Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+: Is it the smartphone choice to beat for 2018?

After the long teasing, Samsung finally unveiled what could be the best smartphone find for 2018! I am talking about the newly launched Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. It is as good as the current Samsung Note 8 phablet series, and maybe even more better than Apple’s iPhone X. But that is tech excitement beefing up, and we want inslashout readers to realize for themselves if the Samsung Galaxy S9 /S9 Plus is the smartphone to lead for 2018. 
Inslashout lets you in on the finer spec details with this hot report from Samsung’s turf.


Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. introduces the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+, the smartphones that reimagine the way we communicate, share and experience the world. Made for the way we increasingly communicate and express ourselves more with images, videos and emojis, the Galaxy S9 and S9+ drive innovation with Samsung’s most advanced camera ever. Redesigned with a new dual aperture lens that powers an innovative low light camera, Super Slow-mo video capabilities and personalized AR Emoji, the Galaxy S9 and S9+ ensure you never miss a moment and make your everyday epic.


The Galaxy S9 and S9+ deliver an enhanced entertainment experience with powerful stereo speakers tuned by AKG, surround sound supported by Dolby Atmos and a refined edge-to-edge Infinity Display – a key staple in Samsung’s design heritage. In addition, the Galaxy S9 and S9+ will come with the new SmartThings app, which unites Samsung’s existing IoT services into one single, smart experience.  


“The way we use our smartphones has changed as communication and self-expression has evolved,” said DJ Koh, president and Head of IT & Mobile Communications Division, Samsung Electronics. “With the Galaxy S9 and S9+, we have reimagined the smartphone camera. Not only does the Galaxy S9 and S9+ enable consumers to shoot the best photos and videos anywhere, it’s a smartphone that’s designed to help them connect to others and express themselves in a way that’s unique and personal to them.”


Camera Reimagined

Today’s cameras are for more than taking pictures – they’re for connecting and communicating. Consumers want a smartphone camera with state-of-the-art technology so they can express themselves with high-quality images and tools to tell their own, unique story. The Galaxy S9 and S9+’s cameras are built with these consumers in mind, with a Super Speed Dual Pixel sensor with dedicated processing power and memory that can combine up to 12 frames into one amazing shot for the highest photo quality possible. The Galaxy S9 and S9+’s camera features include:


Super Slow-mo: Make every day moments epic with dynamic, slow-motion video that captures 960 frames per second. The Galaxy S9 and S9+ also offers automatic Motion Detection, an intelligent feature that detects movement in the frame and automatically begins to record – all users have to do is set up the shot. After capturing the Super Slow-mo video, users can select background music from 35 different options or add a tune from their favorite playlist. Users can also easily create, edit and share GIF files with a simple tap in three playful styles of looping to watch the action over and over.


Low Light Camera: Good lighting is the secret to any great photo. But often, photos are taken in less-than-ideal lighting conditions and most smartphone cameras have a fixed aperture that can’t adjust to low or bright lighting environments resulting in grainy or washed out pictures. Similar to the way the iris of a human eye expands and contracts, Samsung’s Dual Aperture[1] (F1.5 – F2.4) automatically lets in more light when it’s dark and less light when it’s too bright, taking photos that are crisp and clear anytime, anywhere.


AR Emoji: Samsung lets users create an emoji that looks, sounds and acts just like them. AR Emoji uses a data-based machine learning algorithm, which analyzes a 2D image of the user and maps out more than 100 facial features to create a 3D model that reflects and imitates expressions, like winks and nods, for true personalization. AR Emoji shares your real-life feelings not only in video but also with a range of stickers in uses a standard AGIF file format so users can share their emojis across most third-party messaging platforms.


Bixby: Samsung’s intelligence platform, integrated into the camera, uses augmented reality and deep learning technologies to provide helpful information about a user’s surroundings.[2] With real-time object detection and recognition, Bixby instantly generates information directly on top of the image that the camera is pointing at. Users can translate foreign languages and currency in real time with Live Translation, learn about their surroundings.


Entertainment Reimagined

Smartphones are often our go-to choice for entertainment, which is why Samsung created a device that offers premium sound experiences with stereo speakers tuned by AKG. Whether users are watching their favorite movie or streaming their favorite artist’s latest album, sounds are clear, crisp and rich in quality. The Galaxy S9 and S9+ also support Dolby Atmos, giving the effect of 360-degree sound. 


The Galaxy S9 and S9+ audio experience is complemented by Samsung’s revolutionary Infinity Display. First introduced on the Galaxy S8, the bold, bright Super AMOLED Infinity Display blends right into the phone with virtually no distracting bezels. With adaptive contrast enhancement, users can use their device even in direct sunlight.


