LG lets you be in control with new ACP 5

Global technology leader LG Electronics gives you more control as it rolled out another game-changing innovation—the newest central controller, the ACP 5.
The fifth-generation solution incorporates a number of upgrades that respond directly to users’ feedback. With LG’s innovative technologies onboard, the model boasts an exceptionally smart management system, expanded capabilities and features designed to increase operational efficiency.
“LG is a company committed to utilize technology in making innovative solutions to address the ever-evolving consumer needs. With unparalleled features enabling sophisticated control and greater compatibility, the ACP 5 delivers the convenience and control our customers demand.”
The ACP 5 also has a user-friendly interface with easy to monitor energy consumption information.
Smarter than ever
A crucial component of the ACP 5 is its intuitive and smarter control setup. Rather than having to be on-site to operate the system, users can control it remotely from a PC, tablet or smartphone. Compatible with HTML5, the user interface (UI) is optimized for a range of devices.
Users can monitor and control a variety of functions via the intuitive UI. At a glance, they can check operating status, energy usage trends and environmental conditions. As users can visually identify a unit that is working sub-optimally, they can easily adjust energy consumption to minimize inefficiency and lower running costs.
To expand the range of available control options from previous models, LG has enhanced the interlock function on the ACP 5. This allows for far more than the automated execution of basic tasks, such as turning the power on and off. The ACP 5 can handle multiple complex tasks, conducting them in a designated sequence.
For instance, the user can set up pre-determined actions for specific occurrences, such as ceasing operation if an alarm indicating refrigerant leakage sounds continuously for three minutes. In addition, the user can control the settings to delay each output by up to 60 minutes.
More efficient energy management
Thanks to the ACP 5’s smart energy navigation function, users can effortlessly adjust energy consumption to reduce costs and save power.
By analyzing past usage, the solution can help predict energy demand. In addition, accurate simulation software helps to prevent the system from exceeding consumption targets in the future.


What is LG Electronics?

Life’s about more than having the latest technology, rather, it’s about the experiences technology creates that impact our lives. LG Electronics Philippines delivers consumer electronics through top-of-the-line home entertainment, home appliances, and air solution products, that prepare Filipinos for their greatest moments. LG promises to bring “Innovation for a Better Life” nationwide – from Luzon, to Visayas, and Mindanao

Xiaomi launch flagship Mi MIX 3 (5G) and Mi 9 smartphones in Barcelona

Mi MIX 3, which features phenomenal 5G wireless technology,  coming out this May 2019! 

Global technology leader Xiaomi today announced its first 5G-ready smartphone, Mi MIX 3 5G. To be available in select markets in May, Mi MIX 3 5G brings 5G wireless technology to Mi MIX 3, using the latest Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 855 Mobile Platform with the Snapdragon X50 modem for unleashing transformative 5G experience. Following shortly after the announcement in Chinese Mainland, Mi 9 has also been announced for other global markets. Mi 9 is Xiaomi’s latest flagship, featuring an AI triple camera, class-leading 20W wireless charging and unimaginable performance powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Mobile Platform. 

Xiaomi’s road to 5G

Xiaomi set its sights on a 5G solution as early as in May 2016 by establishing a team to deep dive on 5G standards and to start exploratory research. As a major participant of 5G trials organized by China Mobile, Xiaomi successfully tested n78 signal connection in September 2018, and completed mmWave (millimeter wave) signal test one month later. By that time, only a handful of smartphone manufacturers in the world had successfully conducted such testings.

With a mission to innovate, Xiaomi first developed numerous strategic 5G partnerships with key service providers across the globe, such as 3, Sunrise, TIM, Vodafone and many more. The next step was to make 5G devices available to consumers, and to achieve that Xiaomi had been working tirelessly with some of these carriers since the early stages of Mi MIX 3 5G development. With the official announcement of Mi MIX 3 5G, Xiaomi is now one of the first smartphone manufacturers to produce a 5G phone for commercial use. At the launch event, Xiaomi demonstrated the readiness of Mi MIX 3 5G with a live demo, made possible using the 5G network provided by Orange Spain. 

“Xiaomi has spent tremendous efforts developing a 5G smartphone solution and Mi MIX 3 5G represents Xiaomi’s quest to create innovative products for everyone,” said Wang Xiang, Senior Vice President of Xiaomi. “We are also delighted and honored to be working with our partners to make 5G a reality for even more users all over the world.”


