Listen Campus Tour 2019: Scoring Music for Youth to take Heart on Mental Health

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Paying more attention to health issues, Listen Campus Tour, which is this game changing concert school and university campus series organized to bring on relevant issues to the youth, pilot launched today at the Far Eastern University (FEU) Morayta campus. Attended by the university’s combined high-scohol and collegiate students, Listen Campus Tour’s 2019 theme is “mental health.” Organized jointly by the Department of Health (DOH) and Philippine Mental Health Association (PMHA), tour imparted on said issue that mental is prevalent among the youth. And it was echoed by bands, performers joining tour like Hulyo, Nathan & Mercury, Arthur Nery, Dionela, Fern, Syd Hartha, and Calllily. “Mental health is present in the youth. That is true, and so we joined this health advocacy so it could help people in such state to get help, if not, and through our music, let them know they have someone to vent out their problems,” said band Hulyo. Depression, loneliness or psychological problems triggered by love echoed well with Dionela. “When you meet or hear people having problems like mental health, you really have to help them. While their problems cannot be seen, if not hidden most of time, when you feel there is one …then extending help to that person is good,” said singer Syd Hartha. Despite temperamental Friday weather, Listen Campus 2019, was well attended by students after the university deided to call of afternoon classes to support the tour’s health cause. “The Department of Health (DOH) is ready to help Filipinos suffering from mental health. Campaign for such has always been present to raise awareness, what more provide counselling for those needing medical intervention,” said DOH representative Ms. Clarence Fernandez. The country’s health department reiterated the availabiity of a mental health law and that it could be accessed to provide affordable and accessible mental health services for the youth. “Music is a key element to change culture, people’s perception about mental health. We inspire young people through music workshops, allowing for free expression through this art medium….music,” relates the Bulacan based band Dionela, which has a strong millennial following actively particiapting in many of band’s campus gigs. The idea for Listen Campus Tour, which hit it off with Tatak Tamaraw 2019, an annual event that actually welcomes freshment to Morayta campus, encourages named and upcoming music artists to use music to heal and express themselves. “People can suffer from loneliness, depression and that must be addressed. They need an outlet for themselves, to counter that issue before it starts to seriously affect their mental state,” said Hulyo. The band FErn, another upcoming indie sensation that is becoming a young crowd favorite lately, said “we all need help, endure from somekind of mental health issues. The mportant thing is to face it, make time to heal from it and live life.” The pop band Callalily, which came up stage in the latter part of the campus gig, encourage young fans of OPM to pay more attention by turning for a few minutes their digital devices, and instead listen and feel music as it flows. “Music helps us relate to things, issues that affect al of use,” said Callalily vocalist Keean Cypriano. Listen Campus Tour 2019, despite leaning on pop music to attract youth in their university or campus habitat, aims to make people realize helping people suffering from mental health is a worthwhile endeavor, and while building a nation who’s creative skills could actually contribute to national growth and development. For the next Listen Campus Tour 2019 destination, Inslashout and Tito’s Sa Tanghali (TST) suggest following @ListenCampusTour

SM City San Jose del Monte Supports San Joseño Artists through an Art Fair

SM Supermalls takes pride in giving its customers meaningful opportunities to bond not just with family and friends, but also with the whole community as SM is currently having its art fair called Art for Everyone – a selling exhibit that serves as a fun venue for artists to showcase and sell their artworks and masterpieces.

Located at the Upper Ground Level of SM City San Jose del Monte, the mall-based art fair, ‘Art For Everyone’ aims to further promote the local art scene and support the next generation of Filipino artists and bring their artworks closer to the public.

SM City San Jose del Monte was one of the 18 malls across the country which showcased the different works of art. Professional artists and students, as well as parents and art enthusiasts were united altogether in bringing this year’s Art for Everyone exhibition in San Jose del Monte a success, which also aims to further promote the local art scene and support the next generation of Filipino artists.

Participated by 63 artists from the city, including visual artist Napoleon Pacheco, student cardboard artist Sebastian Cacho – who was featured in different television shows because of his passion in turning trash cardboards into robots, and the FCPC Filustrados – a group of student art enthusiasts in the city, the art fair and exhibit in SM City San Jose del Monte was able to produced 94 different artworks.
A life-size robot made of used cardboards is likewise exhibited at the ‘Art for Everyone’ in SM City San Jose del Monte – a work of a student cardboard artist, Sebastian Cacho.

Art for Everyone selling exhibit in SM City San Jose del Monte started last August 19 and will run until August 31. 