A Device that Fits with the Connected Lifestyle

As the first smartphone to support the new SmartThings app, the Galaxy S9 and S9+ are the central hub to manage every facet of the connected lifestyle at home, at the office or on the go. The SmartThings app will be introduced with S9 and S9+, and will connect to other Samsung and non-Samsung devices.


For those constantly on the move, the next-generation Samsung DeX empowers a mobile lifestyle by bringing a large, full-screen experience to the mobile handset. With DeX Pad, a new docking system, users can easily connect the Galaxy S9 and S9+ to a larger monitor, keyboard and mouse to expand the mobile experience with enhanced document editing or even full-screen gaming.[3] Users can also transform the Galaxy S9 and S9+ into a Touch Keyboard[4] and Touch Pad with the DeX Pad.[5] 


The Best Comes Standard with the Galaxy Foundation

Samsung sets the gold standard for smartphones including IP68 water and dust resistance, and fast wireless charging. The Galaxy S9 and S9+ go a step beyond. The devices now support expandable memory of up to 400GB and are equipped with the latest premium application processors offering powerful performance and sophisticated image processing.


In addition, the Galaxy S9 and S9+ give users the peace of mind knowing that their phone is protected by Knox 3.1, Samsung’s latest defense-grade security platform. The Galaxy S9 and S9+ support three different biometric authentication options – iris, fingerprint, and facial recognition – so users can choose the best way to protect their device and applications. The devices support Intelligent Scan, a new verification that intelligently uses the collective strength of iris scanning and facial recognition technology to quickly and conveniently unlock a user’s phone in any environment. The Galaxy S9 and S9+ also introduce Dedicated Fingerprint, giving users the option to use a different fingerprint to access Secure Folder than the one used to unlock the phone.


The Galaxy S9 and S9+ takes health to the next level with an improved optical sensor built directly into the device, providing richer, more accurate information on user’s health status. This sensor allows the Galaxy S9 and S9+ to keep track of users’ Heart Load Factor, a new measurement of the real-time demand placed on your heart.


The Galaxy S9 and S9+ will be available starting in March 16, 2018 and will be offered in Midnight Black, Coral Blue, and a new hue, Lilac Purple.


Pre-order the Galaxy S9 and S9+ from February 27 to March 6, 2018 and get one exclusive gift of your choice along with complimentary bundles and discount on Samsung wearables. Visit your nearest Samsung experience store or select Abenson’s or SM Appliance stores nationwide. To know more about the newest Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+, visit or visit our Facebook page, .


Creative freedom exploited through PMC-Brilliante Mendoza collaboration

Power Mac Center has always been all-out in supporting technology-assisted creative expression. Just recently, the premier Apple partner gathered young creatives, mostly photographers and videographers, in an event called Lounge to help them build connections in the industry, get to interact and learn first-hand from professionals like Director Brillante Mendoza and Shaira Luna, and discover powerful devices to boost their craft.

In partnership with LaCie, a French brand of digital storage solutions, Power Mac Center was able to get internationally acclaimed Director Brillante Mendoza to talk about his experience in the film industry and give the young creatives tips in filmmaking.

“I use several cameras on the set. I use three to four cameras on the set. 4K lahat so mabibigat yung mga files so on the set, we make sure na right after the shoot or even during the shoot actually, kailangan tina-transfer and LaCie is really very useful in that aspect,” Mendoza told his audience.

An independent filmmaker through and through, Mendoza enjoys the full creative freedom to tell his story the way he wants to. His biggest challenge though, was sourcing for funds. So in order to secure his hard work, which is the film itself, Mendoza makes sure to invest in equipment that are reliable and provide him with complete peace of mind.

Meanwhile, for her part, professional fashion and advertising photographer Shaira Luna talked about what drives her to follow her passion in photography and how LaCie complements her on-the-go lifestyle and keeps her file transfer speedy and protected.

“I’m very thankful that I have LaCie to back me up. I just have so many pictures if only you know. I’ve started organizing my Instagram into color themes because I just have that many photos,” Luna said.
Luna loves being a photographer because it allows her to travel and meet a lot of people, especially creative minds she gets to work with in the process.

“Power Mac Center shares LaCie’s commitment to support the creative community. More than anything, we provide solutions to the demands of the industry from creatives of today,” said Power Mac Center Marketing Director Joey Alvarez.
An evening of fun, learning, and discovery, the Lounge event was meant to bring creatives together and “lounge” with industry movers to share/brew ideas. LaCie will continue to hold such pocket events for its new products this 2018.

LaCie is Seagate’s premium brand of world-class storage solutions designed for Mac users, photographers, videographers, audio professionals, and other power users. Its products are available in Power Mac Center stores nationwide. For more information as well as updates on future events, follow @powermaccenteron Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube.