Mi MIX 3 5G—A performance beast ready for the next-generation mobile network

Integrating the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ X50 5G modem, Mi MIX 3 5G can connect to sub-6GHz signal that has gigabit-class download speed, which is tens of times faster than 4G network. Besides, the phone is one of the earliest adopters of the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC, sustaining a long, stable peak performance thanks to a newly designed hybrid cooling system.

Snapdragon 855 Mobile Platform and advanced cooling

Inside Mi MIX 3 is the newly crowned Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Mobile Platform, built using the latest 7nm process. The Qualcomm Kryo 485 CPU incorporates eight cores for a great balance between performance and power efficiency. Single core performance is up to 45% faster, a great leap from the previous generation. The Qualcomm Adreno™ 640 GPU see increased performance by 20% compared to the previous generation, and the fourth-generation Qualcomm AI Engine provides up to three times faster AI performance. 

“We are thrilled to continue our long-standing collaboration with Xiaomi to help bring deliver unprecedented 5G speeds and transformative user experiences to consumers through their latest flagship smartphone, Mi MIX 3 5G,” said Cristiano Amon, President, Qualcomm Incorporated. “Powering the new Mi MIX 3 5G and Mi 9, the Snapdragon 855 Mobile Platform features the 4th generation Qualcomm AI Engine to make your phone the ultimate personal assistant, the world’s first announced Qualcomm Spectra Computer Vision ISP to capture cinema-grade photography, and Snapdragon elite gaming to transform your premium smartphone into a powerful gaming machine.”

To support applications requiring high-levels of device performance during extended periods of time, such as advanced multi-player gaming, Xiaomi has also developed a highly-advanced hybrid cooling system for Mi MIX 3 5G. The Rogers® HeatSORB™ thermal material implements a phase change effect that quickly captures heat generated by the device under demanding scenarios and delays temperature increases. Then, a passive heat pipe composed of six layers of graphite disperses heat at a speed three times faster than a typical dual graphite sheet. 

World-class photography 

Mi MIX 3 5G inherits the same 12MP AI dual camera from Mi MIX 3, which received a DxOMark photo score of 108, and features all the AI features users have come to expect from Xiaomi smartphones, including 960 fps slow-motion video capabilities. For selfies, Mi MIX 3 5G offers a 24MP + 2MP dual camera setup, making great use of Sony’s IMX576 sensor to capture more detail. The camera is managed by the Q

Daikin hit 10th Year, vows to bring more energy efficient home appliance products that improves air quality in the Philippines

by E. Lorete / http://www.inslashout.wordpress.com / http://www.inslashout.blog.com

Premiere household appliance brand Daikin is celebrating its 10th anniversary in the Philippines. The tech appliance company, known for its its award winning commercial and urban design airconditioning or air cooling technologies/ products, is vent on bringing more cooling products that actually improves the air quality. Targetting the growing, particularly those living in condominium type residences – where air quality simply drops to unhealthy levels without filtering air system, will greatly benefit from Daikin’s future cooling air system innovations. Daikin, for those who do not understand how to manage indoor air quality, “refers to the air quality within and around builddings and structures, especially as it relates to health and comfort of building occupantns”. Daikin stressed, during its anniversary celebration held at The Marriott Hotel in Pasay City, that “health effects from indoor air pollutants may be exprienced soon after exposure or, possibly, years later. As part of its green building advocacy, Daikin is well aware how the world air quality is deteriorating – requiring action and need to stop compromising wellness with progress. With greening principle in place, Daikin, for its 10th year, reinforcing its local presences with more health beneficial products adapting to Filipino’s urban community lifestyle, launched, for its air cooling lines, the new Super Multi-5. The single condensing air cooling unit allows connection of up to 3 indoor units compared to conventional single-split. Units. While single split unit design is widely present in the aircon cooling market, Daikin’s multi split systems are designed or optimized up to 5 indoor units, making tech design the perfect choice for space limited condominiums that is becoming a norm for urban residents preferring to live closer to their adapted work spaces in the city. For specifics, Daikin’s design can fit a 20- sqm spaced bedroom unit, something made possible with more compact design and low power output – something most career individuals look for outside their costly monthly billings. It gives user all the benefit of an inverter split type air conditioner but at a bargain price. Launch seconded with Daikin’s premium inverter, the FTKM, which is brand’s 5-star energy efficient residential airconditioner series designed to give urban homes the best air-conditioning experience. It is cooling air draft blow design does not hit directly on your head, steering instead upward for circulation into corners creating a comfortable ambience. Daikin introduced brand’s new large floor standing model. Daikin’s so-called packaged air conditioners boast of a larger capacity and superior performance, perfect for go-to-products detailed for air cooling system requirements for industries like factories and airports. For its signature and trending flagships products, Daikin brought in the VRV series with state of the art air corrosion model. Designed for dependability, long term usage this particular air cooling unit user this superior corrosion-resistant hot dip zinc-luminum-magnesium allow coated steel sheet. It is said to be 10-20 times better than hot dip zinc coated steek sheets. Daikin has adapted the inverter technology tech giants have been adapting for mass air cooling products that appeal to mass consumers – including the Philippines that prefer high performing but affordable home appliances for long term deployment. Inverter leaning home appliances are widely preferred since it cuts electricity consumption, and it is known to have green environment friendly effects for regular urban household facilitations. Daikin, given its reputation of providing the best, safe and urban household friendly home appliances, said its 10th year means bringing in more advanced technology appliances that reconciles with needs of Filipino households, urban communities adapting to fast urban residential design in metro cities like Manila, Cebu and Davao.