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Mother Nurture: Lactating Choco and Coffee Mixes for Breastfeeding Filipino Mothers

Mother Nurture introduces the first-ever lactation Choco and Coffee mixes in the Philippine for breastfeeding moms. Available in Chocolate and Coffee mixes, the pro-breastfeeding brand has been nurturing Filipino mothers and championing the cause of breastfeeding through their online (FB) stores and resellers. 

Lan San Juan-Perez, the woman behind Mother Nurture products, became aware of the challenges in breastfeeding of many Filipino women. After successfully re-lactating to breastfeed her second child, she became an ardent advocate. Lan firmly believes in the many benefits of breastfeeding. 

“Breast milk is the perfect food to give to an infant. It has all the necessary nutrients that they need for immunity and to protect them from common infections. Breastfed babies are shown to have higher IQ, language ability, visual-motor abilities, emotional and intellectual developments. All these things will benefit children later in life,” Lan explains.
While on her breastfeeding journey, Lan noticed that there were very few local products specifically formulated and deemed safe for pregnant and lactating mothers. This is especially true for Coffee drinks. Although there was Malunggay Coffee available, the labels usually caution pregnant and lactating mothers against drinking them because of the caffeine content.
This encouraged Lan to formulate, develop, and market what we now know today as Mother Nurture products. She believes that Filipino women like herself should be able enjoy luscious chocolate and coffee drinks that are safe for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. Lan also added that since breastfeeding women are more careful about the food and drinks they take, they usually miss drinking coffee. Coffee contains caffeine which may cause fussiness in breastfed babies.

Lan’s search for breastfeeding friendly products led her to create her own brand of drink mixtures with carefully selected and locally-sourced ingredients. The Mother Nurture 7in1 Chocomix and 7in1 Coffeemix are packed with breast milk production booster or galactogogues such as Calcium Lactate, Malunggay power and Ashitaba. It also has Gotu Kola, a herb that helps relieve mental fatigue and boost blood circulation. Both products are sweetened with Stevia, a healthy sugar substitute that helps in insulin secretion and is a known antioxidant. 

These unique ingredients make Mother Nurture products not only safe for pregnant and breastfeeding moms. It is also safe for diabetics, hypertensive, acidic and even kids. They are also Halal certified. Nursing moms are often and tired and hungry. Breastfeeding burns as much as 500-calories, thus it’s no wonder moms have a voracious appetite. Because of their amazing sacrifice for giving birth and nursing mothers deserve as much pampering as possible.

Not diverting from the need to stay healthy, breastfeeding moms need to eat as much healthy and nutritious food to sustain their milk production and energy. As a breastfeeding mom, one should be more aware of the food they take and the possible effect these foods have for their nursing child. The Philippines is abundant in Moringa or Malunggay which is a known milk booster and the main ingredient in Mother Nurture Drink Mixes. 

Mother Nurture products are made by a mom for moms. Lan Perez stressed that many Filipino women are struggling to balance having a job and taking care of their families. Those who choose to stay home to focus on their family may still find ways to earn and become mompreneur like herself. She opened her products for online sellers. She currently has more than 150 partner reseller stores, fellow breastfeeding moms and advocates nationwide.

Through her products, she is not only helping fellow mothers enjoy a wonderful breastfeeding journey. She is also empowering women by giving them a chance to earn while taking care of their babies full time. After five years of online entrepreneurship, Mother Nurture is now officially launching products after earning the approval of the FDA.
Mother Nurture Drink Mixes are a delicious and nutritious way to boost breast milk production. 


Despite continuous advocacy and information dissemination on the benefits of breastfeeding, Filipino mothers have yet to fully understand and appreciate the wonderful benefits of exclusively breastfeeding their babies.

The 2014 State of the World’s Children report from UNICEF showed that only 34% of Filipino infants 6 months and below were exclusively breastfed. And only 34% of this number continues getting breast milk for two years. Most Filipino mothers choose to provide milk formula for different reasons. Some claimed to be unable to produce breast milk while others consider formula use to be more convenient.3

TCL launch consumer price friendly 2019 AI TV, WL in the Philippines

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Tech brand TCL unveils consumer price friendly new television and whitelines models targetting the Philippine market. Dubbed the P8TV series, the W Series Inverter Window Airconditioner, the AeroPure Air Purifiers, and PortaCool Air-Conditioner, TCL, who is known for its more price friendly top tech features, said new product lines solidify brands standing amidst increasing year-on-year growth of the TV and WL’s local and overseas markets. Let us take a close at each of these TCL series:

1. TCL P8 (Flat) TV Series

The new line of Artificial Intellilgence (AI) designed flat screen TV models comprises three particular models namely the P8, P8M, and P85. Thre three TV models ignites with latest Android TV OS 9.0 upgrade and it supports the popular Google Assistant program, which allows you to command your TV through voice instructions. It works by connecting modern devices for the best smart home experience. TV series comes with 4K Ultra High Definition (HD) screen resolution, HDR 10 support, built in Chromecast capability, micro dimming function, and Dolby Audio integration. The more high end model P85 game changes sporting TCL’s wide color gamut that greatly enhances color reproduction, with up to 90 percent NTSC color accuracy, and HDR10+ for dynamic contrast resulting in better picture quality. The P85 sports full screen design, which makes for a more cinematic immersive viewing experience that is great watching those wide screen movies or live sports feeds like the Olympics.

2.) TCL AeroPure Air Purifiers

For health conscious consumers, particularly for air quality, TCL’s AeroPure Air Purifiers is a perfect choice for urban homes. TCL said it launched product over rising demand for affordable and high-quality air purifiers in the Philippines. With four models under its belt, the AeroPure Air Purifiers are equipped with carbon compound and HEPA filters that clean air with dust removal rate of up to 99 percent and bacterial removal rate of 99 percent. Air purifiers have several operation models, ranging from auto mode that instantly detects best settings to sleep mode that adjusts the fan speed to provide good night’s sleep without sacrificing air quality.

3.) TCL W Series Inverter Window Air-Conditioner and PortaCool Air-Conditioners

These flexible aironditioner modesl with inverter technology TCL designed for consumers to have more choices for their cooling needs. The W series aims to be the affordable option for people who want to enjoy comfortable cooling wthout the strain of electricity bills by using TCL’s own inerter motor technology. For the most flexible cooling choice, the PortaCool Air-Conditioner was designed with portability in mind. Equipped with casters and removable window kit and exhaust, the PortaCool can be used in any room of the house without need for expensive drilling and tiring installations of air-conditioners. Technology comes with dual fan motors for quicker cooling of area and dual condenser technology to eliminate needs for water draining. 

Keeping with consumer demand for efficient, affordable and quality home technology driven appliances, TCL Philippines’s continuous growth and development assures consumers of latest technological features and high-quality products brand has always been known for worldwide – including the Philippines. TCL Philippines first made business presence locally in April 2000 through the first venture between TCL Overseas Holding Co. Ltd. and Philippine AA Commercial (a subsidiary of Solid Group Company). Being among world’s biggest producer and consumer preferred maker of consumer appliances, TCL has consitently introduced innovative and affordably priced hime entertainment solutions into the Philippine market, displaying brand’s promising leadership. It ranks 3rd in the Philippine TV market, but journey to top market continuous with TCL’s introduction of other compelling homes appliances such as air conditioners and washing machines, and comprehensive line of LED TVs. 

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Coke Studio 2019: Feel the rhythm, Hear my Feelings!

Today’s TeenGen is a lot more vocal and expressive with what they’re going through or what’s on their minds. Whether it be a kilig moment with crush, heartbreak, getting recognized in school, or a cause they strongly support, teens of these days can teach us a thing or two about having no holds barred.

It has been a year since our Homecoming to Teen Love, this year, Coke Studio brings us its 3rd Season: MyFeels. Indeed, no one does it better than Coke when it comes to launches with the Coke Studio Music Festival that commenced the Coke Studio Season 3: MyFeels last August 23 at the Circuit Makati with our hosts from the Summer Concert Ylona Garcia and Justin Quirino. 

Headlined by Coke Studio Season 3 artists, we welcomed the rainy season with rush of water and stream of feelings ranging from love, freedom, independence, and moving forward. We moved to the groove with Iñigo Pascual, Ron Henley, Al James, Lola Amour, This Band, and Miss Sarah Geronimo while Janine Teñoso, Clara Benin, Bea Lorenzo, Silent Sanctuary, Brisom, St. Wolf, Just Hush, UDD, and Morisette serenaded us with their solo performances. Also giving us surprise numbers were Coke Studio Seasons 1 and 2 alums Ben & Ben, December Avenue, and IV of Spades.

We used to be shy about sharing what we feel, no matter what it is, to people around us even the ones we trust. Coke Studio: MyFeels is here to turn the tables, its time to celebrate our feels and make it known that no one can dictate the validity of our feelings.

Just when we thought 2019 is going too fast and time is running out for us, Coke Studio came to the rescue with its 3rd Season and made us realize to celebrate every single thing no matter how little they are, look out for the possibilities that learning from triumphs and slumps can give us, and keep in touch with the feels of people around us and ourselves. 
Catch them every Saturday starting September 14, at 10am on ABS-CBN.