PLDT Steps up Ph Fiber rollout, fixed broadband speed up 50% 

Fixed broadband internet speeds in the country have improved markedly as Philippine telecom operators led by PLDT Inc. step up deployment of fiber-powered facilities.
In its latest Speedtest Global Index report, Ookla, a leading global Internet testing and analysis firm, said that the country’s download speeds increased 50 percent from 10.16 Mbps to 15.67 Mbps, while upload speeds jumped from 7.28 Mbps to 13.53 Mbps.
“These results reflect the growing impact of our ongoing efforts to provide fiber-powered broadband services to more customers in more areas of the country,” said Oscar A. Reyes, Jr., PLDT SVP and Head of Consumer Business Market Development.
As of end-2017, the coverage of PLDT’s industry-leading Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) network had reached four million homes passed as of end-2017. With the ongoing network modernization and upgrade plans in the pipeline, PLDT expects to reach more homes and businesses across the country as it expands fixed broadband coverage by about 30 per cent to 5.1 million homes passed.
In terms of capacity, PLDT will double its fiber and hybrid fiber broadband capacity from 1.1 million ports as of end 2017 to over 2.2 million ports within the next two years.
Aside from deploying more fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) facilities, PLDT is also upgrading its copper-based broadband service to the much faster hybrid fiber connections. By 2019, virtually all of PLDT’s 1.3 million copper-based DSL subscribers will enjoy Fibr-fast internet. 
Reyes said the steady rise in the country’s fixed broadband speeds can be attributed to the company’s response to the growing demand for digital services from Filipinos who increasingly rely on the internet for information, entertainment, security and, of course, communication.
“The internet is a basic necessity for most Filipino families. The robust growth of our subscriber base reflects Filipinos’ voracious appetite for more than just high-speed connections. Filipinos want digital services and content that add value and complement their diverse lifestyles,” Reyes said.
In the first half of 2017, PLDT’s home broadband subscriber base increased 10 per cent to 3.88 million users, while revenue went up by 12 per cent from P15.8 billion during the same period. Revenue growth from its Home Segment was driven by data services, which grew 15 per cent to P9.7 billion in the first semester of the previous year.
Reyes added that PLDT’s dominance in home broadband and residential digital services is a product of the telco giant’s early shift to digital technology which began with the introduction of DSL.
“Ookla’s latest report reinforces our gains and successes in bringing high-speed internet to more Filipinos nationwide,” Reyes concluded. “In the past year, we’ve strengthened our leadership in the fixed broadband business and we look forward to building on this momentum as we continue to invest in network infrastructure that will benefit more Filipino homes.”
PLDT Chairman and CEO Manny V. Pangilinan had previously noted that the “massive effort” to improve and expand PLDT’s network and the “historically high CAPEX levels” reiterate the telco leader’s commitment to “deliver better coverage and quality products and services to our customers.”
The accelerated FTTH roll-out has enabled more customers to access PLDT Home’s industry-leading products and services, particularly its SmartHome suite of cutting-edge security devices—the home monitoring system Fam Cam, the cyber security platform Fam Zone and the multi-functional kiddie gadget Smart Watch. On the entertainment end, PLDT Home offers its flagship entertainment platform, the Roku-Powered™ TVolution—an all-in-one box which houses content from top providers like Cignal, Netflix, iflix and Youtube.
PLDT Home also introduced the Philippines’ first and only Whole Home WiFi solution, a product-and-service package that connects the entire home to a strong all-in-one broadband and smart WiFi network.
The PLDT group has invested over P300 billion or approximately $6 billion over the last 10 years in building its integrated fixed and wireless network, which includes the country’s most extensive fiber transmission and distribution infrastructure which now has over 170,000 kilometers of fiber optic cables that support the growing data traffic of its fixed line and mobile networks.

Telco Globe readies network for emerging IoT services with 700 MHz band

Globe Telecom is enabling its network to support emerging Internet of Things (IoT) services, making full use of all the 700-megahertz spectrum and other existing LTE spectrum assets the company is currently assigned with. Globe is now piloting Narrow Band- Internet of Things (NB-IoT) technology due to its inherent advantage of long reach and range, while enhancing mobile data services.   

NB-IoT is one of the three 3GPP standards-based low power wide area (LPWA) technology developed to enable a wide range of new IoT devices and services. NB-IoT as a standard is more developed compared to other defined 3GPP standards and the device ecosystem is evolving at a much faster pace. 

Out of the 3 standards endorsed by 3GPP, Globe has enabled NB-IoT as this technology will have far reaching benefits for many people, industries, even communities and early adopters would be able to enjoy its benefits. Huawei and Nokia, Globe existing technology partners, are collaborating in this journey, ensuring network readiness to support new services. 

 “Given new business requirements in a highly digital environment, Globe is gearing up to deploy emerging IoT services relevant to various enterprises including the public sector. This is all part of our commitment to enable enterprises take advantage of the latest technological innovations, which is vital in driving economic competitiveness and growth in the country,” Globe Telecom President & CEO Ernest Cu said. 