Vivo Gives You Reason to Liven Up Your Summer Day with #WhatGetsYouUp

Every day, we’re flooded with endless tasks, whether at work or at school. While it may be easy to be bogged down by the daunting work ahead, the key is to re-focus on the things that get us up and actually make us happy.

Here are three tips to keep you in good spirits and ready for the everyday grind:


1.) Surround yourself with people that uplift you

Keeping the right people by your side can completely change your life. There’s no better motivation than being surrounded by friends and loved ones who inspire you to be the best that you can be and who cheer you on in the process.


2.) Engage in activities that will elevate your life

Do you have a passion project that you’ve always wanted to pursue? Why not give it a try? Immersing yourself in hobbies, developing your talents, or learning new skills during your spare time are things that can really enrich your life.    


3.)Indulge in instant mood boosters

Sometimes the simple joys make all the difference. Watching an episode of your favorite series, dancing and singing along to your favorite song, or even playing a quick game on your smartphone can help reduce some stress and instantly boost your mood.


Nowadays, technology is seamlessly intertwined with most of our life moments, so it’s important to find a tool that enhances these experiences. Luckily, Vivo smartphones are here to empower you with cutting-edge technologies that elevate every day moments.


Capturing the best moments with friends and family is easier with Vivo smartphone’s upgraded cameras and innovative photo modes. Watching movies, videos and playing mobile games just got more immersive with their FullView™ Display. For those who want an over-all optimal phone experience, Vivo ensures a powerful performance with improved battery life, storage, and processors to help you achieve more.


So, what are you waiting for? Discover #WhatGetsYouUp with Vivo! The top global brand has something special coming up so stay tuned and head on over to (https://www.facebook.com/VivoPhil/) for the latest updates.



What is Vivo?

Vivo is a leading global technology company committed to creating trendsetting smart mobile innovations and services. Vivo is devoted to forming a vibrant mobile internet ecosystem, and currently owns and operates an extensive network of research operations, with R&D centers focusing on the development of cutting-edge consumer technologies including 5G, AI, mobile photography and next-generation smartphone design.


In recent years, Vivo has taken frequent efforts in the sports field and is committed to promoting the mutual penetration of the brand’s diverse fields and diversifying its brand image. Vivo Philippines announced its partnership with the NBA by the end of 2017.


Currently, Vivo has over two hundred million users enjoying its mobile products and services around the world. Vivo is present in 18 markets globally and features offline retail stores in over 1,000 cities worldwide. In the Philippines, Vivo is the top3 smartphone brand in terms of market share with 1.5 million users nationwide.


Make way for Samsung’s first of its kind foldable smartphone the ‘Galaxy Fold’

by E. Lorete / http://www.inslashout,wordpress.com / http://www.inslashout.blog.com

News about foldable screens have been mounting since early 2018. While a handful Chinese brands have forwarded prototypes of sought after smartphone feature, gadget brand Samsung did theirs with a smacking make that is making everyone think more what Galaxy Fold is all about. Let us take a look at the fine features of the foldable Samsung device the Galaxy Fold. 

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. unveiled the highly anticipated Galaxy Fold, a new foldable device creating a new mobile category. Galaxy Fold features the world’s first 7.3-inch Infinity Flex Display, which folds into a compact device with a cover display. Galaxy Fold offers a powerful new way to multitask, watch videos, play games, and more – bringing to life new experiences and possibilities years in the making. 

