So Red the OPPO F5

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Going red is a good thing for the approaching Year of the Dog! It is a sign of luck and it is a head turner for the OPPO F5. Yes, you heard it right! OPPO F5 has released a red edition of this top selling smartphone January. 
Inslashout shares the exciting details of this one of a kind red smartphone that is made for anyone who love selfies, people who love multitasking with their wireless devices. 

OPPO Philippines sure knows how to kick off the year with surprises and exciting opportunities for selfie-lovers everywhere. Just when everyone thought that selfies could not get any better, comes the OPPO F5 that’s not only best for capturing real moments, but also stylish and trendy. Just last week, OPPO’s very own influencers were seen flaunting a bright red smartphone on their social media accounts, teasing the public about its upcoming smartphone in fierce red color. And the long wait is over because the much-awaited OPPO F5 Red is now available in the Philippines in all OPPO concept stores nationwide.


Ready to paint the town RED

Living up to its Selfie Expert handle, the OPPO F5 Red is the latest addition to the F5 line-up which boasts of the A.I. Beauty Recognition Technology, designed to capture the real you thatcan help selfies look more attractive and natural. Now available in fierce red color, the OPPO F5 Red is the ideal smartphone for users who aspire to create a statement through the smartphones they carry. It highlights OPPO’s advanced beauty technology in a more fashionable and lifestyle approach through its distinct color.


The OPPO F5 Red shares similar features with the OPPO F5 – from camera specs and beauty technology, speedy facial unlock, and performance. It features a 20MP front camera and a 16MPrear camera with a higher resolution (2160×1080) and better photo quality. In addition, it has 4GB of RAM best for multi-tasking and a 32GB storage for apps, videos, and selfies.


“The OPPO F5 is making waves in the smartphone market with its proven A.I. Beauty Recognition Technology and we are happy to announce that we are now offering it in a much-desired red color. This answers the need of our customers who are looking for a stylish, functional, and selfie-centric smartphone, ideal for today’s social media-driven lifestyle,” said Eason De Guzman, OPPO Philippines’ PR Manager.


The OPPO F5 Red is priced at PhP 15,990. And for users who are looking for an OPPO F5 with stronger and more seamless performance, the OPPO F5 6GB in red is also available for PhP21,990 in all OPPO concept stores nationwide. 


For more information about the whole OPPO F5 series, customers may visit They can also follow OPPO on Facebook via for the store list and latestupdates.

