In style with SM Store’s Valentine Fashion

There are classic forever pieces for her – jewelry, fragrances and beauty essentials to gifts of style – accessories, shoes and bags. He, on the other hand, will love the laid back luxe of elegant timepieces, weekend warrior backpacks and shoes.

Check out The SM Store Real Beauty catalogue filled with great gift ideas in-store this Valentine. Don’t forget the voucher next time you’re in the store to get the special discount.

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Five ways to enjoy double data with your PLDT Prepaid Home Wi-Fi

This February, show your love to your family by getting the fastest, most affordable, and family-sized home internet for your household as PLDT Home WiFi Prepaid.

With twice the data allocation for FamLoad 199, 599, 999, 1499 you can get as much as 200GB a month for your PLDT Home WiFi Prepaid. You and your family can bond over more of your favorites online—Pwede All sites and apps for more things to watch, stream, play, and more!
Here’s all you can do with your family, thanks to PLDT Home WiFi’s double data allocation:
Watch more because pwede all of your favorite TV series and movies

What better way for everyone to bond than by watching great movies and series online? With more data, you get to stream more titles from your favorite video streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, iFlix, iWant, and so much more. Remember, Pwede All!
Video calls pwede for all your loved ones

For families abroad, this is the best way to bond and show them some love – online video call! Chat nonstop and catch up with each other via Facebook Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, LINE, or any other messaging app, because Pwede All!
Family soundtrip pwede for all your favorite music

Listening and singing along to music everyone loves—especially music from childhood—is also a great way to spend time with the family. Stream your favorite songs and albums nonstop from Spotify or any other music streaming service, and feel the hours fly by when you start singing.
Playing online games together pwede for all members of the family

Online games are the ultimate Pwede All at home, because anyone can play anything together—whether it’s on a console, on a PC, or even just a casual mobile game on your smartphone! The possibilities and the memories made from gaming as a family are endless!
Learning something new together pwede for all your hobbies and interests

The family that learns and makes things together, stays together. With more data, you can bond at home by watching how-to videos and making things, whether it’s cooking, baking, arts and crafts, and so much more. You literally can do anything with the information available online—Pwede All!
No matter how big or small your family is, there’s always a FamLoad data package that’s ideal for you and your budget. There’s FamLoad 15 with 1GB for 1 day, FamLoad 50 with 3GB for 3 days, FamLoad 199 comes with 24GB worth of data valid for 7 days, FamLoad 599 with 80GB data for 15 days, FamLoad 999 with 130GB for 30 days, and FamLoad 1499 with 200GB for 30 days.
With everything you can do on two times more data, it’s time to get your family a PLDT Home WiFi Prepaid now! Get one for only P995 at all PLDT and Smart Stores, Smart Online Store, SM Stores, and authorized dealers nationwide. Exclusively for Valentine’s weekend, you can buy the PLDT Home Wifi Prepaid at only P795 exclusively in Lazada from February 13 to 15 only. When you buy a new unit, you also get free 10GB worth of data valid for seven days with their PLDT Home WiFi Prepaid powered by Smart, the country’s undisputed fastest LTE network as certified by Ookla and OpenSignal.
For more info about PLDT Home WiFi’s affordable FamLoad prepaid load packages, visit, and like PLDT Home’s official Facebook (, and follow PLDT Home on Twitter and Instagram at @PLDTHome.

GCash accepts Google Play, YouTube payments

Now everyone can purchase on Google Play and YouTube even without a credit card!
GCash is now available as a payment method for purchases made through Google Play and YouTube. This one-tap purchasing convenience is secure, free of additional charges, and easy to manage through your app or browser.
This service is made possible through the partnership of GCash with Google and Alipay.  
Click here to link GCash to your Google Account now. For more information on how to add GCash as a payment method, please visit 

Visit to learn more about our services and partners.

LG Philippines does 2nd Laundry of Love project for Taal eruption victims

Even if the Alert Level of Taal Volcano has been downgraded, the threat of a destructive volcanic eruption is still very real. Those affected by last month’s phreatic eruption are slowly trying to get their lives back together, but a lot of families, especially those in the volcano’s immediate vicinity, are left without anything to come home to.
While the worst might seem to be over, all of the evacuees still need a lot of help. LG Philippines was one of the organizations who were first to lend a hand last month by staging its popular Laundry Love Project which provided commercial grade washing machines so that Taal evacuees could have access to clean and hygienic clothing. LG, together with its team of employees and volunteers, visited the evacuation centers in Alfonso Central School, Kaylaway National Highschool, and DOH Rehab Center over the course of a week for the Laundry Love program and to provide medical missions to give physical and optical checkups for the evacuees.