The Brickyard By Lil’s Hobby Center branches out in Quezon City, keeping Tamiya 4WD racing fever alive!

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Tamiya Race kit fans, rejoice! The Brickyard By Lil’s Hobby Center, which houses a special place for Tamiya Kit racers, has opened business in Vertis North, Ayala Malls in Quezon City. “We are bringing the store here, knowing how many Tamiya racing car fans are present in this part of Metro Manila, right here in Quezon City,” said The Brickyard owner, Ferdie Kahn. Located on the second floor, and a foot bridge away from neighboring Tri-Noma mall, The Brickyard is truly a special place for race kit Tamiya fans. It houses this gigantic race car kit track, where you can do a number of group or tournament races with family or friends. And it is quite cozy spending a weekend afternoon racing with other Tamiya true blue enthusiasts, and the store does sell authentic Tamiya kits and including its prescribed car accessories. Opening a branch in Quezon will continually bring its community closer by providing a platform for Tamiya fans to create, connect, connect and complete. The Brickyard has a yearly P200 membership for Tamiya hobbyists, basically providing these Tamiya enthusiasts to have an exclusive venue where they can share experience, ideals and then race for a weekend fun members of tech media were driven to experience one weekend at Vertis North, Ayala Mall. “We contribute to study feasible areas and locations where we beoth feel that there are a good audience and good amenities. We want the Brickwayrd to continue to be the destination of coice for any enthusiasts looking to feel comfortable while enjoying the hobby experience,” noted Kahn. The Brickyard By Lil’s Hobby Center will be launching pad for the Mini 4WD Philippines Cup. It is a competition which will run a series of competitive races around the country, starting at Circuit Makati last August 24 to 25. Winners of that contest will represent country during the 2020 Asia Challenge in Taiwan. With the Brickyard Quezon City branch opening, Kahn hopes to “reach places that we know Mini 4WD has a following.” Race will not be limited to Metro Manila, but will include races in provinces like Tacloban, Cavite and Baguio. The Brickyard, apart from its two centers in Circuit Makati and Veertis North Quezon City and SM Megamall Bldg A, is the distributor of mini 4WD as well as scale models for over 50 years now. 

PLDT Enterprise salutes the hero in Filipino entrepreneurs 

Behind the success of every Filipino business is a dreamer with a vision to succeed for his family and the nation. 

As the country commemorates National Heroes’ Day, PLDT Enterprise celebrates the hard work and determination of local entrepreneurs and their valuable contributions to the economy.

With its new campaign entitled “Ignite the Filipino Dream,” PLDT Enterprise advocates for the success of micro, small and medium enterprises through the provision of products and services to boost business growth and success.

“It is truly an honor for us to put the spotlight on our micro, small and medium enterprise(MSME) clients as their successes have made a great impact on our economy. In fact, in just the first half of this year, we saw around 30,000 newly registered businesses every month,” says FVP & Head of PLDT SME Mitch Locsin.

According to the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), MSMEs make up for about 99.5% of all businesses in the Philippines. In an endeavor to further boost the segment’s capabilities, PLDT Enterprise asserts its support for micro, small and medium enterprises through relevant and cost-efficient products and services.

“We are delighted to provide them with solutions that will help them to take their business dreams further,” Locsin asserted.

“We are proud partners of the MSMEs as we have seen how their innovative ideas have grown and enriched the lives of our COUNTRYMEN. Our commitment to empower small businesses remains unwavering and we have made it our mission to help them take that big leap and help them soar,” SVP and Head of PLDT and Smart Enterprise Business Groups Jovy Hernandez. “Indeed, no dream is too big for the Filipino and no business is too small for the Philippines.” Hernandez adds.

With the said campaign, PLDT Enterprise gives tribute to our national heroes of old and modern heroes of our time: the homemaker turned spa owner, the self-taught chef who just opened his cafe, the dress shop owner still learning the ins and outs of the apparel industry, and all the many others who persist and bravely take risks to create a better life for their families and fellow countrymen. MSMEs continue to provide opportunities to our skilled workers, inspiring others to do the same; and all together they ignite the Filipino dream.

For more information on how you can ignite your Filipino dream, visit! 

What is PLDT?

PLDT is the leading telecommunications and digital services provider in the Philippines. Through its principal business groups – fixed line, wireless and others – PLDT offers a wide range of telecommunications and digital services across the Philippines’ most extensive fiber optic backbone, and fixed line and cellular networks.
PLDT is listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE:TEL) and its American Depositary Shares are listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:PHI). PLDT has one of the largest market capitalizations among Philippine-listed companies.