Liza Soberano +Domino’s Pizza: Engaging Partnership 2018

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Celebrity sweetheart Liza Soberano could not have picked a solid choice endorsing the famed American pizza chain Domino’s Pizza. “I am so happy and honored to be part of the Domino’s pizza family. The relationship between us has been strengthened over time, and I feel that my personality is a perfect fit for what Dmino’s (Pizza) stnds for,” said Liza Soberano, who went out of her busy weekend appearances to launch Domino’s Pizza’s Tandang pizza restaurant along Mindanao Avenue. On her third year contract endorsing the American pizza chain, Soberano lead a number events including an MRT stint where the bubbly celebrity gave out free pizza’s to train commuters during a rush hour weekend trip. “It is always nice to represent a brand that you have been patronizing even before you endorsed them, as this is the case with Domino’s Pizza.” Highlighting Soberano’s popularity with the Filipino masses, particulalrly millenials identify with the soft spoken polite actress’ hugot movie roles, will be instrumental boosting the pizza chain’s digital on line ordering and delivery service systems. “Domino’s Pizza makes it a policy hot and freshly cooked product from the pizza chain. It is a system that allows people within area of identified delivery perimetersto get same delicious pizza they ordered straight out of the oven,” said Ms Pinky Yee, Domino’s Pizza Philippines. The pizza chain, for its Tandang Sora, Quezon City branch,installed this digital mapping system that provides exact location for placed food orders. Technology deploys atracking system wherein customers who ordered on line can keep real time of thei pending delivery orders from their mobile devices. “Our pizza is different from other pizza chains. We use the best, authentic mozarella cheese that is not greasy, which is healthier. Pizza is made of traditional hand tossed dough that is always delicious to the taste of Filipinos,” adds Yee. Soberano, who did time developing her personalized pizza toppings, shared her favorite pizza flavor. “I love the veggie pizza Domino bakes, but I prefer my pizza to have more cheese and olives,” said Soberano. Unlike celebrities working time attaching to their personalized product endorsemens, Liza had great memories with Domino’s Pizza. “My mom, when we were living back then in US, would buy pizza for us at Domino’s Pizza.” Soberano is extending that founded relationship endorsing Domino’s Pizza for pizza chain’s Philippine market. “Our pizza customers are very important for Domino’s Pizza. We listen to customer demands, partcularly for anyone wanting pizza for their family or business eventd,” said Yee. While pizza is born out of the Western Italian pizza concept, Yee said “we are allowed to innovate products catering to local taste…”. Domino’s Pizza’s digital innovations is designed, with Liza Soberano taking thr pizza chain to her millions of millenial (and their families) fans, to bring fourth the best pizzas to the doorsteps of Filipinos, including consumer perks in time for Chinese new year. “On top of pizza chains topping consumer friendly offerings, Domino’s Pizza’s “Two Tuesdays and Freeza Thursdays weekdays promo gives two free pizzas for the price of one,” detailed Yee. Soberano has been endorsing Domino’s Pizza Philippines since 2015, a relationship that has put the American pizza chain on the pizza delivery chart in Metro Manila. “We are glad that Liza has been a key part of this succes, and we look forward to growing with her even more,” said Yee. For more information about Domino’s Pizza, log on to or join trending pizza conversations following Domino’s Pizza on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook at @dominosPH.

 Globe-Shell sign agreement paving expanding cellsite infrastructure, Go-WiFi for gas station customers

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Expect better with Globe Telecom expanding its cellsites for better, faster and efficient call, sms and data coverage in the Philippines. Inslashout shares a timely new year tech story. 
Globe Telecom sought private sector support in its bid to build more cell site, signing a partnership with Pilipinas Shell in line with the telecommunications provider’s initiative to enhance network coverage and capacities for better customer experience. The collaboration would help ease challenges besetting Globe in expanding its network infrastructure.


The partnership enables Globe to widen its network build amid insatiable demand for mobile services, particularly data. The collaboration also allows the leading telecommunications provider to establish GoWiFi hotspots in select Shell service stations, providing Shell customers with connectivity.   


“This collaboration with Shell is breath of fresh air considering the enormous challenges we encounter in establishing network infrastructure such as cell sites. This also supports our commitment in continuing to build a robust and reliable network for our customers’ expanding data needs,” Globe President & CEO Ernest Cu said.  


Cesar Romero, President and CEO of Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation (PSPC) and Chairman of Shell Companies in the Philippines (SCiP) explained that the partnership with Globe supports the company’s drive and advocacy towards nation-building by helping people connect with each other. “Our partnership with Globe is in line with our vision for nation-building that includes developing smarter cities and smarter infrastructures,” he said. “We believe providing better connectivity is a vital component of progress.”


The collaboration with Shell is expected to help ease the growing need for more telecommunication infrastructure necessary for Globe to provide sufficient coverage and capacities. For several years now, Globe has been aggressive seeking partnership with government institutions as well as with private sector organizations in a bid to expand its network reach.
“We are constantly seeking ways to improve customer experience, especially in high-traffic and strategic areas. The partnership, which we project will lead to improved mobile services, is a win-win collaboration for the two companies, benefitting both our customers,” Cu emphasized, adding Globe is hoping to replicate such partnership with other private sector organizations.
The two companies have identified 14 Shell service stations as target sites, most of which are located along major thoroughfares and major areas of converge, significantly improving mobile experience in surrounding areas. The partnership is like to be expanded to include other sites moving forward.
Shell is also in discussion with GCash for the adoption of cashless payments using quick response (QR) codes. GCash is a mobile wallet service offered by Mynt, a financial technology company owned by Globe, Ant Financial and Ayala Corp. In August last year, GCash introduced the scan to pay feature in the GCash App, allowing customers to pay by simply scanning QR (quick response) codes of merchants using their smartphones. E-payments provide safety and convenience when shopping for goods and services as people need not carry around loads of cash anymore.
For many years now, Globe Telecom’s initiative to expand its network infrastructure has been hampered by permitting challenges. At least 25 permits are needed to put up one cell site and the permitting process takes at least eight months to complete, barring major concerns from various agencies, including local government units, homeowners associations, among others.
Globe has been addressing this issue by continuously and aggressively finding solutions and pursuing collaborations with both the government and private sectors to provide quality telco servic