LG paid a visit again to the evacuation centers in Batangas since there’s still work to be done. They re-staged the Laundry Love Project like last month but seeing the demand and the need for it, the company brought even more washing machines to cater to more families. #TeamLG visited the evacuation center in Laurel, Batangas for four days to ensure that everyone gets a chance.

LG also donated to the evacuation center 2 refrigerators, 2 LED Television sets, and 2 X-Boom speakers each, bringing the grand total of 25 refrigerators, 16 LED TVs, and 25 X-Boom speakers donated and distributed across the different evacuation centers. Speaking more about the program, LG Philippines’ Managing Director, Inkwun Heo, said “We’re here for the people of Taal. We sincerely hope that the worst is over, but rest assured that LG is fully committed to help in bringing this remarkable community back to its feet. Their resilience is a true testament to the strength of the Filipino people.”

To formally receive the donations, LG turned them over to Mayor Joan Lamero-Amo, Mayor of Laurel, Batangas. “It is with utmost gratitude that we accept LG’s generous support during this tumultuous time. You have our heartfelt thanks”.

Seven simple ways to care on Valentines month

Caring works likes charm, and even more magical on the season of love. Let Big Tito and Inslashout share some practical tips how to get those thumping heart feeling to good use.
February is the time to celebrate all kinds of love, and whether you’re “self-partnered,” spending it with someone special, or dedicating the season with family and friends, you can rely on mobile technology to help show your love in simple but meaningful ways. Here are seven ways to make someone feel even more special with just a few taps on your smartphone – and prove that simple connections truly matter:
1. Get creative with a heartwarming message.
Whether you already have something planned out or thinking of a last-minute, sweep-off-your-feet gift, there’s nothing like a simple message that comes from the heart to let someone know you really care. Amp it up with a photo that takes you back to a special moment – or something that makes you look forward to a shared goal.
2. Beat the rush with a special flower or food delivery.
No time, no problem. Just go to any delivery app and search for that perfect flower arrangement or feast-for-two that fits your budget. It’s all about knowing your loved one’s favorites — flower, food or both—and you’re good to go.
3. Purchase that special gift on your mobile phone.
If your language of love leans towards the generous kind, don’t let traffic stop you from getting the gift your special someone deserves. There’s a lot of shopping apps that lets you have your surprise delivered right where you want it, when you want it. All it takes is just a few taps on your smartphone.
4. Rekindle friendships with an old photo.
Missing the good old days? Reach out to friends you haven’t seen for quite some time now and remind them of that fun trip you had a couple of years ago. These days, it’s just a matter of reposting a previous memory – and tagging everyone – to get you to talk about the next catch-up dinner or impromptu road trip.
5. Curate a special playlist dedicated to your loved one.
Music has a special ability to take us back to special moments in our life, so a thoughtfully-curated playlist on music streaming apps such as Spotify would be perfect to show you care. From hugot tunes to tracks that feed your indie obsession, you can easily put together titles that follow the plot line of your love life.
6. Binge-watch your fave kilig shows on Netflix.
If you have your own soundtrack, your personal binge-watch selection can’t be far behind. Time to watch those series and movies that you never get the time to focus on.
7. Share those cheesy moments when you post your Valentine stories.
You only get this one time in the entire year for that license to be cheesy, so make the most of your celebration by capturing and sharing these “love stories” on social media.
It doesn’t take a lot to make someone feel special. Powered by Smart LTE, the country’s undisputed fastest mobile network as certified by global internet testing leader Ookla, a few taps on your phone can go a long way in celebrating the month of love and making simple connections matter.

Tech brand LG gives back, shares the good life to Taal Volcano eruption victims

Due to Taal Volcano’s recent phreatic eruption and the current alert level, more than 26,000 people were forced to seek shelter in temporary evacuation centers, most of them losing their homes and livelihoods. LG Philippines, in keeping with its mission of always giving back to the community, immediately did their part to help alleviate the living conditions of the Batangas evacuees.  

For four days starting January 21st, LG visited the main evacuation centers in the Taal area and staged its popular Laundry Love program, beginning with Alfonso Central School for the first two days, then Kaylaway National Highschool and DOH Rehab Center the following days. LG brought with them ten of their heavy duty washing machines, hoping to give the evacuees access to clean and volcanic ash-free clothing, both from their own belongings and from the donations received as well. Aside from the Laundry Love campaign, LG also conducted medical missions in the area to give physical and optical checkups for the evacuees.

For the children in the evacuation centers, LG treated them with fun games and entertainment, including a Netflix viewing station fitted with two LG UHD TVs, book coloring activities, and giving out popcorn and cotton candies for everyone to enjoy.

