Is the Clock Ticking for Liam Neeson?

In Review: The Commuter (Psychological / Police Thriller)
Cast: Liam Neeson, Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga, Sam Neill, Jonathan Banks

Director: Jamie Collet-Sera

Liam Neeson has done it all – including a 2017 political drama on whistle blower Mark Felt. But the clock ticks even more for the aging British Irish actor in the action packed thriller The Commuter. Why do I say that? Neeson has aged tremendously over the years, and the six foot taller actor does not mind acknowledging seniority for this blockbuster movie. And viewers don’t seem to mind either, and there seem to be no element slowing down Neeson. The Commuter finds Liam playing a familiar screen role we have previously seen in the Taken, which ended with two seller screen sequels. It means, despite the tease of piracy, Neeson’s fans flocked to theaters to watch the man do what he does best: take the bad guys down! And he does that rather fluently in The Commuter. Neeson is not new with this action foreplay, winding up in a commuter train headed for derailment. Storyline is canned, if not formulaic for Neeson’s thing for a Hollywood tailored weekend movie. And nowhere is that close to what Steven Seagal did for Under Siege sequel, which found Segal pursuing terrorists on a live train. Neeson, and forgive me for taking a back seat on Segal, provides more depth to character. It is a perfect to a thin plotting detailed immensely for a box office run. The Commuter familiarly reminds how the late Charles Bronson trailed years on Death Wish’s popularity – and it still is a great cable movie choice people watch. Neeson could be heading out this way following tough one-man army character reputation, and this is apart from the voice casting he did for Narnia or character he billed for the first pre-quel to the Star Wars trilogy on Darth Vadar’s origin, he stamped with Taken. That behind, and Neeson tall tailing relentlessly on his multi-million dollar screen billing, The Commuter sweetly step up the game for another high cracking action thriller tailored for Liam Neeson. It is not a bad thing where Neeson does much of the action scenes without stalling signs inside this commuter train hitting 70kms/hour. While some scenes have been digitally covered to intentionally hide Neeson’s catching age, the actor’s form says little of that sagging reality. He is in full character control of the entire leg of the two hour movie. It can be draining shooting a film this length but Liam manages to work around the clock with smooth transitions prevailing towards film’s finalizing climax. Neeson put up a great deal bringing fourth a screen character detailed for Dwayne Jonhson. But how action stars can actually put up a good fight with acting sense? Few actors can actually do that in the present tense. Liam Neeson, like Charles Bronson, does that with quality to character – including drama. The Commuterm which sets its billed characters on seasoned thespians with Oscar citations, is a serious action packed film worth your family weekend watch. Liam Neeson may have slightly age, but that is not the case for actor’s consequently adrenalizing and legendary screen billing.

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