GCash QR Code SM Store purchases + iPhone X!

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Do you want to own the Apple iPhone X? 

Well, get line! But there is a better alternative offer Globe Telecom is handing down to its telco customers in time for the season of hearts. GCAsh is giving SM shoppers the chance to take home this sought after smartphone simply using the GCash’s QR Code sales features. It is easy to use with your smartphones. You need to open a GCash account, which simply requires your Globe phone number, names, address to account your personal account. GCash card, which has been upgraded since 2017 with useful credit card features useful for different types of digitally coursed payments, can be activated through an SMS process, basically attaching GCash debit card to your GCash application. Once that is done, card lets you transfer or withdraw any credited amount on your Gcash account. It is that simple but do not card activation takes about a day before you can use card for debit, including withdrawals. GCash can be loaded with credit from convenience stores like you would prepaid Globe smartphone. It is that easy, and while any loaded credit reflects (and it is ready for sale debiting) account in real time. GCash accounts are designed with accounting booking concept, including QR Coding features, for users to keep track of their daily expenses real time. It means that for every item or sale purchase rendered with GCash for card or through the new QR Code an SMS is sent directly to your designated smartphone number for tracking. What is best about QR Codes using GCash is that Globe is giving away iPhone X to anyone making P500 purchases at any SM Stores in the Philippines. Each P500 purchase at any SM Store qualifies shopper to win one of eight iPhone X to be raffled off to the public this February. It is a great alternative to cashless shopping, and GCash is definitely safer than cash carried for any mall payments. All you need to do is scan the GCash QR Code located at the cashier to debit purchases in a fraction of a second. It is an exact price debit, which is then reflected on a digital accounting form you can view real time from your encrypted GCash application. While it is faster debiting your purchases Globe Telecom is advicing GCash account holders to change their account password frequently, since card and app uses same password to operate any debit sale at any SM Stores nationwide. Incidentally, GCash can likewise be used to pay for shopping purchases at all Ayala Mall stores nationwide. GCash inlcudes credit card features that allow users to make on-line debit shopping purchases, bill payments, and fees payments (MRT/parking/ Electricity etc) using your mobile 4G LTE mobile devices.