“Today, Samsung is writing the next chapter in mobile innovation history by changing what’s possible in a smartphone. Galaxy Fold introduces a completely new category that unlocks new capabilities never seen before with our Infinity Flex Display.” said DJ Koh, President and CEO of IT & Mobile Communications Division, Samsung Electronics. “We created Galaxy Fold for those that want to experience what a premium foldable device can do, beyond the limitations of a traditional smartphone.” 
A Smartphone. A Tablet. Folded into One. 

Galaxy Fold is in a category of its own. It delivers a new kind of mobile experience allowing users to do things they couldn’t do with an ordinary smartphone. Users now have the best of both worlds; a compact device that unfolds to reveal Samsung’s largest-ever smartphone display. Galaxy Fold brings together material, engineering and display innovations, developed over eight years following the debut of Samsung’s first flexible display prototype in 2011. 

New Display Materials: The internal screen does not merely bend. It folds. Folding is a more intuitive motion, and a more difficult innovation to deliver. Samsung invented a new polymer layer and created a display around 50 percent thinner than the typical smartphone display. The new material makes Galaxy Fold flexible and tough, built to last. 

New Hinging Mechanism: Galaxy Fold opens smoothly and naturally, like a book, and closes flat and compact with a satisfying click. To achieve this, Samsung engineered a sophisticated hinge with multiple interlocking gears. This system is housed in a hidden enclosure for a seamless and elegant look. 

New Design Elements: From the screen to the housing, to every element you can see and touch – Samsung left no stone unturned. The fingerprint scanner is found on the side where the thumb naturally rests, so the device unlocks easily. Two batteries and the components are evenly distributed so Galaxy Fold feels balanced in your hands. Colors with unique finishing—Space Silver, Cosmos Black, Martian Green and Astro Blue—and the engraved hinge with Samsung logo complete its elegant fit and finish.  

A Whole New Experience 

Galaxy Fold was designed with smartphone users in mind – driven by bigger and better form factors that boost their experiences. Galaxy Fold changes to the screen you need, the moment you need it. Slip it out of your pocket for one-handed calls, texts, and more and open for endless multitasking and higher quality viewing on our largest mobile display for presentations, digital magazines, movies, and AR content. 
The unique UX built just for Galaxy Fold, provides new ways to get the most out of your smartphone: 

Multi-Active Window: The possibilities are virtually endless with Galaxy Fold – designed for the ultimate multitasker. You can open up to three active apps simultaneously on the main display so you can surf, text, work, watch and share without losing a beat.   

App Continuity: Make intuitive, seamless transitions between the cover and the main displays. As Galaxy Fold opens and closes, apps will automatically show up where you leave off. When you’re ready to take a photo, make in-depth edits, or have a closer look at the feed, open the display for a big screen and fuller canvas. 
Samsung worked with Google and the Android developer community to ensure that apps and services were available for the Galaxy Fold’s unique experience.
Premium Performance Built to Fold 

Galaxy Fold is built for the heaviest and intense use whether it’s working, playing or sharing —all of which requires advanced performance. Packed with powerful hardware, the Galaxy Fold is more than up to the task. 

Do More: To ensure everything runs smoothly, even when running three apps simultaneously, Samsung equipped Galaxy Fold with a high-powered, next-generation AP chipset and 12GB of RAM with PC-like performance. The sophisticated dual battery system was specifically engineered to keep up with you. Galaxy Fold is also capable of charging itself and a second device simultaneously via Wireless PowerShare, while connected to a regular charger so you can leave your second charger at home. 

Ultimate Multimedia Experience: The Galaxy Fold is designed for entertainment. Thanks to immersive visuals on the Dynamic AMOLED display a

Justpay.to-Beep announce reloading partnership 

Justpayto Philippines Corp (Justpay.to), an online payments company licensed and regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and AF Payments Inc., the company behind beep™ cards, have formally sealed a partnership to create a simple to use web platform for the reloading of beep™ cards. 

In a collaboration meant to help MRT, LRT and other commuters save time, the two companies launched a new innovation that lets commuters reload their tap-and-go beep™ cards online. Instead of waiting in long lines to top up their beep™ cards with cash, beep™ cardholders can load their cards by simply going to https://justpay.to/beep JUSTPAY.TO/BEEP will allow commuters to load their cards using credit cards, debit cards, bank account, cash, even digital currency. No need to download an app or top up a wallet, simply go to https://justpay.to/beep using any device with internet. Simple. Easy. Convenient.

