB, more than enough for your movie, photo or documentation filing. In terms of physical design, and girls would love this, the V7’s screen to body ratio of 83.6% + narrow bezels makes this phone a definite crowd pleaser. Curve form, according to Vivo, was intended for user to have a firm grasp of device, avoiding covering antenna when receiving data and while yet enjoying aesthetic appeal with each phone usage. V7 sits with 4G LTE, 3000mAh battery. The new Vivo V7 smartphone retails in the Philippines for only P14,990.

Vivo V7 Technical Specifications
Operating System: Android 7.1 (Functouch OS 3.2)

Screen: 5.7″ (1440*720)

Camera: Front 24MP/ Rear 16MP

Processor: Qualcomm Octa Core

Dimensions: 149.3*72.8*7.9mm

Weight: 139G

Battery: 3000mAh (TYP)

Storage: 4GB RAM + 32GB ROM

Connectivity: USB. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, FM, OTG

Location: GPS, BeiDou, GLONASS

Sensors: Accelerometer. Ambinet Light Sensor. Proximity Sensor, E-Compass

Network compatibility: GSM/ WCDMA/ FDD/TDD etc

Add more on security features…

Philippine Burger Chain introduces Hello Kitty Carnival Themed Party

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Hello Kitty! Take that fun name literally, as it joins Jollibee’s festive party theme packages. Yes, you heard it right, the lovable Kawaii character is now part of the many choices of party packages for your kids celebrating their birthday! Complete with the Filipino burger chain’s famed langhap-sarap food choices (Jolly Chiken, Spaghetti, Jolly Float etc), games and entertainment. Inspired with Carnivale theme, which makes it even more festive taking for a Filipino party family package, the media was given a fun spin how Jollibee coduct its child friendly fun activities. The party is lead by Jollibee’s highly trained staff, who will do everything to make your children’s birthday special. The fastfood chain, compared to party packages offered by its competitors, is more Filipino in ambience, making it more jolly for anyone celebrating a special day with friends and family members. The games, if your children loves to join competitive activities designed for children, are worthwhile taking since it teaches children to be proactive particularly with other children. It is comparable to a nursery school setting filled with physical and light mental games children (and even parents joining games with their children) can engage with plenty of learning experience tailing them even after the party ends. Isabel Oli, wife of actor Jon Prats, grace the Hello Kitty Carnivale Party Package launching, whowcasing the party package’s popularity with Filipino children who has found a unique attachment with the Filipino fastfood chain brand. Guest, along with their children dressed up in their best Kawaii costume, were all drawn to this Hello Kitty Carnivale party land complete with Sanrio’s adorable squad and who could miss out on that party wall that gives souvenir photos. Cute face paintings can be a creatively engaging option for this cheerful party package, which parents and their children took time having while bonding with other party invitees. Festivities included singing, making it more fun and socializing for children from all walks of life. Ending the party, apart from the slew of photo taking your family can have sealed with Jollibee’s bumblee character on your side, children took home exciting loot bags that can be used for playtime. Jollibee, apart from the new Hello Kitty CArnivale party option, is open to party customization. It is a good alternative for family’s with children who want simplier or bigger theme adaptation for their children’s special birthday celebration. The Hello Kitty Carnivale package is designed female children, but for those who want something else they can choose through other party set themes like Jollitown, FUN-tastic FActory, and JolliRace. Party celebration set with Jollibee can be booked ahead simply by visiting the website for details or you can visit nearest Jollibee restaurant in your area.