Win iPhone X using your PayMaya QR Code at SM Stores

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Yes, you heard it right! PyMaya gives you chance to bring home the brand new Apple iPhone X using your QR Code to shop for items at any SM Stores. It is open to any SM shoppers, which is me and you! How does it work? You have to shop with PayMaya, which is powered by telco Smart Communications. PayMaya is a convenient way to shop without ever using cash. It begins by downloading the PayMaya application and logging to your account to be able to use the scanning feature for QR Code, which is this symbol that you need to scan photography with your smartphone through the application to activate a purchase. It actually debits from any amount that is stored on your PayMaya account. It is a one-stop registration process, and you can even registered your PayMaya debit card – which now has credit card features. It has the encryption feature to protect not only your card but likewise your PayMaya application for QR Code purchases. Once card is accepted or binded with your PayMaya app account you can now put money or transfer or accept what Smart calls credit to any or to your PayMaya account 24/7/ It is that convenient for anyone who’s time revolves around their multi-functioning LTE smartphones. The app, which can be binded with your Facebook messenger for easier transaction while actively social networking, is the safest way to transact or make purchases on-line for shopping or simply sending smartphone loads to your family. Businessman Manuel V. Pangilinan, who is the Cehief Executive Officer of Smart and PLDT, spearheaded the SM Megamall to actually test PayMaya’s capacity to fast a safe purchase flawlessly. What is great about QR Code set payments you get to pay for exact amount for any sale purchase, getting around the usual waiting for change scenario that usually stall payment lines particularly during the holiday season. The PayMaya app, with every QR Code payment, reports to your PayMaya designated smart number any amount debited from your account through an SMS detailing exactly how much was spent and the remaining balance thereafter. PayMaya works, particularly for people keeping eye of their daily expenses, because it comes with bookeeping ledger that keeps track of every transaction from your PayMaya account. Every transactions sets with exact date of purchase, allowing you to keep digital accounting in real time. Document can be printed from your mobile phone for bookkeeping purposes. QR transactions with your mobile smartphone, which needs to be digitally on-line to activate PayMaya app, takes less than ten seconds to make a purchase with receipts from counter provided compared to cash payment taking fifteen minutes tops rendering. “More and more Filipinis are using cashless payments with PayMaya. We are excited to work with like-minded companies such as SM in inncvating on the retail shopping experience with the help of our payment technologies. We hope to see more PayMaya QR Codes in a lot more stores like SM nationwide,” said Manuel V. Pangilinan, Chairman at PLDT, Smart, Voyager, and PayMaya. Funding PayMaya account can be done through any convenience stores. There are currently 15,000 PayMaaya load up touch points nationwide. Stored cash in account does not incurr miscellaneous fees, allowing you to make accounted purchases exactly of actual sale price point- no changes needed. While there is additional credit card type form you need to fill to transfer money between PayMaya accounts, the process is swift and works with either Apple or Android devices for consumer’s security. PayMaya card costs about P150/card but the QR Code needs only app activation digitally to make mobile purchases directly. The PayMaya QR Code, which is expected to liberate Filipinos from the costly (not mentioning dangerous) cash payment practice, includes encryption features to better protect account users from thing like phising that has been affecting credit card holders since 2016 in the Philippines. PayMaya QR Code payments, which is designed to cut through the long counter lines people experience when shopping at malls, can now be used to shop at SM Stores – later for SM cinemas, parking fees, amusement parks and the supermarket. PayMaya registered cards allows you to withdraw cash from any Bancnet, Megalink support ATM machines. For 2018, to win an iPhone X, PayMaya shoppers need to buy (at least) P1,000 worth of SM goods to qualify for a raffle ticket to the promotion currently running until April 15. PayMaya accounts from your mobile devices through 7-Eleven, Exoress Pay, TouchPay Kiosks, Palawan Pawnshops, Shopwise, Wellcome, 2GO outlets, Petron Stations (along NLEX), and Smart Padala Centers and SM Stores, Unionbank ATMS and RCBC retails on-line banking. PayMaya and SM Store partnership aims to increase share of electronic transactions in the Philippines by %20 in 2020.

Ayala-House of Investments announce business group’s education arm merger

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The Ayala Corporation and House of Investments have announced the merger of group’s education section for 2018. It is a major agreement between the two iconic business organization’s education arm for which a handful developments have benefited for development, translating to bigger development opportunities for the Philippines
iPeople, inc. (“iPeople”), the listed holding company for the education sector of House of Investments Inc., a member of the Yuchengco Group of Companies, and AC Education, Inc. (“AEI”), the wholly-owned education arm of Ayala Corporation, have executed a Non-Binding term sheet for their potential merger.
Under the Non-Binding term sheet, Ayala and House of Investments agreed to an exclusivity period to complete due diligence, and to finalize the terms and conditions of the proposed merger within the first quarter of 2018. All terms and conditions of the proposed merger, including the involvement of House of Investments and Ayala Corporation in the management of the surviving entity, iPeople, shall be presented for approval by the parties’ respective boards of directors and merging parties’ stockholders, and the transaction will be subject to the requisite regulatory approvals as well.  
 What to expect from merger?

