Samsung to launch enterprise B2B tablets, program intensified smartphones detailed for health, security sectors in government

by E. Lorete / /

Samsung is bent on launching business tablets, security smartphones for its enterprise (and government) market segment in the Philippines. Samsung Corporation Global Executive Mr. David Kim, who was one of the guest speakers in the recent VST-ECS lead CXO Innovation Exhibitor Conference held at the Shangri-La Hotel Boracay, Aklan, made the surprise announcement to members of tech media and partner Philippine exhibitors in the Philippines. “With 5G entering Asia, Samsung Corporation saw an opportunity for enterprise tablets, particularly for the Philippines, particularly for B2B entities going digital with their traditional business or brands,” said Kim, who was keen on marketing a new line of B2B tablets targetting business, particularly SMEs taking the digital marketing freeway. The B2B tablets, which is expected to boost on-line or retail and courier services in the Philippines, will have a different software and durable hardware design. Kim said Samsung, before it considered launching a B2B tablet, has been looking into this venture in the Philippines. “There is a good sign a heavy duty product of such design will be of interest to digital leaning business in the Philippines. And there is growing business interest in digital on-line b2b fit for this particular tablet.” Samsung, likewise, clarified tablet Samsung will be circulating for the Philippines is actually intended to assist business processing – making more efficient and cost friendly for entrepreneurs. In addition to tablet dispersal for enterprise segment, Kim said launching a Samsung tablet particularly for b2b is part of the eventual “5G transformation” that will affect govenment and business leaders and entities for the Philippines. “We are currently negotiating with Philippine telco’s Globe and Smart Communications for the establishment of 5G technology, which is will work best for Samsung’s B2B tablets,” hinted Kim. Keeping with IT trends, Samsung is already widely investing, and that includes the Philippines, in software and hardware security for future gadget deployment detailed for Internet of Things (IoT), which is fast intersecting with the way people conduct business, render government and health sector related services people generally lean on for economic stability. Samsung expressed similar interest to deploy smartphones detailed for entities, people in security sector. “It is not your typical commercial smartphone. It is program intensified for security processing purposes. It is intended for government sector, those working the security department for efficient distribution of services,” anounced Kim. Program intensified smartphones, given its top of the line digital features, will be more expensive than commercial Android smartphones for mainstream market. “It is not for everybody. It is meant to be fully functional in times of security crisis or when calamity strikes, benefitting hospitals, fire and police headqaurters that require more critical communication equipments for their work,” suggested Kim. Samsung is presently working with European (and next Asia) to bring program intensified security smartphone for development sectors requiring more efficient wireless mobile technology to help other people in times of calamities. “Samsung, and we are getting interest from partners joining CXO Innovation Summit, is working with government and private or business sector to bring these innovative mobile security products worldwide. We hope introducing such durable products products will contribute in global economy development efforts soon,” said Kim. The CXO Innovation Summit 2019, which is celebrating its 2nd year launching in Boracay, brings together some of the country’s top tech brands for a culminating series of technology seminars showcasing the best products (software and hardware) that will soon hit the Philippine tech market. CXO Innovation Summit 2019 was organized by the VSO ECS organization in the Philippines. 


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