The Philippines is a good use case for a number of emerging IoT services that include parking sensors, water meter reading, lighting control, garbage collection and flood control, among others.

“Fundamentally, IoT is about creating a digital ecosystem for services that are being used by various organizations. The use of IoT-related services is growing significantly around the world and it is time that we adopt them in the Philippines so that local enterprises can take advantage of the business benefits derived from these new technologies,” Cu stressed.

Globe has also been aggressively deploying LTE sites nationwide. Globe has deployed to date around 1,750 LTE sites across the country using the 700 MHz band. More than
700 cell sites are located in Metro Manila, providing pervasive LTE mobile connectivity to its customers.

Globe has also deployed Massive MIMO (MM) as part of its technology roadmap. MM is the fundamental radio access technology for 5G. The 5G network targets to have higher speeds, lower latency and better capacity, enabling higher density of mobile broadband users and supports device-to-device connectivity and massive machine communications.

Globe, Facebook launch “Digital Discernment” module to promote responsible digital citizenship 

Globe Telecom and Facebook recently launched a new “Digital Discernment” workshop, coinciding with Safer Internet Day on February 6, 2018. More than 100 public school students and teachers from Manila participated in the workshop, which included topics to teach people how to think critically online, and identify credible information from questionable information. Content includes practical tips on how to verify and examine online sources, and identify facts from opinions. The workshop promotes responsible digital citizenship among teachers and students in public and private schools across the country under the “Digital Thumbprint Program” or DTP. The workshop was led by Chelle Obligacion-Gray, Globe Director for Citizenship (2nd from left), Clair Deevy Facebook Head of Community Affairs Asia Pacific (3rd from left), Miguel Bermundo Globe Citizenship Manager (3rd from right), module facilitator Chris Kuzhuppilly (extreme left), along with DepEd representatives.

Samsung Galaxy J2: Everyday summer smartphone for seamless calls, text and social networking!

Tired of your older smartphone with that clunky hanging old processor! It is a sign you need to move on with a brand new smartphone that you can seamlessly lean on for wireless communication and social networking throughout the lean and warm Philippine summer season. Inslashout details with this exciting Samsung smartphone you can trust!

It’s almost summer, and most of us are planning to use our free time to catch up on our favorite online videos, playing games and watch a lot of trending summer hacks online. In this tech-driven world, we’re betting that a lot of us are bound to do that on our mobile phones. With this in mind, Samsung Electronic Philippines Corporation recently brought a new addition to its J-Series lineup in the form of the all new Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro that will definitely add to “full color” to your viewing experience!


The Galaxy J2 Pro gives you the perfect binge-watching experience for all the time you have to spare this summer, with its 5” Super AMOLED display touchscreen and a 540 x 960 resolution that allows you to watch your favorite videos in striking clarity.


The Galaxy J2 Pro also comes with an 8MP F2.2 Rear and 5MP F2.2 Front cameras that let you capture more vivid moments. It has a 16GB internal memory storage, expandable with up to 256GB external memory, and operates with 1.5GB RAM, giving you a seamless performance suitable with your everyday viewing needs.


The Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro is now available in the Philippines at a suggested retail price of PHP 7,490.00. For more details on where you can purchase and know more about the new Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro, you can visit the Samsung Galaxy Studio located at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig or visit our websites, or log on to .


Scotch to love

Philippines joins the celebration of International Scotch Day. And, yes, Filipinos do know how to enjoy their Scotch. Inslashout details with this encticing and spirited feature.


With its breadth of offerings in tastes and textures, Scotch is undoubtedly the world’s favorite whisky. Last February 8, #LoveScotch celebrated International Scotch Day – an event that’s all about properly recognizing Scotland’s greatest gift.


Now on its 2rd year, International Scotch Day is a moment to shine the spotlight on the wide-ranging Scotch category. From single malts to blended Scotch, the celebration pays homage to the rich history and impeccable craftsmanship that have successfully worked in harmony to produce the flavors of the likes of Johnnie Walker and Singleton – some of the world’s favorite Scotch brands today.


Befitting such a celebration, Diageo Philippines has brought in Ervin Trykowski, Diageo’s Global Ambassador for Scotch Whisky, to host an exclusive masterclass on 6 different types of Scotch. Born and raised in Scotland, Ervin knows Scotch inside and out and, with his young age, has challenged perceptions of what being a Scotch fan is.


“Smoky, fruity, honeyed, the list goes on – Scotch has such an expansive reach in flavor and quality and every sip is a discovery,” shares Trykowski. “There is a flavor for every mood; there is a taste for every situation – #LoveScotch encourages everyone to discover the perfect Scotch to match.”