The education merger between Ayala Corporation and House of Investment’s education segmewnt is expected to bring together the educational institutions of House of Investments and Ayala Corporation (iPeople and AEI respectively). It shall include iPeople and its significant subsidiary, Malayan Education System, Inc. (Operating under the name of Mapua University), a leading private engineering and technical university in the country, a world ranked QS-3 star university and the school with the most CHED Centers of Excellence in Engineering, and its subsidiaries, Malayan Colleges Laguna, the best board exam performing private school in Calabarzon, and Malayan Colleges Mindanao, and AEI and its subsidiaries, the University of Nueva Caceres, one of the oldest and largest universities in Bicol, and APEC Schools, the largest stand-alone chain of private high schools in the country. Together, the combined population would be over 40,000 students.


“We are looking forward to this potential merger. Mapua’s reputation as a leading private engineering and technical university in the country, together with AEI’s ability to provide quality education leading to enhanced employability, at an affordable price, would enable the Yuchengco Group of Companies and Ayala Corporation to jointly contribute to the improvement of the quality of education in the Philippines, for the benefit of all sectors of society,” said Mrs. Helen Y. Dee, Chairperson of House of Investments, Inc.


“We are very pleased about this opportunity to partner with the Yuchengco Group of Companies to help build our nation through education. Our belief is that the potential combination of iPeople and AEI would create significant synergies that would enable us to better equip students for compelling futures.” said Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala, Chairman and CEO of Ayala Corporation.

Is the Clock Ticking for Liam Neeson?

In Review: The Commuter (Psychological / Police Thriller)
Cast: Liam Neeson, Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga, Sam Neill, Jonathan Banks

Director: Jamie Collet-Sera

Liam Neeson has done it all – including a 2017 political drama on whistle blower Mark Felt. But the clock ticks even more for the aging British Irish actor in the action packed thriller The Commuter. Why do I say that? Neeson has aged tremendously over the years, and the six foot taller actor does not mind acknowledging seniority for this blockbuster movie. And viewers don’t seem to mind either, and there seem to be no element slowing down Neeson. The Commuter finds Liam playing a familiar screen role we have previously seen in the Taken, which ended with two seller screen sequels. It means, despite the tease of piracy, Neeson’s fans flocked to theaters to watch the man do what he does best: take the bad guys down! And he does that rather fluently in The Commuter. Neeson is not new with this action foreplay, winding up in a commuter train headed for derailment. Storyline is canned, if not formulaic for Neeson’s thing for a Hollywood tailored weekend movie. And nowhere is that close to what Steven Seagal did for Under Siege sequel, which found Segal pursuing terrorists on a live train. Neeson, and forgive me for taking a back seat on Segal, provides more depth to character. It is a perfect to a thin plotting detailed immensely for a box office run. The Commuter familiarly reminds how the late Charles Bronson trailed years on Death Wish’s popularity – and it still is a great cable movie choice people watch. Neeson could be heading out this way following tough one-man army character reputation, and this is apart from the voice casting he did for Narnia or character he billed for the first pre-quel to the Star Wars trilogy on Darth Vadar’s origin, he stamped with Taken. That behind, and Neeson tall tailing relentlessly on his multi-million dollar screen billing, The Commuter sweetly step up the game for another high cracking action thriller tailored for Liam Neeson. It is not a bad thing where Neeson does much of the action scenes without stalling signs inside this commuter train hitting 70kms/hour. While some scenes have been digitally covered to intentionally hide Neeson’s catching age, the actor’s form says little of that sagging reality. He is in full character control of the entire leg of the two hour movie. It can be draining shooting a film this length but Liam manages to work around the clock with smooth transitions prevailing towards film’s finalizing climax. Neeson put up a great deal bringing fourth a screen character detailed for Dwayne Jonhson. But how action stars can actually put up a good fight with acting sense? Few actors can actually do that in the present tense. Liam Neeson, like Charles Bronson, does that with quality to character – including drama. The Commuterm which sets its billed characters on seasoned thespians with Oscar citations, is a serious action packed film worth your family weekend watch. Liam Neeson may have slightly age, but that is not the case for actor’s consequently adrenalizing and legendary screen billing.