MIB International: New cast, more badass aliens conquering Earth!

Review: Men In Black International

Cast: Liam Neeson, Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson, and Emma Thompson

Director: F Gary Gray

Alien infestation of Earth continues! And that is wildly the premise, and you can take that out from where Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones left billing floor, of Men in Black International. It is a continuing comic, but one worth cheering all your movie weekend funfare for digitally accented action flicks. Chris Hemsworth, playing a free wheeling MIB agent, confronted with a rookie partner. Does that sound familiar? Every bit of it seem more an off shoot to Will Smith’s billing entrance in the first MIB movie. It is not a bad a bad, and while fans did not seem mindful seeing Hemsworth playing suited MIB agent. Making storyline interesting is Liam Neeson, who plays senior mentor to Hemsworth. It is a tricky premise leading to a funfilled alien invasion, in which case, and like all MIB storyline woul dare share, of planet Earth. It is a geeky comic affair with digital cinema – everything fashioned in a shady disposition. If that does not catch, then MIB is really not for you! But for those rising with shady MIB treat – with Neeson doing his Taken thing, along with Hemsworth’s rather touchy affair with Thor. Mixed that elemental comic storyline, and this chapter is set in Paris, the whip up your comic character feel good mood out. MIB International is digitally driven, with actors literally subjected to chroma for digital animation rendering. Film’s comic alien battling human premise provide film ample excuse to jet set MIB in full character mode. Another handy character addition is Emma Thompson, who does a chicken character take of a lady MIB boss that balances movie’s character display. Putting Hemsworth, Neeson and Thompson is a pop recipe for a winning sci-fi action Hollywood movie. MIB Internationall is a fan teasing action movie, basically relieving what we have always remembered MIB battling mystery aliens striving to conquer Earth for the longest time. Film adapts same “know your alien enemy” comic premise, before wildly setting off film’s new characters lounging in a similar field Will Smith did time savoring three blockbuster movie sequels. MIB International is candidly entertaining, including Neeson and Thompson, who gets their share heckling moments with their creeping aline counterparts. MIB International is a family movie, particularly for those with children or members with a knack for hero or comic driven sci-fi storylines meant for a lengthy cinematic exposition. MIB International found a fitting action thriller director in F Gary Gray, whose more millenial mindset kept tune with MIB’s appealing comic characters and storyline. 

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