“We are constantly looking for ways to make reloading convenient for our cardholders. http://www.justpay.to/beep is a simple and easy to use reloading system that I am positive our cardholders will welcome. We are happy to partner with JustPayTo to bring this service to our 5.5M cardholders. ”- Peter Maher, CEO, AF Payments Inc.

JUSTPAY.TO/BEEP will be live as early as March 2019. For more information on how to use the system, you can visit http://www.justpay.to/beep/howto
What is AF Payments Inc.?

AF Payments Inc. is a consortium of Metro Pacific Investments Corp. (MPIC) and Ayala Corp. that provides contactless payment solutions in the Philippines through its integrated product and service offerings, thereby enhancing the transaction experience of every Filipino.
Its tap-and-go payment system, the beep™ card, is available for use in all three elevated railways (LRT-1, LRT-2, and MRT-3), select bus lines, and CAVITEX. The beep™ card can be purchased for P20, is reloadable up to P10,000, and is valid for four years.

Website and Social Media

http://www.beeptopay.com / http://www.facebook.com/beepcardph / http://www.twitter.com/beep_card

What is JustPay.to?
JustPayto, licensed by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) as a money remittance platform company, aims to merge cash-based and cash-less financial solutions to the banked, unbanked, and underbanked Filipinos. JustPayto is currently working with the top Philippine banks, AF Payments, Bayadcenter, San Miguel RFID, Meralco and Globe to provide convenience to everyday lives.

SM City San Jose Del Monte: Health and wellness day for elderlies

What is the best way to treat the elderlies? Well, some say health and wellness are good alternatives. And that is exactly what happened at the SM City San Jose del Monte in Bulacan.

Senior citizens in San Jose del Monte celebrated their first gathering for the year last February 19 at SM City San Jose del Monte. More than 600 hundred elderly residents of San Jose del Monte City, Bulacan attended the first “Senior’s Day at the Mall” for the year highlighted by a dance competition. Dubbed entirely for the elderlies in San Jose del Monte, Bulacan, eight groups of senior dancers with at least five members each participated the contest and performed dance hits of both from today’s and yesterday’s music.

Aside from providing services for leisure and comfort, like the previous years, SM design programs that encourage the elderly to be more active, more social, and engage more through activities that promotes healthy lifestyle and provide trainings from information technology to livelihood.

Senior’s Day at the Mall is just one of the elderly programs of SM Cares, a division of SM Foundation, the corporate social responsibility arm of SM Group of Companies, to show appreciation to senior citizens in every community where every SM Mall operates. 

Moreover, SM City San Jose del Monte commits itself to continuously recognize our senior citizens not only to engage in health and wellness activities but also to give them opportunities that would make them rediscover their self-worth as a productive citizens in the community. SM Malls nationwide gives employment to senior citizens 60 to 70 years of age to work on a four-hour shift on weekends as greeters and ushers at the mall entrances.

For more exciting and fun happenings, you may check SM City San Jose del Monte’s official Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/SMCitySanJoseDelMonte/.

SM City San Jose del Monte, Bulacan malls join national earthquake drill 

It pays to be ready! And it is certainly safer when people realize how an earthquake drill could do much saving lives. And this is exactly what shoppers and SM employees did and learn from an earthquake drill.

SM Malls in San Jose del Monte, Marilao, Baliwag as well as SM Center in Pulilan actively participated in the country’s first National Simultaneous Earthquake Drill (NSED), 2pm of February 21.

 Shoppers, tenants, and employees were evacuated at the Emergency Response Command Center, after the simulated earthquake drill at SM City San Jose Del Monte.

The earthquake and evacuation drill encouraged tenants and shoppers to participate as it took place during regular mall hours and dealt with a mock earthquake with 7.2 magnitude which is the expected scale from the West Valley Fault.

According to SM City San Jose del Monte Assistant Mall Manager Arch. Nelson Lopez, the quarterly drill is significant in preparation for the big earthquake that could happen in our lifetime. “It is very important not to panic by the time it happens, that is why we should master how to evacuate and familiarized the evacuation areas” he shares.

To increase and strengthen the mall’s Emergency Response Team’s preparedness and coordination, simulation of search and rescue were also showed. 

These includes carrying out first aid procedures for projected situations such as severely injured victims, assisting senior citizens, pregnant woman, and traumatized customers. Also part of the drill’s scope is setting up of Emergency Command Center and communication system.

