The 2nd PH Retail Summit: Exploring new marketing strategies, next generation of digital marketing/wireless mobile leaning consumers 

Are you in retaill? 

Do you want to excel in the digital market? 

The answer lies in real time, and it is a learning process for anyone in business today. While retail business, despite the outflow of new markets seeking placement in the digital age, is barely mature for digital marketing the local retail market is exceptionally growing newfound business – including products and services no longer available on mainstream consumer markets. Well, you can learn more, be one with the modern entrepreneurs and excell with new ideas and strategies from experts.

Over 300 delegates will gather for the 2nd Philippine Retail Summit (PRS) with a theme #GenCX: The Ultimate Retail Disruptor. The annual convention will happen on March 14, 2019 in SMX Aura Convention Center, Metro Manila Philippines.

Who is GenCX?

This year’s PH Retail Summit revolves on the shifting consumer behavior, resulting in the disruption of the normal market habit. The convention will focus on the Generation of Customer Experience. GenCX are the modern customers of the digital era and the main culprit for the retail disruption. Several brands have come together to exchange valuable insights in curating formats and framework to deliver the best customer experience possible.

Speakers from Facebook, Google, Zalora, Lazada, and Jollibee, together with other Retail Associates are set to share justified insights that are relevant in dealing with the complex #GenCX market.

GenCX Panel includes Social Media Influencer Dani Barreto, Bloggers like Peter Jan Icogo and Jill Tan, and Restaurateur Kian Kazemi.

More about PH Retail Summit

The convention aims to inspire retail business owners to stay competitive in the world of retail. Its goal is also to keep up with the demands of the new generation.

Due to the success of the first PRS, Retail Associates sets to deliver a bigger scale of the summit this 2019. Other prominent partners, Hewlett-Packard (HP) and PMCM together with other media partners will cover the much-awaited event.

Numerous retail operators from local and international brands in the country had also expressed their desire to join the #GenCX. The generated attention of this summit has exceeded expectations. Key government officials also took time to acknowledge the efforts of converging the diverse Philippine retail industry into one event.

For more updates, you can visit their official Facebook page or the official website #

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