LG PH Managing Director Inkwun Heo spearheaded the initiative immediately upon learning of the plight of those affected by Taal’s eruption. “Our heart is with the Filipino people. Corporate Social Responsibility is the backbone of what we do at LG. We sincerely hope that the worst is over for the Taal community, but rest assured that LG will always be there to help in any way we can.”

World Marketing Summit to hold first digital marketing conference in the Philippines

by Edsel Lorete / / 

The Philippines, one of the fastest growing Asian economy in Southeast Asia, will see the light of international marketing in the Year of the Metal Rat. Manila has been chosen to be the next venue for the prestigious international marketing forum World Marketing Summit (WMS) 2020. Founded in 2011, WMS has been forwardly leading a different economic summit aimed at triggering local economic growth in country’s like Dubai, Bangladesh, Japan and next the Philippines. “Marketing is a very powerful tool for growth. It can alleviate poverty, promoting economic growth not only in urbanized cities, but in local communities thriving in business,” said Dr. Fahim Kibria, Marketing Head, World Marketing Summit (WMS). Renowned for its unique of triggerring business growth from the grass root economies, Kibria reiterates that marketing is an enabler for long term community growth, which is the basic premise WMS was originally established. “There is so much growth in the urban cities worldwide. What about those outside the urban setting who can also excel through marketing internationally? It is high these markets be given a chance to internationally grow,” said Kribria. WMS provides tested marketing forums first in Dubai, where business can meet and match with smaller business entities and personalities for wider economic growth. “We wanted to change that urbanized business marketing forum concept. We thought of bringing marketing summit to more people outside so they benefit from marketing opportunities through WMS,” said Dr. Kibria. Formerly a medical surgeon doctor, Kibria joined WMS in the hope summit will eventually spread economic growth through open marketing inclusion of sectors which normally do not benefit from international business or economic forums. “We bring the same business people to talk, set workable business concepts together. However productive that may sound, those attending these summits would simply forget such meetings, staying on instead with their given business concepts.” WHM expanded its target audience to include local business or SMEs thriving with potential to succeed globally given the opportunity. WMS believes expanding forum to public sector greatly benefit marketing growth in develooping countries like the Philippines, which has a closely knitted working culture and attitude.” WMS believes empowering local business and people with right marketing and business skills is the right track to fight poverty on a global scale. “WMS, with its established reputation with business and economic sectors internationally, shall provide certified marketing training for local participants looking to expand their business overseas.” Dr. Kibria believes this is essential for Philippine business to grow and eventually compete with other international marketing communities looking for business partnership opportunities. “You raise their level of business network. The Philippines has so much marketing potentials that can be exploited for global growth, starting from its localized community roots. World Marketing Summit Philippines 2020 is scheduled on February 22, 2020, Solaire Hotel, Pasay City. “We (WMS) have invited known business and marketing speakers for the first Manila marketing summit. It is an exciting summit, and we want Filipinos to greatly experience, excel with their business through a higher level form of marketing,” said Cheryl Motil, Head organizer, WMS Philippines 2020. Veering from typical city centered business summits, WMS Philippines 2020 will kick off its first Philippines summit in Metro Manila and Metro Cebu. “It is the first step before WMS can proceed to SMEs in the provinces. We are talking with LGUs to bring summit to local business, public sector so they can similarly benefit from what the summit can bring to expand more business outside the province,” said Kibria. WMS Philippines 2020 aims to help more grassroot business and aspiring entrepreneurs to grow out their humble beginnings. “It is high time other business, specifically those from the provinces like Cebu, Bicol and Davao, directly benefit from marketing summits like WMS. They can do more for economic growth efforts in the Philippines,” said Motil. World Marketing Summit Phiippines 2020 features international marketing speakers and influencers such Marc Oliiver Opresnik, Marketing Professor, Lueback University of Applied Sciences Germany; Laura Ries, Marketing Strategist, Ries and Ries; Morgan Cerf, Kellog School America; Dominique Hanssens, Research Professor from UCLA Anderson Graduate School of Management; and Henry Tenedero, Founder and CEO, Life Skills for Life Success. World Marketing Summit (WMS), which was founded by business and marketing guru Philip Kotler, is a global initiative to shape the future of marketing and create new development approaches through marketing. WMS aims to improve the state of the world by engaging global leaders and entrepreneurs. To create a poverty-free world. “Filipinos are generally link up to each other. It is a good factor for marketing to grow economy, your business connected with the international community. WMS Manila summit will start a series of conferences from Manila to the provinces, helping business and entrepreneurs grow exponentially,” said Kibria.