On top of the simultaneous nationwide earthquake drill, SM City San Jose del Monte, SM City Marilao, SM Baliwag, and SM Center Pulilan also conducts an annual refresher course on its employees, tenants, and affiliates on fire and earthquake preparedness. Topics like worst case scenarios during fire and earthquake, evacuation route, and first aid treatment were taken to build contingency plans in meeting the realities that 7.2 magnitude quake will present when it strikes. 

A series of follow through earthquake drills will also be carried out on June 20, August 08 and November 14 as part of SM Supermalls’ disaster preparedness.

OPPO-Ericsson sign patent license agreement

OPPO and Ericsson announced the signing of a multi-year global patent license agreement between the two companies. The agreement covers patent licensing and collaboration on a number of business projects. 
Head of OPPO Intellectual Property Department Adler Feng said that the agreement will lay a solid foundation for further cooperation between the two companies in the 5G era. “OPPO has always placed intellectual property rights as our top priority. We look forward to working with Ericsson to drive cutting-edge innovation in products and services.”

Ericsson is one of the leading providers of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the world. Chief Intellectual Property Officer at Ericsson Gustav Brismark says “This important deal confirms the value of our patent portfolio, and the stability of our entire licensing program. Ericsson has signed more than 100 patent license agreements to date, and we are delighted to sign a mutually beneficial agreement with OPPO, a global leader in the smart device field.”

Following a patent-first strategy, OPPO has dramatically increased its patent portfolio since 2014. As of January 2019, the company has filed more than 33,000 patent applications worldwide and owns more than 8,000 granted patents. The deal with Ericsson is the latest in a series of patent license agreements by OPPO with key telecommunication industry partners including Qualcomm, Dolby and Nokia. OPPO will continue to work closely with leading industry partners to bring the best products and experiences to consumers globally. 

What is OPPO?

OPPO is a leading global smart device brand. Since launching its first smartphone – “the Smiley Face” – in 2008, OPPO has been in relentless pursuit of the synergy of aesthetic satisfaction and innovative technology. Today, OPPO provides customers with a wide range of smart devices spearheaded by the Find and R series, ColorOS operating system, as well as internet services such as OPPO Cloud and OPPO+. OPPO operates in more than 30 countries and regions, with 6 research institutes and 4 R&D centers worldwide and an international design center in London, OPPO’s more than 40,000 employees are dedicated to creating a better life for customers around the world.

 The 2nd PH Retail Summit: Exploring new marketing strategies, next generation of digital marketing/wireless mobile leaning consumers 

Are you in retaill? 

Do you want to excel in the digital market? 

The answer lies in real time, and it is a learning process for anyone in business today. While retail business, despite the outflow of new markets seeking placement in the digital age, is barely mature for digital marketing the local retail market is exceptionally growing newfound business – including products and services no longer available on mainstream consumer markets. Well, you can learn more, be one with the modern entrepreneurs and excell with new ideas and strategies from experts.

Over 300 delegates will gather for the 2nd Philippine Retail Summit (PRS) with a theme #GenCX: The Ultimate Retail Disruptor. The annual convention will happen on March 14, 2019 in SMX Aura Convention Center, Metro Manila Philippines.

Who is GenCX?

This year’s PH Retail Summit revolves on the shifting consumer behavior, resulting in the disruption of the normal market habit. The convention will focus on the Generation of Customer Experience. GenCX are the modern customers of the digital era and the main culprit for the retail disruption. Several brands have come together to exchange valuable insights in curating formats and framework to deliver the best customer experience possible.

Speakers from Facebook, Google, Zalora, Lazada, and Jollibee, together with other Retail Associates are set to share justified insights that are relevant in dealing with the complex #GenCX market.

GenCX Panel includes Social Media Influencer Dani Barreto, Bloggers like Peter Jan Icogo and Jill Tan, and Restaurateur Kian Kazemi.

More about PH Retail Summit

The convention aims to inspire retail business owners to stay competitive in the world of retail. Its goal is also to keep up with the demands of the new generation.

Due to the success of the first PRS, Retail Associates sets to deliver a bigger scale of the summit this 2019. Other prominent partners, Hewlett-Packard (HP) and PMCM together with other media partners will cover the much-awaited event.

Numerous retail operators from local and international brands in the country had also expressed their desire to join the #GenCX. The generated attention of this summit has exceeded expectations. Key government officials also took time to acknowledge the efforts of converging the diverse Philippine retail industry into one event.

For more updates, you can visit their official Facebook page or the official website http://www.philippineretailsummit.com. #