AXA lead NBA Cleveland Cavalier’s Collin meet-and-greet session, launching on-line car insurance 

by E. Lorete / /

National Basketball Associatoin (NBA) fans in the Philippines had a field day meeting live Cleveland Cavalier’s hottest player Collin Sexton. The twenty something Sexton, who cam donning his court Jersey shirts and shorts, all ready for a series of basketball clinics that started with a personalized media meet up courtesy of AXA Philippines. Sexton, who is one of Cleaveland Calaier’s top performing and youngest NBA players today, is in Manila to help coach, impart his basketball knowledge with respect to NBA’s star values notably sportsmanship, teamwork,, respect and determination. With those energizing principles, AXA similarly launched its first of its kind Philippine Car Insuance on-line, which is designed to prvide protection against losses and liabilities arising from road and motor vehicular accidents. What is great about it is this particular insurance is accessible on-line, through your wireless mobile devices. Making it accessible, and definitely user friendly for motorists plying the city and provincial roads, the AXA Philippines Car Insurance details with an interactive application with a customer assistance featue. It is helpful for motorists needing assistance after a road accident, includes this digital emergency button the motorist can summon for help even in the absence of a broadband connection. Red button is designed to send distress signal to the proper authorities or your loved ones in cases of emergencies. “Our collaboration and continuing journey with the NBA, one of the most recognized brands in the world, has proven to be a fruitful and rewarding one,” says Rahul Hora, AXA Philippines president and CEO. “We are excited to further strengthen this partnership, as we aim to be the moving force in supporting people, to help them go further.” The app based insurance designed for motorists is a timely offering from AXA, and it is something the motoring public can lean on when emergency strikes unexpectedly. “We are proud to partner with AXA Philippines, which is at the forefront of creating innovative financial planning solutions for the modern Filipino customer,” says Carlo Singson, NBA Philippines Manaing Director. “AXA has been an integral part of the NBA family in the Philippines and we look forward to working with them to bring exciting NBA experiences to our passionate Filipino fans. Indeed, whether on the basketball court or in the game of life, self belief, the right strategy, and the support of a strong partner is vital in reaching your goals. For reliable insurance, partner with AXA Philippines for car insurance and all your life and non-life insurance needs. For details on AXA services and insurance offerings, Check out for more information. 

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